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Trail cameras are popular choices for hunters who want to stake out their hunting spots and they are popular with people who want to have survelliance cameras at their homes. With the latest upgrades to the trail camera, it is easy to find the best wireless trail camera to fit the exact needs you have without breaking your budget.

Wireless cameras have become the cameras of choice because they are easy to set up and the photos can be sent anywhere that will accept the messages.


Wireless Trail Cameras vs. Cellular Trail Cameras?

Wireless trail cameras are not the same as cellular trail cameras. While both do not require any wires to hook up, they send photos differently. A wireless camera sends messages through radio frequencies and some use Wi-Fi networks to send photos to their paired apps. Cellular cameras work like cellular phones, they require the use of a cellular tower.

You will need to have a connection to a cellular system, so you will have to pay monthly to get access to a cellular provider. But, with a wireless trail camera, you will not need to have monthly access, but you might need to have access to local Wi-Fi passwords.

trail camera


Wireless Trail Cameras

Wireless trail camera



  • No cellular plan is needed
  • Multiple units can communicate
  • Easy to set up
  • Can use solar power


  • Battery use can be wasted while trying to access Wi-Fi sources
  • Might need to invest in external battery packs
  • Limited range
  • Requires Wi-Fi to use successfully
  • Usually need at least two or three bars to send photos

Cellular Trail Cameras

Cellular trail camera



  • Works wherever cell phone reception exists
  • Battery life can be up to 12 months
  • Messages, photos, and videos are sent and received instantly
  • Can have different cell provider than you use for your phone


  • Cellular service plan is required
  • SIM card is needed
  • Sending large photos files could require a large cellular plan

Should You Choose A Wireless Trail Camera Or Cellular Trail Camera?

The answer to this question all depends on how you plan to use your new camer. If you are simply adding some survelliance cameras to the exterior of your home, then the wireless trail camera is the best choice because you can use your existing Wi-Fi. Your camera will not have to look around to get Wi-Fi, this keeps the battery charged.

However, if you are using your camera in the woods or you want to receive immediately messages when the camera is triggered, then the cellular trail camera is the best option. Fortunately, cellular service providers have packages that are not expensive.

Best Cellular and Wireless Trail Camera Reviews


It is also important to know what features you want, because that can help you make a better decision. Trail cameras can come with a variety of useful features, from large LCD panels to infrared flashes. Some have wider angles than others and there are some with incredibly fast triggers.

Usually, cameras with more features will cost more. It is also important to know what brand is best for your needs. It is good to know that the recognizable brands usually have better cameras than unknown brands.

Best Wireless Trail Camera Options On The Market Today

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Spartan HD GoCam (AT&T Version) 3G Wireless, Blackout Infrared (2-year warranty) Bonus Package

Spartan HD GoCam (AT&T Version) 3G Wireless, Blackout Infrared (2-year warranty) Bonus Package


This GoCam is another great option because it is easy to use right out of the box. It comes with a SIM card from AT&T that lets you access the Internet the same day you open the box. There are several menus that you can access to personalize and program your camera to meet your needs.

The camera is easy to install and uses 12 AA batteries in your favority style. There no wires needed to install and there is no need for external power to be used. The GoCam can be used in a pay-as-you-go fashion and can be activated and deactivated as often as you need it to be. ​

GoCams use AES 256 encryption, but only if you want to use it. It works with HCO GoWireless portals so the camera is not only a camera, but a photo managing system, too. Along with the encryption, the camera is packaged with reusable microfiber towels instead of traditional packing materials. The infrared LED array helps captures images at 70 feet and beyond. You can also set the camera to shoot at the hot times of the day, like dawn and dusk. 


  • Two-year warranty
  • Overwrites SD cards
  • Water-resistant flush case
  • 8 MP images
  • 720P HD video

2. Spartan HD GoCam (AT&T Version) 3G Wireless, Infrared (2-year warranty) – Bonus Package

Spartan HD GoCam (AT&T Version) 3G Wireless, Infrared (2-year warranty) – Bonus Package


​The Spartan GoCam uses the best AT&T DataConnect Pass so you do not need a SIM card to activate and reactivate the camera. As soon as you take the camera out of the box, it is ready to go because it comes with a SIM card.

It is easy to activate the camera online, so you can use it immediately. The camera uses encryption if you want that option and you can use it with the HCO GoWireless mobile portal to manage the pictures.

The Spartan GoCam has an all-in-one design that makes installation a piece of cake by using 12 AA batteries. There are no wires and no need for any extra power source. Along with being user friendly, it is also environmentall friendly as the camera comes wrapped microfiber towels that can be reused anywhere around the house as cleaning material. 


  • Trigger speed is less than one second
  • Infrared LED array flashes up to 70 feet
  • 8 MP resolution
  • 720P HD videos
  • Water-resistent seal
  • Two-year warranty

3. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 14MP Wireless Trail Camera

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 14MP Wireless Trail Camera


​This little camera is a good choice because it comes loaded with so many features. It has one of the best resolutions of any camera on the market at 14.0 megapixels in full color. It also has 1280 x 720 HD video.

The 48 no-glow black LED flashes have a 60 foot range which allows you to see good images in the darkest of night. With the day-night sensor, the camera knows when the flash needs to go or not. And, the camera includes data tag gaps. You can also choose to have the camera monitor the area during the dusk and dawn when animals are moving the most.

When it comes to Wi-Fi, the camera uses 3G functions, so it works in the United States. Bushnell does offer pre-paid data packages so you can control the camera through an iOS or Android phone as well as via email, the Internet, and Facebook. 


  • Three-months of life on a set of batteries
  • 0.3 second trigger speed
  • Free app for iOS and Android systems

4. Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless Black LED Trail Camera with Night Vision

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless Black LED Trail Camera with Night Vision


Bushnell is a popular brand for several reasons, but the biggest reason is the quality optics that create the best images. This unit includes GPS to show you exactly where the image is being captured.

This durable camera can be connected to the Wi-Fi immediately since it includes a SIM card and data as well as 30 days of unlimited thumbnails after you register the camera. Bushnell offers pre-paid data plans and you can easily control your camera from your iOS or Android camera and from your computer.

The camera includes a programmable trigger that captures images in 8 Megapixels and HD video. The LED flashes are no-glow and capture images at a 60-foot range. Night images are captured using 940nm LEDS, which are not as bright as 850nm LEDs, but the pictures still are readable. 


  • Easy wireless connectivity
  • Video resolution at 1280x720p
  • Up to 60 seconds for videos
  • Audio can be recorded
  • Data, barometer, and GPS tagged and stamped
  • Camera works in temperature ranging from -5° F to 140° F
  • Weatherproof camera can work with solar power


A wireless camera is the best way to capture the images that you need. Whether you are actually using the camera on a trail or you are using it in your own yard, these four cameras are top choices for quality images and video. Even though wireless camera do require data plans, they are affordable and much easier to use than cellular phones are.

They compliment existing smartphones and computers with apps that work on iOS and Android. If you have used any of these cameras, we welcome your opinions.

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