Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Review

The Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow is a relatively inexpensive bow that is quite easy to set up and use whether you are an experienced archer or a newcomer to the sport. It is the perfect bow for any beginner who wants to learn and enjoy the pleasures of traditional archery. However, because of its beauty and durability, the Sage is also a favorite of seasoned shooters. Samick Sports designed this bow to help archers improve their shooting stance and accuracy with a durable bow that makes it easy to quickly learn proper shooting positions.

The Recurve Bow is 62 inches in length and can be oriented for either the right hand or the left. If you are new to archery, a right hand orientation means the bow is designed to be held with the left hand when pulling the string with the right hand (for right-handed people). Left hand orientation is for individuals who will be pulling with their left hand while holding the bow with their right hand. The recommended brace height is 7.25 to 8.25 inches which can easily be achieved in a standing position.

The limbs of the Samick Sage Bow are made out of extremely durable hard maple wood with black fiberglass fittings. The chance of these limbs twisting is very rare, so no limb straightening is necessary with normal usage by both novices and pros. It is designed as a takedown bow meaning it can be re-configured as your needs (and abilities) change. As a takedown bow, heavier or lighter limbs can be purchased separately and swapped when needed or desired in order to create a heavier or lighter bow. As an archer improves his or her skill level and pulling strength, different limbs can increase the difficulty level thus improving skill levels as training progresses.

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The Sage Bow has a maximum draw length of 29 inches which is an ideal draw length for those attempting to develop and improve shooting form. It comes with a B-50 string, but a variety a different weight strings are available for separate purchase. In general, strings of higher drawing weights (40 pounds and above) make for a straighter arrow flight and more lethal results when hunting. As such, the B-50 string that comes with the Sage Bow is excellent for hunting purposes and can take down a deer from around 30 yards or so with accurate shooting. Unusual for takedown bows in this price range, the Sage Recurve also has reinforced bow tips for strength and is compatible with heavy weight, professional strings from a variety of manufacturers.

The draw is both smooth and easy with a quiet release free of noticeable vibrations which makes it an ideal hunting bow. The 62-inch length helps compensate for stance and form mistakes commonly made by those new to sport of archery. Because the bow is specifically a takedown bow, the limbs are easily removed with screws that can be turned by hand. No special tools or hex keys are necessary. While there are smaller bows, the Sage Recurve Bow is easy to maneuver in the field and easy to carry making it a versatile choice for pleasure shooting and competition as well as hunting purposes.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

It is intentionally designed to be very simple without complicated accessories, so it is virtually impossible to break. The bow has an arrow rest and comes with a pre-installed brass bushings in order to add other accessories not included such as a bow sight, arrow quiver, or stabilizer. The Samick Sage Hunting Kit can be purchased separately if desired. With the holes already drilled, these accessories can be added in just a matter of minutes. You can easily customize your Sage Recurve to your own preferences because of its simple design.

Customer reviews for the Samick Sage are overwhelmingly positive. A common perspective is one of surprise for how well this bow performs considering its low cost in comparison to similarly sized takedown bows. This Samick Bow has a reputation for being durable as well as versatile while offering simplicity and ease of use. It provides high quality workmanship for extremely reasonable rates and will offer years of great shooting.

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