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Best Bow Quiver Reviews 2018 – Which Chose Hip, Back, Tube Or Bow Quiver?

Quivers are used to hold an archer’s arrows while they shoot, either in a stationary position or on the move. While most cultures that use bows and arrows developed quivers, not all quivers were designed in the same way. There were hard quivers and soft quivers, quivers mounted on the bow, on the archer’s body in various ways, or even sat on the ground. There were quivers made of wood, leather, and fur.

Today, the professional or amateur archer has numerous choices when it comes to positioning, style, and type of quiver. While the materials have changed, with carbon fiber, plastic, and other durable lightweight materials being prevalent, many of the design benefits from the past are still being explored as well. Quivers may be defined by their materials, how they’re mounted, and the types of arrows and/or bow they are considered most appropriate for.

Best Bow Quiver

In this guide we’ll outline the types of quiver that are most prevalent, and we’ll also review the best quivers of a variety of different types. You’ll learn about bow quivers, hip quivers, back quivers, tube quivers, and more. You’ll learn what makes one superior to another, and in what circumstances, as well as the criteria you should use to choose your own quiver.


Types Of Quiver

Today, quivers are most often categorized by how they are mounted or worn. There are four main sub-categories: bow, hip, back, and tube. We’ll briefly outline what each type means, as well as what types of archery they’re most suitable for.

Bow Quivers / Bow Mounted Quivers

Bow Mounted Quivers

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Bow quivers are easily the most popular quiver type for cross bow users. It is a type of quiver that is mounted directly on the archer’s bow. One advantage of this is the fact that the archer does not have to adjust their movements due to the bow impeding them bodily during a shot. Of course, adjusting to the weight and placement of the quiver on the bow itself is necessary.

There are two types of bow quiver: permanent and detachable.

  • Permanent quivers are also referred to as “two-part” quivers, due to the fact that there are two main parts. Arrow grippers are attached to the bow, and hold the shafts of the arrows in place when not in use. The hood covers the arrowheads, and is mounted on the riser of the bow.
  • Detachable bow quivers, on the other hand, are easy to remove. Sometimes referred to as a “one piece” quiver, these quivers are not a permanent fixture.

Which of the two is preferable depends on hunting style, usually. For example, spot and stalk hunters who spend their time tracking and stalking their prey usually prefer permanent, or “two piece” quivers for convenience.

Stand hunters, who spend time in blinds or on tree stands, often prefer “one-piece” quivers, so that they can remove the quiver if it impedes their range of motion in a small space.

Hip Quiver

Hip Quiver

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Hip quivers, as the name suggests, are not mounted on the bow, but are worn on the archer’s hip. This is a popular style for tournament shooters, as it is convenient for drawing arrows quickly. Some spot and stalk hunters also prefer this style.

Hip quivers come in a number of different styles; some are designed to be on the same side as the archer’s dominant hand, some are worn on the opposite side. Some are angled to tilt the fletch end of the arrow forward, some back. This variety of styles makes it easy for an archer to find a hip quiver that suits them perfectly.

Back Quiver

Best Bow Quiver

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Back quivers are often represented in art as the predominant quiver type, although this isn’t necessarily accurate. However, there are bow hunters that prefer this style of quiver.

Back quivers are worn similar to a backpack, sometimes featuring a strap across the chest. Their design allows for a larger quiver, which can be advantageous in some situations. For a single morning or afternoon of hunting, for example, a back quiver with compartments for gear can be all a hunter needs to carry in addition to his bow.

However, for hunters that may be camping overnight or for several days, a back quiver may not be practical, as they will be carrying other gear on their backs.

Also, back quivers may take more adjustment and practice for some archers to be able to easily reach and draw arrows.

Tube Quivers

Tube Quivers

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Unlike the quiver types we’ve discussed thus far, tube quivers are distinguished not by how they’re mounted, but by the shape of the quiver itself. A tube quiver is, as one might anticipate, in the shape of a tube, rather than being a flattened shape.

These quivers have a circular opening, and are cylindrical. They may have hard sides, or be slightly flexible. There are back and hip styles of tube quivers.

Best Quiver Reviews

Kwikeekwiver - Kwikee Combo - 4 Arrow Quiver - Archery Accessories

Via Amazon.com

The Kwikee Combo 4 Arrow Quiver is our choice for best recurve bow quiver. It holds four arrows, and is just over 12 inches in length. It comes in six different color schemes, including an all black version, and five different popular camo patterns. It features Ultra Lock for vibration-free shooting, and weighs less than ten ounces. Its Arctic-3 arrow holders are suitable for a wide range of shaft diameters.


The included arrow holders are ideal for most shaft diameters, however, they aren’t suitable for extra small diameter shafts. However, there’s an available accessory to fix that, which can be purchased separately—so this truly is a very versatile quiver.

Double retention arms mean your arrows are heldsecurely which, aside from reducing vibration, is great from a safety standpoint. It’s easy to install and comes with a quick detach latch that is both simple and silent


The hood could be a bit deeper, as it leaves some broadhead arrows exposed, and it lacks a foam insert. While the double arrow retention arms are fantastic for safety, archers inexperienced with them may find that it takes longer to release the arrows.

It would be ideal if the upper arrow arm was removable.

OMP No Spill

Via Amazon.com

The OMP No Spill tube quiver gets our vote for the best tube quiver out there. This inexpensive, effective quiver has a unique design, and comes in five colors, including black, camo, blue, pink, and red. It comes with a sturdy, simple belt clip to keep your arrows at your side.


This is an ideal quiver for stationary shooting at an archery range. While advertised as having an 8-12 arrow capacity, you can usually fit even more arrows in there, especially if they’re smaller in diameter.

It’s extremely light, made of a nylon-type fabric. Its 17.5 inch depth means that it can hold arrows of practically any length comfortably (up to 32”, certainly). Its “no-spill” design cleverly places the center of gravity so that you don’t have to worry about the quiver tipping over and spilling the arrows.

The “belt clip” is so versatile, it doesn’t even require a belt—this quiver will clip onto any type of pants or shorts comfortably (so long as the weight of your arrows doesn’t pull them down!).


There really aren’t any cons to the quiver when it’s used for its intended purpose, which is stationary tournament or range shooting.

However, it should be noted that this is not in any sense an “all-in-one” quiver, nor is it suitable for hunting. The thin, lightweight fabric is too fragile to house broadhead arrows, for example.

G4Free Archery Deluxe Canvas Back Arrow Quiver Hunting Target Arrow Quiver

Via Amazon.com

The G4Free Archery Deluxe Canvas back quiver features durable canvas construction, a comfortable, lightweight design that holds up to 30 arrows, and a very deep arrow compartment suitable for arrows of any length.


Securely strapped on your back and stabilized with a three-part chest strap, the Archery Deluxe quiver from G4Free is a fantastic option for hunting and target practice.

The adjustable harness means it can be as comfortable and practical on a 5’5” tall archer as it would be on a 6’5” archer.


For a quiver that is so durable in most respects, the choice to use plastic buckles (especially of this style) seems odd. They’re not easy to maneuver one-handed.

Limbsaver Silent Quiver For Bow Hunting, One Piece

Via Amazon.com

The LimbSaver Silent Quiver (one piece) comes in eight different color schemes, including black, carbon black, and a variety of camo patterns. There’s even a pink “Muddy Girl” camo pattern for those who like to girlify their gear. The quiver holds five arrows in a lightweight, low profile build.

Arrow grippers are designed to dampen both sound and vibration, and the quiver fits fixed and expandable broadhead arrows of various shaft sizes. It also has a quick detach system with an easy access thumb release.


With a near-universal clip that mounts to almost any standard bow, great silencing tech, and a flawless easy detach and suitable for mounted shooting (if desired), the LimbSaver was an easy choice for best hunting quiver.

It’s ideal for spot and stalk as well as stand hunting, and the variety of camo patterns makes it a cinch to match the gear you already have. This versatile quiver also attaches to plenty of different bows, so you can use it with whichever bow you fancy for a particular hunt.


This quiver is great for a wide range of arrow shaft diameters—but the arrow holders aren’t adjustable, which means that if you do use a particularly wide diameter, you’re out of luck.

Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver (Camo)

Via Amazon.com

The Trophy Ridge Lite-1 5 Arrow Quiver, in a camo color scheme, is a detachable bow mounted quiver. It features three LEDs on the top of the hood, and one inside, a customizable mounting bracket, and dual arrow grippers for a variety of different arrows. It is made of sturdy Ballistix copolymer.


The Trophy Ridge Lite-1 lives up to the “lite” in its name. It’s extremely lightweight. It’s also very versatile, as it can be mounted to numerous different bows and holds most fixed and mechanical broadhead arrows. The LEDs are a nice feature, and have a replaceable battery to extend their already long life.

One of the best features is the quick disconnect which allows you to detach the quiver from the bow with complete ease. The arrows are held firmly in place with two brackets.

There’s no foam in the hood, which some people might not like, but if the arrows are firmly held, it’s not an issue. Plus, you’re not tearing up the foam with arrowheads, or dulling your broadheads against foam.


While the quiver is advertised as holding “most” types of arrows, take this with a grain of salt. Micro-diameter arrows may rattle around, and anything larger than standard diameter might not fit the brackets.

Furthermore, some fixed broadheads may be too large for the hood.

Camouflage 6-Arrow Crossbow Quiver

Via Amazon.com

The Camouflage 6-Arrow Crossbow Quiver holds up to six arrows, and features sturdy plastic construction. It comes in several different color schemes, including black, autumn camo, and desert camo. It’s designed to be compatible with Spider series hunting crossbows, and is suitable for use with many other crossbows as well.


The quick detach feature is perfectly designed, and when it does fit a crossbow, it fits perfectly. Holding six arrows (or bolts) at once, and well, is fantastic.

It works with nearly all arrow types and is lightweight (accounting, of course, for the fact that six arrows themselves add significant weight).

It’s also a very quiet quiver, and attaching it is simple. It holds arrows firmly, so you don’t need to worry about them snapping loose in dense cover.


There is a foam insert in the hood, which in and of itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, in this case, the insert seems to be of a lower overall quality than the bow itself, and rips easily.

Also, do some research if you don’t have a Spider series crossbow to determine whether or not it will mount properly. While it fits “many” other types of crossbows, it’s not fully universal.

OMP No Spill

Via Amazon.com

The Mossy Oak Sidekick hip quiver is a great value for a relatively low cost. It comes with a versatile metal belt clip for easy wear on either side. It holds 12 to 24 arrows of most lengths, and is exceptionally light.


If you’re looking for a simple, inexpensive belt clip hip quiver for target practice or small game hunting in easy terrain, you can’t do better than the Sidekick.

It’s also low priced enough to buy several to keep on hand. It’s surprisingly sturdy for the price, and with modifications is worth much more than other comparably priced quivers.


This is a soft quiver—one of the softest. While that may be ideal in some circumstances, it can also be a hassle, especially with shorter arrows that don’t protrude from the opening.

However, it is easily remedied by placing the bottom half of a standard disposable water bottle, or a cardboard tube, into the quiver. This adds support without increasing the weight significantly.

A plastic insert in the bottom will also reduce wear and tear from arrows.

Quiver Or No Quiver?

If you were to take a survey of hunters and archers regarding whether or not a bow-mounted quiver is the right choice, you’d get a different answer from everyone. Every hunter seems to have their own preferences when it comes to this divisive topic.

Some think that a quiver should never be attached to a bow, others think you should only shoot with the quiver attached.

Some think a quiver should be attached in some circumstances, but not others, and no one seems to agree on what those circumstances are.

Best Bow Quiver

However, we can outline some of the pros and cons that most hunters can agree with.


Spot and stalk hunters usually prefer to keep their quiver mounted on their bow for several reasons.

First, if you’re stalking through cover, the less things hanging off of your body the better. Even a back quiver can get snagged by a thorny vine, or catch on a branch and cause it to snap back. This slows hunters down, and can cause them to make noise that frightens game away.

Second, having a bow mounted quiver can make drawing an arrow for a second shot an incredible fast and quite process when on the move. While a stand hunter can literally have loose arrows ready at hand, a spot and stalk hunter needs a way to carry arrows securely while being able to retrieve them quickly. A bow mounted quiver is the optimal solution for this.

Bow mounted quivers can also come with helpful features like interior and exterior lights that can help hunters maneuver when cover is heavy or during early morning and late evening hours without calling undue attention to themselves.


The two most common “no quiver!” justifications relate to range of motion and added weight on the bow. In terms of range of motion, this usually applies to stand and blind hunters, who may be packed into a very small space, sometimes with other hunters. Stand hunters rely on silence and stillness to make their shots, and adding the complexity of a bow mounted quiver can get in the way of that.

In terms of weight on the bow, it’s less about the added weight in total, and more about the fact that this weight is going to be variable. A full quiver weighs more than one missing one arrow, which weighs more than one missing two, different arrow types have different weights, etc.

When hunting, adjusting your shot to compensate for a differently weighted bow can mean the difference between a perfect shot and a total miss.


There are as many types of quivers as there are types of hunters, and the “right” quiver for you might not be someone else’s ideal quiver. However, this guide can help you see the different types, styles, and features available. This will help you choose the quiver that is best suited to your personal activities and hunting or archery styles.

When choosing a quiver, make a list of the features you prioritize the most. Do you want a bow-mounted quiver, or a separate quiver? Do you need a quiver that can do both? And so on. Using this list, find the quiver that’s right for you!

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