The Best Places to Deer Hunt in the US

The United States has some of the best deer hunting in the world. The top places range from the most northern spots in Maine, Montana, and Michigan to southern locales like New Mexico and Texas. When it comes to the best deer hunting, the top choices are loaded with deer, outfitters, and hunter-friendly fields. Here are some of the best spots:

Northern States

Montana is top northern state for deer hunting. The wide open spaces and minimal human population makes it easy for deer and other game to thrive in the Big Sky State. The whitetail deer in Montana are no different than the deer in other states, but hunting them in Montana is a special event. While tracking deer, hunters get to enjoy the glorious rugged backdrop of this gorgeous state. The best hunting and crossbow reviews give Montana outstanding ratings.

Montana USA

Montana USA

Minnesota is often referred to as the best state for deer hunting. The plethora of lakes and the 8 million acres of huntable land make it a top destination for hunters looking for a trophy buck. Like everything in Minnesota, it is extremely affordable to hunt in the state, whether you are a resident or not. There are several outstanding outfitters and guides that will take hunters on the trek of a lifetime. The deer population is so strong in Minnesota that many bucks – especially those in the northern regions – die of old age instead of disease or from being shot.

Minnesota usa

Minnesota usa

Southern States

Hunters love Texas. The Lone Star State is known for people who like to shoot. Because of this, there are plenty of ranches as well as public lands that are available for deer hunting throughout the season. Some of the best spots in Texas include the eastern side of the Panhandle, the eastern edge of the Edwards Plateau, and the central part of the South Texas Plains. Other areas in Texas will vary based on weather conditions, but many hunters will also have success in other areas. It is easy to check the hotspots with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

texas usa

Texas usa

Missouri is home to many record-setting deer. The amount of land, deer, and licenses offer each hunter plenty of room to hunt on the over 2 million acres filled with over 1.3 million deer. Like Minnesota, the deer hunting licenses are inexpensive and the outfitters are all over the place. There is not one outstanding location to hunt, because all of Missouri is loaded with deer. Visit any approved hunting spot and you are bound to find something to aim your best compound bow at.


Mississippi is a hunter’s playground. There are over one million acres of public land available for deer hunting and the whitetail numbers are approaching two million. This gives hunters plenty of room to find a top-notch animal to take out with a direct bow shot. The pleasant weather and easily traversed land makes this southern state a great option. Most people do not consider Mississippi as their first choice in hunting destinations, but the affordable lodging makes it a great choice. The licenses are slightly more expensive that the ones in Minnesota and Missouri, but the cost for the rest of the expedition will make the license seem highly affordable.


Midwest States

Kansas is another favorite with hunters, simply because there is so much land and so many deer. While hunting for deer in Kansas is enjoyable, most of the hunting land is privately owned. If you are going to hunt in Kansas, you will want to work with an outfitter and guide. If you do not, you will be able to find land, but it will not be easy. What continues to draw hunters to Kansas is the fact that over one third of the record-setting non-typical deer have been found in the state.



Michigan is one of the best states for deer hunting. From the southernmost spots in the Lower Peninsula to the northernmost in the Upper Peninsula, deer can be found everywhere in the Mitten State. One of the favorites with locals is the western half of the Upper Peninsula. This part of the state is sparsely populated with people, so deer roam freely. Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources scouts the best spots on public land, so hunters can spend their time tracking and shooting.
Michigan US

Michigan US

Nebraska is the final choice for top places to hunt for deer in the US. This state is a favorite because so many hunters overlook it for other places. The flat land and limited number of hunters makes the odds much better for hunters who want to bag a big one. There are only about 600,000 acres for hunting, but fewer than 180,000 hunters, which gives each hunter plenty of room. The licenses are affordable and so are the guides. Hunting on private land is a bit pricy, but worth it because many hunters get what they are looking for.


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I have read your articles and your maps. Really you have given relevant information which I needed. I like to hunt deer. And I think this is the best platform for me. In future I hope it will give me more information.

Faylinn - August 24, 2016

My husband and I love deer hunting and has gone all over the country, including Texas, to hunt them. Although you listed the Northern, Southern, and Midwest states, I noticed that you didn’t mention any in the west. However, I would like you to know that Utah is really good place to find deer. You just have to hike into the mountains, but that’s all a part of the fun!


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