Why Should You Teach Your Kids Archery

infographic Why Should You Teach Your Kids Archery

Infographic Why Should You Teach Your Kids Archery

It is no secret that children do not get enough exercise. Schools are shortening or completely removing physical education. If children do not start playing a sport at a young age, it is nearly impossible for them to get involved in extracurricular sports at school. These are big reasons why archery has become a popular sport, especially for kids. You do not have to buy your child the best compound bow or a fancy recurve bow to get them started. It is an affordable sport that anyone can learn to do.

Archery is Safe

With all of the reports about concussions, parents are no longer encouraging their children to get involved in sports like football. There are plenty of other sports that have safety issues, too. Kids who play team sports like baseball, cheerleading, and soccer often end up with injuries to their knees, hips, and elbows. But, archery is one of the safest sports for people of all ages. The safety rules are well-established and easy to follow.

Anyone Can Shoot an Arrow

Archery is a sport that anyone can do. Literally. Everyone. Arrows can be shot by people in wheel chairs. They can be shot by people who are young and old. There are accessories that can be added to help people shoot a crossbow with ease. While other sports require a serious level of physical fitness and training, archery does not – so it is truly a sport for the people.

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Archery is a Season-less Activity

Many competitive sports have special seasons. For example, baseball is a summer sport and football is a fall sport – usually because the sports are played outdoors. Baseball cannot be played in the snow. And, the equipment that football players wear makes it difficult for playing in the excessive heat of the summer. But, archery can happen inside or outside. There are no weather restrictions on the equipment. So, while a young baseball players cannot swing their $300 bats in weather under 60 degrees Fahrenheit, a recurve bow, crossbow, or the best compound bow can be shot in any temperature.

Archery Develops Problem Solving Techniques

Archery can develop focus and problem solving. Anyone who has spent time with a small group of children can quickly see that focusing on one thing for an extended time is difficult for them. All too often, children are quick to give up when problems come their way. But, in the world of archery, archers quickly learn that they need to figure out what they did wrong when the arrow doesn’t hit the target. Archers are also required to slow themselves down so they can focus on the target. Quick shots rarely work as planned. The skills learned on the archery field are carried over into the classroom.

Archery Builds Fitness Levels

Archery also provides opportunities for physical fitness. Students do get to stretch and they build strength when they draw the bow. Archery improves the muscles in the upper body. And, when young archers begin participating in tournaments, they can walk miles back and forth between the fields. Of course, walking is always good for the body. Along with muscle tone and fitness, archery also develops balance and hand-eye coordination.

Archery Scholarships are Available

Most parents do not know this, but children who are good archers have a fair chance of earning a scholarship as a reward for their abilities. There are school programs that reward scholarships on an annual basis. There are also awards like cash or scholarships given out a many archery tournaments around the country.

Archers Learn to Set and Achieve Goals

Children who participate in archery learn how to set goals and strive to achieve them. Many children do not know how to set goals and they do not understand the work it takes to succeed. They also learn how to solve problems when they do not reach their goals. Learning to deal with setbacks is a vital part of life that too many children never get to experience. Learning early makes the later setbacks easier to manage.

Archery is Fun

Finally, archery is a fun activity. It is easy to do with the family and with friends. There are so few activities that an entire family can do together that provides so many positives like archery.

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