Genesis Pro Compound Bow Review

Genesis Pro Bow: Best Compound Bow for Learners and Grown Up-Children. Archery is a sophisticated game, art, skill; whatever you name it. It is practiced with the help of a bow. If a bow is of poor quality, it not only mars the entire experience of shooting, but it can also pose danger to the shooter. For an archer like me, I can understand that beyond any doubt. Genesis understands the same thing and hence it brings a versatile shooting experience to the archery fans in the form of Genesis Pro Bow.

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This product is for right-handed people and comes in appealing and vibrant colors. ’Zero let-off’ is combined with light draw weights, in order to fabricate a bow which covers all standard lengths. It is equipped with single cam that leaves no scope for tuning problems and provides more precise shooting and less noise. It is not just ideal for the adults, but it is equally ideal for beginners and kids.

The riser of the Genesis Pro Bow is designed to offer optimal balance, that too while being extremely lightweight and sturdy. It features composite split-limb design. Apart from that, it arrives with molded competition grip, cable slide; lower mount cable guard made up of stainless steel, and NAP flipper style arrow rest. The efforts of the maker are truly appreciable because the maker has not just laid focus on the requirements of the adults, but has also laid emphasis on the requirements of the kids. This model suits the needs of kids as they cannot outgrow the bow because there is no specific length requirement. It is extremely easy to shoot as the draw length is always right. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the best compound bow if entire family is fond of archery.

genesis pro

Genesis Pro compound bow

Pro’s of the Genesis Pro Bow
This product has earned rave compound bow reviews for featuring following features:
Superior quality: It is made up of solid aluminum and one can easily feel its sturdiness.

This product has not just won the hearts of kids and beginners, but it is also recommended by various archery equipment suppliers. According to them, it is standard equipment for competitive situations.

Affordable price: If you want value for money, investing in this product is a great decision.
Light weight: It doesn’t weight much, due to featuring a simple design. Thus, it proves to be the best compound bow for young archers and learners.

Cons: I wish that accessories would have been provided with this great bow, but unfortunately you will have to order the accessories separately like quiver rest and sites, etc.

Final Thoughts on the Genesis Pro Bow
This bow is the official bow of the NASP (The National Archery in the School Program) and also the sole model allowed in their competitions. If you love simplicity and minimal design, you will certainly appreciate this model. If you want to buy a bow for your kid, you should not consider any mediocre alternative because safety and quality are the most important aspects to consider while buying a bow. Zero let off along with no set length makes this bow as the best compound bow for almost everyone in a family.

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