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If you are looking for a new crossbow with plenty of innovation and affordable prices, the SA Sports crossbows are good choices. The company makes crossbows that are designed to be fast and accurate. Hunters appreciate the lineup of crossbows from SA Sports for their lightweight design and their ability to take down big game. It is worth adding SA Sports crossbows to your collection of quality hunting gear.

SA Sports CrossbowDraw Weight (lbs.)VelocityPrice at Amazon.com
1. SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package175 Lb Recurve Crossbow240 FPS
2. SA Sports Empire Terminator Crossbow175 LBS260 FPS
3. SA Sports Empire Beowulf Crossbow Package175 LBS360 FPS

Characteristics of SA Sports Crossbows

The SA Sports crossbows come with features that hunters like. The rear stock is fully adjustable so it can be comfortable for people of all sizes. The precise trigger has an ambidextrous design as well as an automatic safety. The lightweight barrel keeps all of the SA Sports crossbows 8.5 pounds, with the lightest weighing in at 4.8 pounds. The Picatinny rail has a full barrel for ultimate support. The crossbows come with shoulder slings and large boot style stirrup. Each one has a quiver that holds several bolts for quick and easy shooting. The built-in shoulder sling is designed for easy carrying, too.

The longest SA Sports crossbow measures 38 inches and the smallest measures only 26.5. The strokes on the SA Sports crossbows measure between 11 and 14 inches. The draw weights range between 165 to 225. And, the crossbows have FPS speeds of 240 all the way up to 390. These are lightweigh and powerful devices.

There is one drawback to the SA Sports collection of crossbows. The bows come with a one-year warranty. This warranty only covers the materials and workmanship under normal use. It does not include strings, cables, and arrows because these parts can be replaced. Dry fire damage is not covered. SA SPorts has specific requirements for returning the product to the company. The company provides a full explanation of their warranty on their website. The issue with the warranty is that many other crossbow manufacturers have longer warranties with more coverage.

SA Sports Crossbow Accessories

SA Sports crossbows that have features that set them apart from the other brands. Along with making great crossbows, the company also manufactures the accessories that make the bows more accurate and more fun to shoot. For example, the company makes a video camera that easily attaches to the rail. With a live video camera, you can not only scope out your target but capture the actual kill, too.

Most of the crossbows use a Picatinny rail so there is plenty of support for the extra accessories that SA Sports designs for their very own products. They also sell bolts, cocking devices, and scopes.

SA Sports also makes the bolts for their bows. They are good quality bolts that come in two sizes: 16” and 20”. Only two of the SA Sports bows are designed to use 22” bolts. All of the rest of the crossbows use the 16” and 20” bolts. When you buy a crossbow from SA Sports, the kits usually include only three bolts. So, it is recommended that you add a few to your collection so you have enough to use on a hunting trip. The bolts are designed to fly straight. They are also designed to work overtime without cracking.

 SA Sports Crossbow

SA Sports Crossbow

Due to the high draw weights, many crossbow owners will add the SA Sports cocking devices to their bows. They have rope devices and crank devices. The rope device works on every model crossbow from SA Sports. But, the crank device is only designed to fit on a few models.

One of the most popular accessorise from SA Sports are the scopes and cameras. They can be added to the crossbow or used in a tree stand or blind. Many of their products are small, but with high quality components that make them accurate at spotting targets at realistic ranges. Their scopes and cameras can be mounted with tube mounts to their crossbows or to other flat surfaces.

SA Sports crossbows and accessories are afforable and good quality. It is easy to customize a crossbow with your favorite SA Sports accessories because they are designed to fit. It makes the process of adding accessories a snap.

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My question is. What whight combination of 20” arrow and brawd head would work best for my crossbow.
I will be using it to hunt dear and smaller game.
Thank you for your help.


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