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Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70# 25″-30# Right Hand Compound Bow Package Review

A number of archery tools manufacturers have distinguished themselves from the rest and Bowtech Core is one of them. And now, the company has released a state-of-the-art compound bow – the Diamond by Bowtech Core – 40-70# 25″-30# Right Hand Compound Bows. This compound bow is one of the most durable you can find in the market presently.

The Receivables

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About The Diamond Compound Bow: It doesn’t matter whether a newbie or professional bow shooter, this compound bow has been designed to further improve your performance with its entire desirable features. In fact, the bow is a family archery tool since both the young kids and adults in the home can engage it effectively for archery sport. After examining the extensive and desirable features of this archery weapon, I had no doubt that it suits a family and just anyone perfectly.

Why The Bow is Worth Investing On: If you are wondering whether or not this bow is worth your money, the following innovative features are most likely to clear your doubts and help you decide rightly;

Adjustable to Fit a Wide Range of Requirements: Any archery enthusiast knows that a bow that can be tweaked to achieve different purposes is worth having in an archery weapon collection. The customizable feature of this special bow is quite commendable. If you are a savvy compound bow user, you can customize the bow all by yourself. Alternatively, you can take it to a local pro shop to have it customized for you.

Light Weighted: I don’t need additional load or burden when I take up my archery bow to the woods. This is why an ultra-light weight feature is in the list of top features that I look out for in a bow. This bow is easy to carry along since it is light weight.

Smooth and Accurate Shooting: It is the desire of every archery enthusiast to shoot smoothly and with much accuracy as possible. That’s exactly what you will enjoy with this compound bow alongside other innovative features.

Great Arrow Rest Style: The arrow rest has been styled in a unique manner. Even if you have a need to maneuver in a tree stand, you can be sure that the arrow will stay in place quietly. However, if you want to customize this feature, you can integrate the full whisker biscuit instead.

Rotating Modules to Enhance Draw Length Adjustment: The rotating modules are among the innovative features of this bow and would help you adjust this archery bow’s draw length. And, you don’t have to replace the cams to get this adjustment done.

RAK – Read, Aim, Kill – Ready-To-Use Compound Bow: The RAK feature is simply an indication that the bow is quite ready for you to start shooting with immediately you take it out of its box. So, you don’t have to wait a moment longer to start shooting once you receive the package.

Tons of Options
As hinted earlier, the bow offers tons of options so that you can personalize it to suit your own shooting pattern and need. One of those options is the leverage to buy different arrows other than the ones that came with the bow.

Perhaps, the option I love most with this innovative bow is the ability to tweak it for either a right-handed user or a left-handed user. This is indeed a rare feature as most compound bows out there are only right handed bows.

Other options with this bow include the ability to decide on your preferred set draw weight, let-off, draw-length and more. Also, the peep sight feature offers customizable options. And, you will enjoy the color preference feature.

What is in the Package?
Once you order and receive your package, check and confirm that the package contains the following;
• Three Pin Sight
• Five Arrow Quiver
• Wisker Biscuit Type Rest
• Octane Stabilizer
• One Wrist Sling
• ¼ Inch Alloy Peep Sight
• A Number of Small String Silencers

Pros & Cons

Pros: Without doubts, the bow has tons of desirable features. I want to particularly point out the amazing option of making the bow usable for both right-handed and left-handed individuals. This is something very rare with most compound bows out there. Also, any archer will definitely fall in love with a bow that allows extensive customization.

Cons: For archery enthusiasts on a budget, the price of this bow may be a put-off. But, you can be sure of enjoying the bow for a longer time, plus tons of customization at your disposal with the bow.

Should You Buy the Bow?

Absolutely yes! I highly recommend this compound bow.

William S. Guerrera

I simply love hunting with passion. With my eight years experience in hunting, you can be absolutely sure of finding valuable hunting information on this website dedicated solely to hunting. So, whether you are looking for tips on how to hunt different games, or insightful guide on how to choose suitable hunting tools and accessories, Hunt Hacks is definitely the right webpage for you.

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