Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow Review

The Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow has been built to look and feel like a full adult’s bow. This stylish bow is suitable for young archers who are just getting started with compound bows. All the features of this innovative hunting tool have been integrated to ultimately offer the young archer a fulfilling arching experience. However, I strictly followed the instruction to supervise the young chap using this hunting gear. I bought it for my son who is only 12.

The Receivables

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Durable Composite Limbs for a Rewarding Arching Experience: The compound bow by Elkhorn Jr. has been equipped with tons of desirable features for a rewarding arching experience. One of such features is durable composite limbs. In addition to being durable, these limbs are also heavy weighted, which helps to promote proper balance while using the bow. The limbs have been integrated with composite center shot riser. The shot riser has large sight window.

Composite Cam System for Superior Shooting Performance: I simply love how the manufacturer integrated heavy-duty all-weather cables and strings to the composite cam system. This has helped in providing superior shooting performance. It wasn’t difficult for my 12 year old boy to progress rapidly with the bow. The wheel design also promotes excellent performance with this bow.

33 Inches Axle – Perfect & 17-21 Ibs Draw Weight Suitable for Young Archers: A 33-inch axle makes a lot of sense for a bow designed to be handled by newbie and young compound bow shooters. Well, this is also the size of axle featured in full-adult bows. It is probably just the ideal axle size in overall.

This range of draw weight is exactly what I expected of a compound bow built for young beginners (between ages 8 and up). It’s always delightful each time I watch my 12-year old son draw the bow with ease, and with accurate precision. This draw weight also promotes availability of the right kinetic energy required for a bow that young archers should use.

26 Inches Max Draw to Promote Extended Use: The maximum draw for this innovative young archers’ bow is 26 inches. This draw limit helps to promote additional years of use (extended use). So, I hope there wouldn’t be a need to replace this bow sooner.

8 Inches Brace Height for Ultimate Forgiveness During Arching: As rightly indicated, the bow comes with 8 inches brace height, which in turn helps to promote complete forgiveness while shooting. The brace height has also been designed exceptionally, making it unique from some other brands out there.

1Ib. 120z Mass Weight Promotes Proper Balance and Feel: Again, this mass weight is suitable for the young archers who are just starting to use compound bow. The weight is quite adaptable, thereby promoting proper balance and feel with the bow.

What Is in the Package?:
The bow definitely offers good value. In my opinion, it is perhaps the best beginner’s level compound bow. I’ve come across so far, especially when you consider the increased affordability. It also comes with 90-Day Limited Warranty.

When the package arrived, I found 2 composite arrows, youth compound bow, finger tab, 2-piece quiver, and sights & arrow rest. In essence, nothing listed as accessories for the compound bow was missing.

Pros & Cons

Pros:Obviously, with all the innovative features listed above, this compound bow is definitely good value for the money invested into it. It is durable, offers superior shooting performance, comes with a draw weight that best suits a young archer, and comes with suitable mass weight for proper balance and feel. The price is also desirable. And, the package has everything your young archer needs to start shooting right away.

Cons: To be honest, I’m just satisfied with this compound bow and its features. It’s just exactly what a young kid needs to start shooting properly. If at all I have any concern, it’s on behalf of left handed-kids who may struggle with the right grip feature of the bow. My kid is right-handed, so we have no issue with the hand placement and grip.
Perhaps, another thing is that people who want a fatter string may need to add a nock and a bit of thread to the string in order to increase the size. This could help to enhance the secure positioning of arrow before shooting.

Final Thought

This Crosman compound bow is the best I’ve seen so far for young archers.

William S. Guerrera

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