Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series Review

Since the archery tool popularly known as bow can be an expensive item, it is only logical and sensible to store your bow properly and securely. Also, proper storage of a bow is needful for safety purposes, especially if there are kids around who may want to toy around with it in your absence. Perhaps, the best way to store a bow when not in use is to pack it in a case made specially for it. And, one of such reliable bow cases is the Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series.

About the Plano Bow Case
The major feature I find highly desirable about this bow is the thicker walls compared to a couple of other bow cases I’ve come across. These extra-thick walls help to provide better protection to the bow. And, the additional sturdier dual latches help to enhance security in a greater manner. Two of these latches are lockable, so, you can be sure of properly securing your bow.
The case has also been integrated with patented PillarLock System to help provide further security and increased sturdiness. I also love the thoughtfulness put into the handle design. The handle has ergonomic design that highly promotes comfort.

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Features at a Glance

Rugged + Textured Exterior to Enhance Protection
As mentioned earlier, the bow case under review has been provided with extra-protection features such as rugged, textured exterior. Also, the walls of the case are thicker so that you will enjoy increased protection of your bow.

Ergonomic Design for Increased Comfort
The ergonomic design of the handle of this case is indeed a good concept. The handle simply feels comfortable so that you don’t have to worry about unnecessary inconvenience when you carry the case.

Resistant to Fluid and Dirt
Of course, you wouldn’t deliberately expose your bow to water and dust, since you know how those elements can negatively impact your archery tool. But, if it happens incidentally, as long as your bow is properly packed into this case, you don’t have to worry at all since the case is water-resistant and features dust resistant seal.

Very Roomy
There’s enough space in the case for both your bow and bow accessories. This way, you don’t need to carry extra bag for your other archery tools and accessories. In fact, you won’t have to detach the stabilizer on your bow before putting it into the case, especially if the stabilizer is less than 6 inches long. The roomy feature is obviously another desirable and attractive feature.

Completely Durable and High Quality Case
There is no doubt about the quality and durability of this bow holder. You can be sure that the case will offer extended-period (years) protection to your highly valued archery bow.
Other features include
• Customizable foam interiors
• Integrated arrow storage
• Corrosion protection
• Lots of slots
Also, this special bow storage tool is airline approved and comes with the Bone Collector Logo.

What is in the Package?
The case’s packaging contains details of what you should expect when you receive and open the package. So, ensure you crosscheck what is inside with what has been listed on the item’s package.

The Good & Bad

The Good: Without doubts, this bow case has tons of innovative features and desirable characteristics in stock for every archer. One of my favorite features is the amazing spacious nature of the case. Since I carry just every accessory that I need when going into the woods to hunt, this case is an extremely useful item for me. It is very roomy and comes with tons of slots. So, you can pack your detached quiver, hex wrench set, dozens of arrows, wrist guard and other accessories conveniently inside the case.

I also love its sturdiness. It is simply rugged. And, with the look of things, it will serve its purpose for a longer time. The thicker walls give me confidence about the safety of my bow. Also, the lockable latches help to keep my mind at rest when it comes to the security of my bow.

The case’s resistance to water and dust is really nice. Whether you are out in the snow, rain or exposed to dust, your bow and the accessories in the case will not be affected. These elements will not infiltrate the case to impact your archery bow. I love the way my bow is held perfectly and firmly in place with the velcro straps feature. As a result, even if you toss the case up and down, back and forth, the bow stays firmly in place.

The Bad: In my opinion, the company would have included tons of extra screw-down straps, as well as screws to hold other items firmly in place right inside the case. Also, the case is a heavy-duty item. I know that the heavy-duty concept is intended to provide extra protection, but it adds to the weight of the case.

Final Thought

It is evident that this bow case offers great returns for your money value. All the exceptional features indicated above are undeniable pointers to this fact. I highly recommended the item to any archery enthusiast.

William S. Guerrera

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