Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Review

Indeed, bow shooting is both fun and sporty, especially when you engage the right archery tool. Great shooting bows help to boost accuracy and ease in holding the weapon in a proper shooting position. In addition, less strength is required to hit at your target precisely. And, shooting your bow in a straighter path comes easier when you have the right archery weapon such as the Diamond Archery 2013 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Pkg Black Ops Lh 2013-30″ 5-70#.

What You Need to Know about The Diamond Infinite Edge Bow

First, just like other Diamond Bows, this one is also manufactured and designed by Bowtech, one of the renowned manufacturers of compound bow world-wide. And, if your target is to get a compound bow for a youth, kid, or female who is in the process of becoming an archer, you have just found the right bow.

The bow has been designed with sufficient features for small-frame shooters, so that they can keep shooting up to adult stage. It is a customizable archery weapon and does not require a bow press to accomplish your desired customization.

This archery weapon comes with versatile adjustable settings, making it highly customizable for the targeted users. When you buy it for a kid such as a five-year old kid, you don’t have to bother about buying another bow in the next 10 or 15 years since the bow has been designed to promote usage up to later years. Let me quickly mention that even an adult male can also use this bow once it is set to suit his shooting level and capacity.

Indeed, when it comes to bows designed with kids and youths in mind, there are only few rivals to this bow.
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The Attractive Features at a Glance

Some of the features and characteristics of this bow that you will find irresistible include the following;

Adjustable Draw Length and Weight: You can adjust the draw length from 13” all the way to 30”, while the draw weight’s adjustable range is from 5 to 70 Ibs. As a result, this archery weapon is well suited for target archers and hunters of all sizes. And, as the kid or youth masters a particular draw length or weight, you are able to make adjustment for a more suitable draw length and weight. So, as your kid grows in age, the necessary adjustments are carried out on the bow to suit his or her new status.

Top-notch Cam System: The cam design is the dual eccentric system type, completely innovative. These elliptical-designed cams’ movement has been accurately synchronized for excellent straight arrow travel.

They are as powerful as the cam you will find with typical adult shooting bows. Besides, they are completely smooth, making the bow’s draw cycle very friendly for starters. And, the cable slide has no sign of roughness, plus it is durable. This is not just my opinion, I’ve heard the same from other archers in our community as well.

Ideal Shooting Speed for Kids and Beginners:
At 310 FPS, the shooting speed of this innovative Diamond bow is ideal for kids and amateur archers. Your setting can affect the actual shooting speed. Well, shooting speed is not a particularly important feature for a bow targeted at kids and beginners. You should concentrate more on proper form as well as accuracy, which is the major target of this innovative bow.

Less Noise Levels and Vibration: This archery weapon is light weight in design, to make it less pressurizing to the young shooters’ muscles. And, this will help them shoot for extended period without getting easily tired. Consequently, accessories that help in noise and vibration reduction have been integrated. However, the noise and vibration level has only been minimally dampened, since the aim for young shooters is not to hunt down games.

Smooth and Slower Draw Cycle to Suit Young Shooters: The non-aggressive cam system promotes slower and smoother draw weight, regardless of the settings. This is something desirable, considering the fact that the bow is targeted at young and beginner archers.

Different Levels of Kinetic Energy: Depending on the setting, the bow gives off a low or very powerful kinetic energy. Since the kids and beginners’ target is not to hunt down a game, a setting that will promote a lower kinetic energy is just fine.

What’s in the Package?
The package contains the following;
• A Diamond Infinite Edge bow
• Octane DeadLock Quiver
• 3-Pin Tru Apex bow Sight
• Arrow Rest – The Hostage XL type
• BCY String Look
Tube Peep Sight
• User Manual
• Warranty Card

Pros & Cons

Obviously, this bow is loaded with tons of age-appropriate and general features. The highlight of these features include;
• Highly customizable and adjustable bow
• Perfect bow for kids and beginners
• Continuous use up to early adult age
• Ultra-light weight bow
• Perfect for both target practice and hunting
• Tons of accessories

Cons: Actually, there’s no concrete complaint about this bow other than the grip that has a sort of square shape.

Final Thought

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the bow for kids, beginners, youths, or female archers. Indeed, it will remain a top-performing archery weapon even as your kid grows older. It is great value for money.

William S. Guerrera

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