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Best CenterPoint Crossbow Reviews 2017 – Comparison Chart

In my hunt for the perfect crossbow, I tried a handful of different CenterPoint bows. These are made by a company called Crosman that makes gear like airsoft guns and optics. Crosman designs and manufacturers their products in the USA and they have been doing this for almost 100 years.

In my CenterPoint crossbow reviews, I’m going to let you know what features I enjoyed and what could potentially get in the way of a successful hunt.

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Best Barnett Crossbows Reviews 2017 – Comparison Chart

Barnett Crossbows are some of the most popular and most liked crossbows on the market today. This manufacturer has been crafted quality bows for over 60 years. In fact, Barnett is credited with bringing the modern crossbow to hunters in the US. The company continues to innovate by creating better, lighter, and more accurate crossbows.

Barnett offers something for everyone, from the rookie archer to the seasoned hunter. If you have never tried a Barnett Crossbow, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

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Parker X110-PS Concorde Crossbow Camo Soft Touch Finish Review

The Parker X110-PS is a truly unique crossbow. This crossbow is the first ever to be fully automatic. This means it can automatically cock in about two seconds. There is no need to worry about draw weight or any other challenges. The bow is not only automatic, but incredibly quiet, making it a top choice for hunters.


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The most exciting feature on this crossbow is the push-button automatic cocking system. Literally, with the push of a button, the arrow cocks using a CO2 powered mechanism called the Quick Draw System. It is extremely quiet, which comes as a surprise with the mechanics of the system. For hunters who prefer the old-fashioned self-cocking bow, the bow does include its own rope-cocking device.

The bow does weigh 12 pounds, which is rather heavy for a crossbow, but the weight is due to the cocking system. The bow is compact, which makes up for the heavy weight. Its small size makes it easy to shoot from a different blinds and tree stand positions. The bow measures 18.75 inches from axle to axle.

The bow includes a 3X illuminated multi-reticle scope that will illuminate in red or green. The scope does require sighting, but it will hold the sight for a significant amount of time. The scope does not fog, even when the light is low and the day is young. And added bonus is the adjustable illumination of the scope.

This bow uses a safety mechanism along with a Bull-Pup trigger. It is smooth and predictable, which is important in a crossbow. The safety device is ambidextrous and provides a safe anti-dry fire system.

Draw Weight & Length

If you do choose to draw the arrow yourself instead of using the automatic cocking system, the weight is 175 pounds, so a cocking rope is necessary. The power stroke of the bow is 9.6 inches, which is rather short.

If you prefer to use the automatic cocking system, it only requires the push of a button. The CO2 cartridge provides the necessary force to get the arrow into the correct place. The same button releases the arrow if you prefer not to fire. The CO2 canister will last for approximately 50 shots.


The velocity is impressive, considering that it is the first of its kind. The arrows fires at 300 feet per second and has 80 foot pounds of kinetic energy. This bow is best used on small and medium size game, simply because the power is not as strong as other bows. The shot is accurate, but because of the weight, it is better at close distances, like 50 yards and under. Groupings over 60 yards are usually at four or five inches.


Here’s the best news: the bow comes preassembled. The only necessary steps includes adding the quiver and the CO2 canister. Once the box is opened and those two simple parts are attached, the scope needs to be sighted (which only takes a few minutes). Then, it is time for hunting.

Pros & Cons

This bow is the first of its kind. No other bow has the ability to self-cock. For hunters who have difficulty with the heavy draw weights, this bow is a dream come true. The self-cocking mechanism means that hunters can use this bow all day long with worry of getting tired. The quickness of the self-cocking mechanism is impressive.

The bow comes pre-assembled so there is no time wasted or problems with missing pieces. The scope is top notch and makes it easy to hit shots with accuracy. The CO2 canister does release a quiet noise upon firing, but it is no more than a subtle whisper – making is just as quiet or even quieter than a typical crossbow.

It is a good looking bow, too. It is dipped in camo, so it hides well in the wilderness.


The biggest problem with the bow is the CO2 canister. Since they empty every 50 shots, it is important to carry extras for long hunting trips. The other issue with the CO2 canister is that it does not work in cold conditions, so there will be times when the bow has to be fired with a cocking rope. Since many hunting seasons take place in late fall and early winter, the temperature can be an issue.

The other problem is the weight. This bow is heavy.

Final Thoughts

This bow is a great choice for those who live in warm climates and do not want the pressure of drawing a heavy bow. It is truly a unique product that delivers accurate and consistent shots.