Best Thermal Scope Reviews – For The Money And Hunting

With a thermal scope, hunting becomes a much easy task. The best thermal scopes were used by military sharp shooters so they could see their targets in all lighting situations. Now that hunters can use them, they can find animals at times of the day and night. Being able to do this adds an excitement to hunting that didn’t exist prior to the option of buying thermal scopes.

Night hunting was not a realistic thing for hunters to do because they had limited options for identifying animals in the wild. Fortunately, hunters can now buy thermal scopes in a variety of price ranges for different hunting situations.


How To Choose A Thermal Scope

Best Thermal Scope Reviews


Thermal scopes allows hunters to use night vision to their advantage. Whether you are shopping for the best clip on thermal scope or you are looking for something more substantial, it is helpful to know your options.

Thermal scopes are designed to let people see in the dark by showing off the ambient heat of the target. When you look through a thermal scope, the target will look bright or fluorescent over a darkened background.

Types Of Thermal Imaging

There are two different types of thermal imaging, uncooled and cryogenically cooled.

Best Thermal Scope Reviews


The uncooled thermal imaging uses standard temperatures which means that it is inexpensive and quiet to operate. The elements that show the images will work in under 32 degrees. The uncooled thermal systems are very quiet, which makes them desirable for hunters who do not want to startle their targets with unexpected noise.

The cryogenically cooled choice does make noise and they are rather expensive. If you add this type of thermal scope to your rifle, you will have a beautiful image, but you will pay for it. The system can detect the difference between the target and the background, so the target shows up bright and bold against the background.

The uncooled system is not very sensitive to the environment, but the cryogenic scope requires significant power to cool down. So, you will need serious battery power to use the cryogenic scope on a regular basis.

Battery Usage

When it comes to battery usage a basic scope will need new batteries every eight hours. Many people will use lithium, rechargeable batteries, but this can be problematic for people who like to hunt and camp without electrical power.

Refresh Rate

Something else to consider with a thermal scope is the refresh rate. Thermal scopes need a split second to create the image, so the faster the refresh rates the better chances you will have of actually shooting the target.

The minimum refresh rates should be 30Hz or faster. This refresh rates will let you see your target, even if it is moving. You should be able to get an accurate shot at this rate.


Best Thermal Scope Reviews


The resolution is also important for accuracy. If your resolution is too low, then your image will look pixelated and it will be difficult to get in an accurate shot. It is difficult to get a good shot in on a distorted image.

With a high resolution, the image will be crisp and clear, so you can see the edges and get an accurate shot - especially if the high resolution is paired with a quick refresh rate. Since scopes have a variety of price points, you should buy the highest resolution you can afford. One thing to consider is that thermal imaging will not be as crisp and clear as night vision is.


Usually, if you are shopping for a high-res thermal scope, you will also get good zoom capabilities. Thermal scopes have either optical or digital zoom.

The digital zoom works with the scope’s software, while the optical zoom uses the lens and creates an enlarged image without pixelated edges. If you use digital zoom, the image will not be crisp and clear like it will be with the optical version.


For hunters, the point of the thermal scope is to get a good view of a target price to shooting. With a rangefinder and reticle, hunters can see exactly where to shoot and when.

Best Thermal Scope Reviews


The more precise the rangefinder, the more the price of the scope increases. The typical thermal scope will include a reticle with a crosshair and central dot, so hunters can literally set the target in the crosshairs prior to taking a killer shot.

Another consideration for the thermal scope is the display. Your choices include monochromatic or colored. Many hunters are perfectly satisfied with a monochromatic display because the target usually shows up clearly against a dark background. However, the colored display can be confusing because of all of the information that the colors show. The colored display will be more costly than the monochromatic option.

Wifi And Smart Optics

Best Thermal Scope Reviews


Interestingly, thermal scopes can come with WiFi and with smart shooting solutions. You can record the images that the scope captures and send them to other devices like a smartphone or laptop computer.

With WiFi capabilities, you can share your images with other hunters. Many thermal scopes also have smart optics that use microprocessors to speed up the refresh rate and capture images in real time by using a variety of sensors. These options do add a cost to the thermal scope, but they sure do create high quality images that are certainly worth sharing with the world.

Prices For Thermal Scopes

Prices for thermal scopes often dictate the quality. There is a large price range that reaches up to and over $10,000 as well as under $1000. The thermal scopes priced under $1000 are considered the cheap options.

When they are priced over $1000 and under $5000, they are moderately priced. The highest priced models are priced over $5000. There are plenty of great models priced under $5000.

Best Thermal Scope For The Money On The Market

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FLIR Systems Scout III-640 Thermal Imager, Detector 640 X 320 30Hz, Black/Brown - Best For Imaging Scope


The Scout III is one of the best thermal scopes for imaging. This scope is from the FLIR lineup of monoculars for night vision. It shows off heat from any target in the day and night and it can be used for more than just hunting. The thermal imager includes several accessories like the power adaptor, a wrist strap, several cables, and a carrying bag.

No matter where you use it, you will be able to see heat signatures up to 1200 yards with the 640x480 display screen. It is quick to start and has intuitive controls that require no training on how to use. The refresh rate is ranges from 30Hz to 60Hz. You can choose from different color palettes for your display and the zoom lets you see large images, like elephants, at up to one mile away.

This scope fits in a pocket and is resistant to weather conditions. It is also designed to be impact resistant. It can be used in either hand and weighs only 12 ounces. The battery lasts up to five hours, but can be extended if put in standby mode. This is a great option for anyone who wants to use the best thermal scope for coyote hunting.


  • Lightweight
  • Spots targets at long distances
  • Pocket-size
  • Priced moderately
  • Can be mounted on a Weaver or Picatinny Rail


  • Outputs analog video

2. Pulsar Apex XD38A Thermal Riflescope – Best Picture-In-Picture Settings

Pulsar Apex XD38A Thermal Riflescope – Best Picture-In-Picture Settings


When you are looking for a thermal scope with an outstanding wireless remote, this is it. The Pulsar Apex includes a wireless remote as well as several other useful accessories like a carrying case, adaptor cable, batteries and more. It can detect a human at 950 meters and the high resolution LCD display shows a crisp and clear image of anything in the view.

It has a refresh rate of 50hz, which lets you see plenty of objects in the 384x288 resolution. It does have a one-shot freeze function so you can capture the images that you want to save. It also includes an unusual feature that lets you look at an image and capture another within it - like a picture-in-picture setting on your television.

This cutting-edge thermal scope has precise capabilities up to and over 1,000 yards because of the continuous zoom feature. With the picture-in-picture feature, you can get a wide view of the environment and see the target at a closer range. This feature allows you to get more shots with more accuracy.

The scope’s focus can be set in one of three different modes within seconds so you can see your images manually or automatically. There is also a semi-automatic setting, too. Another beneficial features of this scope is that the thermal core can handle up to 1000 Gs of recoil.


  • Can withstand substantial rifle recoil
  • Several focus settings
  • One-shot freeze function
  • Picture-in-picture settings
  • Wireless remote
  • Plenty of useful accessories
  • Sits on Weaver and Picatinny Rails
  • Lightweight


  • Not a rechargeable unit
  • Occasional flaws with lens

ATN ThOR HD 384 Smart Thermal Riflescope w/1080p Video, WiFi, GPS, Image Stabilization, Range Finder, Shooting Solution and IOS and Android Apps


The best thermal scope for the money includes features that are rather valuable. The ATN ThOR HD comes in different sizes and includes several desirable features. This scope has a 384x288 sensor that shows off heat energy, not unwanted light so you can really see targets in complete darkness. The includes ballistic calculator shows you exactly where you want your bullet to go so you can get the point of impact that is need to take down that target.

This scope has a built-in rangefinder that uses smart technology to help you hone in on the target and increase the hits. You can also use the smooth zoom that lets you see the target without losing the environment around it.

This affordably priced scope also has the ability to record 1080p HD video along with recoil activated video. You can stream the video through its WiFi so you can use your smart device as a viewfinder. The firmware in the scope can be upgraded when needed.

This is one of the best scopes available for the price, so it is a popular choice with hunters who want to hunt at night, but stay within a reasonable budget.


  • WiFi, Streaming capabilities
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Ballistic calculator included
  • Priced moderately
  • Built-in rangefinder
  • Smooth zoom


  • Mount loosens quickly
  • Image quality is lower than other scopes
  • Images farther than 50 yards can be blurry

ATN X-Sight II 5-20 Smart Riflescope W/1080p Video, Wifi, GPS, Image Stabilization, Range Finder, Shooting Solution And IOS And Android Apps - Best Cheap Thermal Scope


This ATN X-Sight II is an extremely affordable scope with plenty of desirable features. The HD technology lets you see the target in millions of colors, just like you would see it during the bright daylight. The hunting optic is one of the best on the market today. This scope also includes a ballistic calculator that uses the point of impact to determine when and where to shoot. You can shoot at an angle or a long range as the smart range finder locates the target extremely fast.

The zoom ranges from 5 to 20 times the normal image. You can tune the image to the clarity you want at the range you want. And, this scope also includes 1080p HD video recording capabilities. You can stream your video via WiFi and you can use the recoil activated video to share your images with your friends and family.


  • WiFi, Streaming capabilities
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Ballistic calculator included
  • Priced affordably
  • Built-in rangefinder
  • Smooth zoom
  • Several options for the reticle of your choice


  • Starter scope, so the quality increases as you spend more money
  • Long distances look like black and white television
  • Heavy, two-pound scope weighs down rifles

Armasight Zeus 336 3-12x42 (60Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight, FLIR Tau 2 - 336x256 (17 Micron) 60Hz Core, 42mm Lens – Best Small Scope


The Armasight Zeus is the best scope for its size. This military-grade scope is the smallest and lightest available. It includes easy-to-use controls that work with intuitive buttons and menu options. It is possible to customize the functions to meet your needs. The menu is vast and offers situations that let the thermal imaging scope quickly spot the target and shoot images in bold colors. You can shoot the images right from the top of your rifle, or you can use a wireless remote to activate the sight. You can record the images in NTSC or PAL to meet your imaging needs.

This scope can be easily attached to any rifle with a MIL-STD-1913/WEAVER/PICATINNY quick-release locking mechanism. It also includes a reticle with serious accuracy that requires more than a typical bore sight or ballistic drum.

You can use one to four times zoom and keep the target within the point of impact. This small scope is one of the most sophisticated on the market for hunters and professional shooters alike. This is the best thermal scope for coyote hunting because the zoom and reticles are so effective at far distances.


  • Accurate zoom and target sighting
  • Military-grade product
  • Optional external power supply
  • Four color modes
  • Made in the USA
  • Two video output modes
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • Priced moderately


  • Lens can crack from rifle recoil
  • Higher priced version is more reliable
  • Images get grainy at 150 yards

Thermal Imaging vs Night Vision - Pros, Cons, And Differences

Many people get thermal imaging and night vision confused, although they are quite different from each other.

Best Thermal Scope Reviews


A thermal imaging camera is technically a collection of sensors that recognize heat or infrared energy. The colors that the thermal imager show on a display are really just pictures of radiation.

In many cases, the best thermal imagers can detect differences of a fraction of a degree Celsius. These thermal imagers use black and white or bold colors to show the differences in the heat emitted from the object.

Best Thermal Scope Reviews


So, the lighter the color, the more heat is emanating from the object. If you are looking at a human or a warm blooded animal, you will see several light colors. The same goes for cars that are running. But, if you are looking at a cold blooded animals, then you might have difficulty recognizing that anything is even there.

With a thermal imager, you do not need any light to see the image. The radiation creates the image. One of the most useful benefits of a thermal imager is the device’s ability to detect targets in smokey and debris-filled spaces. So, firefighters are able to use them to find people who are trapped in buildings. Firefighters can also tell if walls and doors are too hot to touch.

Thermal imagers are also very useful for anyone who wants to hunt nocturnal animals. Many nocturnal animals like wild pigs can destroy farms and because they are out at night, they are difficult to capture and kill. With thermal imagers, hunters can find these destructive beasts and take care of them. Many hunters also like to use them to hunt for deer in the dusk and dawn hours where they are often active. These little thermal scopes fit snugly on rifle rails and can be set to use as sights.

The military and police can also use thermal imagers to capture criminals and detect dangerous situations. The best imagers are able to resist recoil, but they can be dangerous for law enforcement officials to use because the scopes are so accurate. It is easy to see targets at long ranges, but the range can be so long that law enforcement officials are unable to tell if the target is a friend or enemy.

People also use thermal imagers in the homes for two distinct reasons. One is to detect criminals who might try to break in. The heat sensing scopes let monitors determine if an unwanted person or animal is trying to get into a restricted space. Since the thermal scopes recognize heat, many people use them to determine if heat is leaking out of buildings. Using a thermal scope in an energy audit can potentially save serious amounts of money as homeowners and building owners can plug the holes where heat is escaping.

On the flip side, night vision requires some light to function properly. Most night vision devices will work well with the light of the moon, but they will not work if no ambient light exists.

The best devices will come with infrared illuminators to provide some light - like a flashlight, but this creates a situation where you can be seen because of the illuminator. Being detected while hunting is no big deal, but it can be a problem for law enforcement officials who want to hide in the dark of night.

Best Thermal Scope Reviews


Night vision has been used more often than thermal imagers, but with limitations. There are many different versions of night vision devices and they all have their pros and cons, which make them rather fun to use. The most common use for night vision is hunting, because the devices withstand recoil and they offer crisp images. Even the zoom features have improved to be worthwhile to hunters.

Law enforcement officials can use the device, with limitations. There are devices that are so precise that it is possible to identify people at long distances. Night vision scopes are reliable so police and military use them interchangeably. The only problem for the military is that camoflage makes night vision ineffective, but camo does not hinder thermal imagers.


Thermal scopes are useful tools for hunters, law enforcement officials, and homeowners. These scopes use high tech radiation sensors to determine where heat exists in the form of animals, people, cars, and fire.

With a thermal scope, hunters get more accurate shots, firefights can save more people, and homeowners can save money by sealing up leaks.

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