Southern Crossbow Risen XT 350 Crossbow Kit Black Review

If you are in the market for a quick and quiet crossbow for your next hunting expedition, the Southern Crossbow Risen XT 350 is powerful choice. It is also a great bow for target practice. The rifle-like trigger is appreciated by gun shooters, too. The bow comes with several useful features and the bow has spots for many more accessories – making it truly a customizable product. It is ergonomically designed making it comfortable for hunters of all sizes and abilities.


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This powerful crossbow features an AR platform that allows plenty of accessories to be easily added. The platform has picatinny rails and weaver rails. It comes with a collapsible stock and an adjustable foregrip that allows shooters to get their bodies into the shape they want to effectively shoot. The crossbow comes with a sling for comfort when walking out to the blind. The bow also has a split limb and compound levering system making adding to its ergonomic design. It is quiet and quick.


This adjustable and ergonomic crossbow is moderately priced, too. Most people who shoot this bow comment on the value of the bow compared to its features. It is an investment for hunters who love to shoot powerful and accurate bows.

Draw Weight & Length

This bow’s draw weight is 180 pounds, so most hunters need to have a cocking rope to get the bow back. It has a power stroke of 13 inches. The bow weighs 8 pounds 12 ounces, making it a heavier product than many hunters like to use.


The draw weight of this powerful bow is 350 feet per second. The kinetic energy it produces is 109 foot pounds making it very powerful. Any small, medium, or large game will notice being struck by an arrow delivered from this bow. The accuracy and power of the bow creates tight groupings when shot from over 50 yards.

Southern Crossbow Risen XT 350 Crossbow

Southern Crossbow Risen XT 350 Crossbow


The quick and quiet crossbow has to be assembled out of the box. Even though the assembly is easy, there is a lot of it. There are ample instructions to help new owners attach the cables, limb assembly, and quiver. It is a good idea to be cautious when attaching the stirrup so it is not too tight. The scope is the last piece to assemble before taking the bow out to align it.

Pros & Cons


There are several things to love about this bow. First, it is made in the USA and designed for hunters who appreciate a good tactical weapon. The stock can telescope and the foregrip folds for convenience. The trigger has a safety mechanism that keeps the arrow in place until it is time to aim and fire. The bow is sturdy, so it feels solid in the hand.

Another reason to love this crossbow is the lifetime warranty that comes with it. The warranty excludes the limbs, cams and accessories, strings, and cables. The limbs, cams and accessories have a five-year warranty.

The bow also has a reliable scope that is not illuminated, but works well in the daylight. It stays true for a long time and shoots well from distances up to 36 yards.


The price on the bow is up there, but so are its competitors. The bow includes a variety of useful features, but some are not up to the standards that hunters expect. The scope only works in the daylight. A bow that this price range should have an illuminated scope. The other problem with the bow is the weight, which is nearly 9 pounds. This weight might not seem like much, but after a long day of hunting, it can become tedious to lift and shoot.

Final Thoughts

There are other bows that are a bit nicer to shoot than this one. It does come with one of the best warranties in the business, but it does have some weak spots. The bow, wings, cams, and axles are durable and strong. It is a hard-hitting bow and it shoots accurately with little need to adjust the sights within several months of use. It can be used for hunting small, medium, and large game, as well as hunting practice.

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