Genesis Kit Compound Bow Review

If you are conversant with compound bows, you probably know they are the in-thing among archery enthusiasts. This is because the bow is more manageable to draw and carry compared to the traditional bows. That’s not all, this type of bow also comes with innovative draw-stops (pulley system) that can be adjusted to suit your optimum draw length. As a result, an archer is able to enjoy established consistent anchor point, as well as a reliable force on the arrow for each shot. This in turn helps to boost accuracy. These qualities and more are what you should expect with the Genesis Kit compound bow.

How The Bow Works

This bow by Genesis is designed to suit any archer. It now comes as a kit. Since I started shooting bows (over 15 years ago), I have used a couple of bows, but this is the first time I’m coming across a compound bow that features various draw lengths automatically, plus the kit is completely convenient.

Innovative Features and Highlights

Official Bow of the National Archery: Any bow tagged ‘Official bow of the National Archery’ in the schools program is obviously worth an archer’s money. It simply means the bow is reliable for top performance and is highly recommend as a result.

Created from 6061-T6 Aluminum to Enhance Optimal Balance: Any compound bow machined or produced from 6061-T6 aluminum is a great archery weapon for any bow shooting enthusiast. This is because you will gain increased balance with the bow. In addition, the bow will last for a longer time (durability). And, you can carry it around with ease since it is ultra light-weight.

Tapped and Drilled Riser to Give Room for Accessories: The riser component of this archery weapon has been tapped and drilled so that you can integrate accessories of your choice onto the bow. The bow also has molded competition grip, NAP flipper style arrow rest, and capable slide.

[imgb trackingid=”hunthacks-20″ asin=”B004T2C1FW” imgid=”91nAR%2BPWwmL” altimg=”Genesis Kit”]Content goes here[/imgb] Composite Split-Limb Design for Increased Speed: One of the things I enjoy most about compound bows with composite split limb is increased speed. They are also stronger, thereby promoting both the sturdiness and durability of the bow.

Self Explanatory User Manual: The Owner’s Manual that comes with this special bow is extremely helpful. It contains easy-to-understand tutorials that will help you use the bow safely. It will also teach you how to integrate accessories onto the bow. Even a novice will find the content of the manual very easy to understand and apply.

State-of-the-art Single Cam Machinery for Increased Accuracy: The single-cam technology is a breakthrough design that revolutionized the archery bow industry over a decade ago. This compound bow has been integrated with this innovative single cam design to boost accuracy and promote noiseless shooting. As a result, shooting is nothing but much fun.

Zero Let-Off: Genesis technology has effectively and completely eliminated needless let-off with this archery tool. As a result, this state-of-the-art bow is a completely versatile bow for just anyone.

Adjustable Draw Length: Unlike many compound bows out there that have specific range of draw lengths, this bow has no draw length in particular, which makes it an excellent archery weapon for anyone. Anyone can adjust the bow to their preferred draw-length.

The elimination of specific draw length also makes it a perfect bow for kids – they will never outgrow it! On the side of beginners, this special feature increases ease of use.

Pros & Cons

Obviously, with the extensive list of innovative features and components above, this compound bow kit is nothing but desirable.
To some, the undesirable aspects of this compound bow may include higher price tag (in comparison) and right-hand only feature. Otherwise, this archery weapon is a tool worth having in your archery sport weapon collection. It is suitable for both young and old, savvy and novice archers

I highly recommend this compound bow. The extra dollars on top are commensurate with the extra features that come with the bow.

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