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Fred Bear Escape Shadow Black Bow Right Hand 25.5-30″ 70lb Review

Fred Bear is one of the best known names in bow hunting. Even though he passed away in 1988, his skills remain legendary. Many believe that the bowhunting industry would not be what it is today without the influence of the great Mr. Bear. It is only appropriate that one of the best bows in the industry is one created by his eponymous company. The Fred Bear Escape Shadow bow should be added to every bowhunter’s arsenal.

Fred Bear Archery designs the most reliable and lethal bows. The company has been doing this for over eight decades and they do not plan to stop any time soon. This flagship bow, the Escape Shadow, is one for the ages. It is easy to imagine the shots that Fred Bear himself would take if he were able to string and shoot this phenomenal machine.

The Escape Shadow weighs in at only 4 pounds, making it one of the lightest on the market. It has a 75% let off and a 6-inch brace height. The bow looks as deadly as it shoots with its intensely fast 350 fps measurement. The aluminum riser and the cams are perfectly balanced so it feels like pure power in the hand.
[imgb trackingid=”hunthacks-20″ asin=”B019CZMKYC” imgid=”718yhzpI10L” altimg=”Fred Bear Escape Shadow Black Bow Right Hand 25.5-30″ 70lb”]Content goes here[/imgb] Shooting the bow is an experience like no other. The bow is powerful, despite its lightweight. It measures 32 inches from axle to axle so it fits in tight spots allowing the hunter to hide from any oncoming prey. Every measurement was poured over to ensure that that it is one deadly bow.

The peak draw is 55 to 70 pounds with a draw range between 25.5 and 30 inches. The quad limbs are preloaded, the barrel nut can be fully adjusted, the riser inserts maintain a silent draw and release, and the cam system ensures the fastest speeds possible. Every millimeter of this bow was created with successful hunting in mind. Once you get your hands on it, you will never want another bow again.

Fred Bear taught the modern bowhunter how to be successful and the company continues to set the bar for quality and design. This bow is not necessarily for the rookie hunter, but with lessons from a veteran (or watching some Fred Bear videos) a rookie would certainly learn to quickly love this bow. It handles with the right amount of forgiveness, making it ideal for any shooter. It is easy to maneuver and the balance makes it relatively manageable, too.

Fred Bear Escape Shadow bow

Fred Bear Escape Shadow bow

The bow is made out of what Fred Bear Archery calls 7075 aluminum technology that is advanced beyond other bow technology. The limbs get to share the load in a balanced way that other compound bows do not. Lateral torque is reduced with the special hinge guard that Bear adds to the bow. The top and bottom string suppressors can be adjusted and the H15 Hybrid cams will deliver the speeds advertised, but also allow for a comfortable letdown and and easy draw. The grip design is integrated into the bow adding to its good looks and deadly capabilities.

Everyone who shoots this bow comments on the quality, durability, and strength of the product. The arrows are released quickly, quietly, and accurately. Whether they have owned Bear Archery products previously or they are new to the brand, archers are amazed at the way this bow stands out from the crowd. It may not be the least expensive bow in the store, but the performance it delivers makes it seem like it should be priced even higher.

Shopping for a new compound bow has never been easier. The Fred Bear Escape Shadow is the only bow that any hunter will ever need. This American born manufacturing company stands behind everything it creates because it refuses to tarnish the eponymous name of its creator. It is easy to fall in love with any product that Fred Bear Archery creates, but the Escape Shadow truly shows what the company can do when it wants to really set itself apart from the rest of the industry. Other manufacturers will have to work hard to produce anything that meets or exceeds the standards set by this outstanding compound bow.

Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Review

Indeed, bow shooting is both fun and sporty, especially when you engage the right archery tool. Great shooting bows help to boost accuracy and ease in holding the weapon in a proper shooting position. In addition, less strength is required to hit at your target precisely. And, shooting your bow in a straighter path comes easier when you have the right archery weapon such as the Diamond Archery 2013 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Pkg Black Ops Lh 2013-30″ 5-70#.

What You Need to Know about The Diamond Infinite Edge Bow

First, just like other Diamond Bows, this one is also manufactured and designed by Bowtech, one of the renowned manufacturers of compound bow world-wide. And, if your target is to get a compound bow for a youth, kid, or female who is in the process of becoming an archer, you have just found the right bow.

The bow has been designed with sufficient features for small-frame shooters, so that they can keep shooting up to adult stage. It is a customizable archery weapon and does not require a bow press to accomplish your desired customization.

This archery weapon comes with versatile adjustable settings, making it highly customizable for the targeted users. When you buy it for a kid such as a five-year old kid, you don’t have to bother about buying another bow in the next 10 or 15 years since the bow has been designed to promote usage up to later years. Let me quickly mention that even an adult male can also use this bow once it is set to suit his shooting level and capacity.

Indeed, when it comes to bows designed with kids and youths in mind, there are only few rivals to this bow.
[imgb trackingid=”hunthacks-20″ asin=”B00BUA2DIQ” imgid=”41Ljm8nB3yL” altimg=”Diamond Archery 2013 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Pkg Black Ops Lh 2013-30″ 5-70#”]Content goes here[/imgb]

The Attractive Features at a Glance

Some of the features and characteristics of this bow that you will find irresistible include the following;

Adjustable Draw Length and Weight: You can adjust the draw length from 13” all the way to 30”, while the draw weight’s adjustable range is from 5 to 70 Ibs. As a result, this archery weapon is well suited for target archers and hunters of all sizes. And, as the kid or youth masters a particular draw length or weight, you are able to make adjustment for a more suitable draw length and weight. So, as your kid grows in age, the necessary adjustments are carried out on the bow to suit his or her new status.

Top-notch Cam System: The cam design is the dual eccentric system type, completely innovative. These elliptical-designed cams’ movement has been accurately synchronized for excellent straight arrow travel.

They are as powerful as the cam you will find with typical adult shooting bows. Besides, they are completely smooth, making the bow’s draw cycle very friendly for starters. And, the cable slide has no sign of roughness, plus it is durable. This is not just my opinion, I’ve heard the same from other archers in our community as well.

Ideal Shooting Speed for Kids and Beginners:
At 310 FPS, the shooting speed of this innovative Diamond bow is ideal for kids and amateur archers. Your setting can affect the actual shooting speed. Well, shooting speed is not a particularly important feature for a bow targeted at kids and beginners. You should concentrate more on proper form as well as accuracy, which is the major target of this innovative bow.

Less Noise Levels and Vibration: This archery weapon is light weight in design, to make it less pressurizing to the young shooters’ muscles. And, this will help them shoot for extended period without getting easily tired. Consequently, accessories that help in noise and vibration reduction have been integrated. However, the noise and vibration level has only been minimally dampened, since the aim for young shooters is not to hunt down games.

Smooth and Slower Draw Cycle to Suit Young Shooters: The non-aggressive cam system promotes slower and smoother draw weight, regardless of the settings. This is something desirable, considering the fact that the bow is targeted at young and beginner archers.

Different Levels of Kinetic Energy: Depending on the setting, the bow gives off a low or very powerful kinetic energy. Since the kids and beginners’ target is not to hunt down a game, a setting that will promote a lower kinetic energy is just fine.

What’s in the Package?
The package contains the following;
• A Diamond Infinite Edge bow
• Octane DeadLock Quiver
• 3-Pin Tru Apex bow Sight
• Arrow Rest – The Hostage XL type
• BCY String Look
Tube Peep Sight
• User Manual
• Warranty Card

Pros & Cons

Obviously, this bow is loaded with tons of age-appropriate and general features. The highlight of these features include;
• Highly customizable and adjustable bow
• Perfect bow for kids and beginners
• Continuous use up to early adult age
• Ultra-light weight bow
• Perfect for both target practice and hunting
• Tons of accessories

Cons: Actually, there’s no concrete complaint about this bow other than the grip that has a sort of square shape.

Final Thought

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the bow for kids, beginners, youths, or female archers. Indeed, it will remain a top-performing archery weapon even as your kid grows older. It is great value for money.

Genesis Kit Compound Bow Review

If you are conversant with compound bows, you probably know they are the in-thing among archery enthusiasts. This is because the bow is more manageable to draw and carry compared to the traditional bows. That’s not all, this type of bow also comes with innovative draw-stops (pulley system) that can be adjusted to suit your optimum draw length. As a result, an archer is able to enjoy established consistent anchor point, as well as a reliable force on the arrow for each shot. This in turn helps to boost accuracy. These qualities and more are what you should expect with the Genesis Kit compound bow.

How The Bow Works

This bow by Genesis is designed to suit any archer. It now comes as a kit. Since I started shooting bows (over 15 years ago), I have used a couple of bows, but this is the first time I’m coming across a compound bow that features various draw lengths automatically, plus the kit is completely convenient.

Innovative Features and Highlights

Official Bow of the National Archery: Any bow tagged ‘Official bow of the National Archery’ in the schools program is obviously worth an archer’s money. It simply means the bow is reliable for top performance and is highly recommend as a result.

Created from 6061-T6 Aluminum to Enhance Optimal Balance: Any compound bow machined or produced from 6061-T6 aluminum is a great archery weapon for any bow shooting enthusiast. This is because you will gain increased balance with the bow. In addition, the bow will last for a longer time (durability). And, you can carry it around with ease since it is ultra light-weight.

Tapped and Drilled Riser to Give Room for Accessories: The riser component of this archery weapon has been tapped and drilled so that you can integrate accessories of your choice onto the bow. The bow also has molded competition grip, NAP flipper style arrow rest, and capable slide.

[imgb trackingid=”hunthacks-20″ asin=”B004T2C1FW” imgid=”91nAR%2BPWwmL” altimg=”Genesis Kit”]Content goes here[/imgb] Composite Split-Limb Design for Increased Speed: One of the things I enjoy most about compound bows with composite split limb is increased speed. They are also stronger, thereby promoting both the sturdiness and durability of the bow.

Self Explanatory User Manual: The Owner’s Manual that comes with this special bow is extremely helpful. It contains easy-to-understand tutorials that will help you use the bow safely. It will also teach you how to integrate accessories onto the bow. Even a novice will find the content of the manual very easy to understand and apply.

State-of-the-art Single Cam Machinery for Increased Accuracy: The single-cam technology is a breakthrough design that revolutionized the archery bow industry over a decade ago. This compound bow has been integrated with this innovative single cam design to boost accuracy and promote noiseless shooting. As a result, shooting is nothing but much fun.

Zero Let-Off: Genesis technology has effectively and completely eliminated needless let-off with this archery tool. As a result, this state-of-the-art bow is a completely versatile bow for just anyone.

Adjustable Draw Length: Unlike many compound bows out there that have specific range of draw lengths, this bow has no draw length in particular, which makes it an excellent archery weapon for anyone. Anyone can adjust the bow to their preferred draw-length.

The elimination of specific draw length also makes it a perfect bow for kids – they will never outgrow it! On the side of beginners, this special feature increases ease of use.

Pros & Cons

Obviously, with the extensive list of innovative features and components above, this compound bow kit is nothing but desirable.
To some, the undesirable aspects of this compound bow may include higher price tag (in comparison) and right-hand only feature. Otherwise, this archery weapon is a tool worth having in your archery sport weapon collection. It is suitable for both young and old, savvy and novice archers

I highly recommend this compound bow. The extra dollars on top are commensurate with the extra features that come with the bow.

Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70# 25″-30# Right Hand Compound Bow Package Review

A number of archery tools manufacturers have distinguished themselves from the rest and Bowtech Core is one of them. And now, the company has released a state-of-the-art compound bow – the Diamond by Bowtech Core – 40-70# 25″-30# Right Hand Compound Bows. This compound bow is one of the most durable you can find in the market presently.

The Receivables

[imgb trackingid=”hunthacks-20″ asin=”B00AL1XF5A” imgid=”71nT0%2BiKkJL” altimg=”Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70# 25″-30# Right Hand Compound Bow Package”]Content goes here[/imgb]

About The Diamond Compound Bow: It doesn’t matter whether a newbie or professional bow shooter, this compound bow has been designed to further improve your performance with its entire desirable features. In fact, the bow is a family archery tool since both the young kids and adults in the home can engage it effectively for archery sport. After examining the extensive and desirable features of this archery weapon, I had no doubt that it suits a family and just anyone perfectly.

Why The Bow is Worth Investing On: If you are wondering whether or not this bow is worth your money, the following innovative features are most likely to clear your doubts and help you decide rightly;

Adjustable to Fit a Wide Range of Requirements: Any archery enthusiast knows that a bow that can be tweaked to achieve different purposes is worth having in an archery weapon collection. The customizable feature of this special bow is quite commendable. If you are a savvy compound bow user, you can customize the bow all by yourself. Alternatively, you can take it to a local pro shop to have it customized for you.

Light Weighted: I don’t need additional load or burden when I take up my archery bow to the woods. This is why an ultra-light weight feature is in the list of top features that I look out for in a bow. This bow is easy to carry along since it is light weight.

Smooth and Accurate Shooting: It is the desire of every archery enthusiast to shoot smoothly and with much accuracy as possible. That’s exactly what you will enjoy with this compound bow alongside other innovative features.

Great Arrow Rest Style: The arrow rest has been styled in a unique manner. Even if you have a need to maneuver in a tree stand, you can be sure that the arrow will stay in place quietly. However, if you want to customize this feature, you can integrate the full whisker biscuit instead.

Rotating Modules to Enhance Draw Length Adjustment: The rotating modules are among the innovative features of this bow and would help you adjust this archery bow’s draw length. And, you don’t have to replace the cams to get this adjustment done.

RAK – Read, Aim, Kill – Ready-To-Use Compound Bow: The RAK feature is simply an indication that the bow is quite ready for you to start shooting with immediately you take it out of its box. So, you don’t have to wait a moment longer to start shooting once you receive the package.

Tons of Options
As hinted earlier, the bow offers tons of options so that you can personalize it to suit your own shooting pattern and need. One of those options is the leverage to buy different arrows other than the ones that came with the bow.

Perhaps, the option I love most with this innovative bow is the ability to tweak it for either a right-handed user or a left-handed user. This is indeed a rare feature as most compound bows out there are only right handed bows.

Other options with this bow include the ability to decide on your preferred set draw weight, let-off, draw-length and more. Also, the peep sight feature offers customizable options. And, you will enjoy the color preference feature.

What is in the Package?
Once you order and receive your package, check and confirm that the package contains the following;
• Three Pin Sight
• Five Arrow Quiver
• Wisker Biscuit Type Rest
• Octane Stabilizer
• One Wrist Sling
• ¼ Inch Alloy Peep Sight
• A Number of Small String Silencers

Pros & Cons

Pros: Without doubts, the bow has tons of desirable features. I want to particularly point out the amazing option of making the bow usable for both right-handed and left-handed individuals. This is something very rare with most compound bows out there. Also, any archer will definitely fall in love with a bow that allows extensive customization.

Cons: For archery enthusiasts on a budget, the price of this bow may be a put-off. But, you can be sure of enjoying the bow for a longer time, plus tons of customization at your disposal with the bow.

Should You Buy the Bow?

Absolutely yes! I highly recommend this compound bow.


Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow (Camo) Review

A lightweight compound bow is obviously a good concept for people learning to get savvy with bow shooting. It’s always my pleasure to review only the worthwhile archery bows and items to my fellow bow-shooting enthusiasts, both young and old. The Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow (Camo) is a good bow choice that takes account of the beginning and young archers. The lightweight feature is a major lure among other innovative features.

I stumbled on this compound bow recently when I was helping my neighbor to look for a desirable compound bow for his young daughter who seems to be falling in love with bow shooting as the days pass by. Since they’ve known me to be an unstoppable bow shooter, they’ve come to trust my judgment about compound bows and bows generally.

After looking at the features of four compound bows for beginners in details, I decided that this youth version of Barnett compound arrow would definitely be the most sensible choice because of the following reasons/great features;

The Receivables

[imgb trackingid=”hunthacks-20″ asin=”B003RXOOQI” imgid=”910Ft8st0sL” altimg=”Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow (Camo)”]Content goes here[/imgb]

Well-Known Brand of Compound Bow : If you are familiar with compound bows, you probably know that Barnett is one of the popular and trusted manufacturers of compound bows. I currently use the full adult version of this bow. And, when I saw this youth archery bow from Barnett, I had no doubt that the same quality found in the larger bows (both in design and function) will apply. And, I’m happy that my neighbor is pleased at his daughter’s improved bow-shooting performance with this bow.

Here are some of the outstanding features that can draw anyone to this special youth compound bow;

Lightweight – This Makes Bow Shooting Easier and More Fun
: As I watched my neighbor’s 13-year old daughter grasp the bow as one would grasp a feather, I knew that archery would be easier and more fun for her. The light weight feature did not in any way diminish the top-notch design and superb function that charcterize the full-sized Barnett bows. It simply added increased ease to accommodate beginning and young archers.

24Ibs-45Ibs – Delivers Multiple Hours of Shooting Fun: This draw weight range is just perfect for youths and beginner archers. Besides, it makes bow shooting more fun for young people and will enable them shoot for multiple hours without feeling bored and tired.

Adjustable Draw Modules This innovative feature enables the shooter to change weight easily without bow press. So, the young archer does not need assistance in adjusting the draw weight of the bow while in the woods.

Double-Purpose Package:
You won’t have to buy a separate carrier for this Vortex compound bow since the package doubles as a carrying case. Subsequently, you can store the bow and its components with ease, and transport it from one point to another without hassle.

16-49 Pounds Draw Weight – Suitable for Young Archers:
This draw weight range is a sensible concept for a compound bow designed for young kids and young adults who are learning to get savvy with bow shooting. The young shooter can easily adjust the weight to suit his or her strength. My neighbor’s daughter prefers to maintain 30 pounds draw weight. She said that’s her favorite draw weight when she wants to achieve increased balance and proper positioning.

Three Arrows and Bow Arrow Holder: Unlike some brands that do not include arrows or arrow holder, this youth archery bow comes with three arrows and one arrow holder. So, you don’t need to buy these accessories separately. But, you will certainly need more than three arrows, so you can buy extra arrows for the bow.

Obviously, this Barnett youth archery tool comes complete with all that your young enthusiastic archer needs to master bow shooting safely and in a fun manner. It is made in the USA.


Pros : The top-notch features listed above are definitely what any standard bow for youths should come with. The bow truly delivers value for its money worth.

Cons: At first, my neighbor complained that the price is a bit high considering that the bow is for young shooters. But, he’s now full of praise for this compound bow, having seen the great features and her daughter’s performance with the bow.

Final Verdict

This Barnett compound bow for youths is worth investing in.