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Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package Review

When savvy archers handle a bow, archery seems simple, fluid, and graceful. It is possible to train yourself to a stage where you hit your target in an almost automatic manner, and this is the point when archery as a sport becomes an art. All it takes is to develop accurate stance, sight, draw, and release through constant practice. Of course, attaining this point where you shoot like a pro also requires great archery tools such as the Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH A5CZ21007R. I love this compound bow because of its unique features.

About the Bear Archery Cruzer

The all-new 2015 Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow package has been designed and tested to surpass the shooting needs of every bow shooting enthusiast, whether the young archer or the adult bow shooter. The draw length of this all-new shooting bow is incredible and spans from 12” to 30”. The draw weight is adjustable, starting from 5 Ibs, all the way to 70 Ibs.

This new design is accompanied with the most innovative and superb quality accessories designed by Trophy Ridge. The axle-to-axle length is 32”, height is 6.5”, weight is 3.6LBS, and IBO is 310.

Feature Highlights

[imgb trackingid=”hunthacks-20″ asin=”B00MQ30V4O” imgid=”61Z65jPx0hL” altimg=”Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH A5CZ21007R”]Content goes here[/imgb]

When I explore bows to present to the archery community, I pay closer attention to the features, to see if the bow offers the most widely sought-after features that can help enhance bow shooting experience. And, yes, the archery weapon under review is more than a bow, it is a complete package with all that both the novice and savvy shooter needs to enjoy this worthwhile sport.

The innovative features that would draw anyone to this bow include the following;

#1: Aluminum Material to Boost Sturdiness and Durability: By experience, archery weapon designed with aluminum material is usually sturdy and durable. Simply put, your bow is able to withstand pressure from constant usage and/or rough handling.

#2: Advanced Grip Design for Enhanced Accuracy: The grip design of this shooting bow is something that any shooter will like. This is because it has been designed differently from the regular grips. Hand torque has been eliminated in this new bow (unlike the previous versions), which in turn enhances accurate targeting. The grip has also been designed in an ergonomic manner to enhance comfort and convenience.

#3: Maximum Preload Quad Limbs for Increased Power: Also, the bow is integrated with preload quad limbs, to the optimum. As a result, the draw and overall power of this bow will greatly increase your chances of hitting your target unmistakably.

#4: Loaded with Relevant Accessories: Saving every extra dime you can is something desirable when investing on a shooting bow. Most bows come alone, requiring you to create extra budget for other shooting accessories. On the contrary, this Ready-To-Hunt bow comes with additional accessories that you need to start shooting immediately.

#5: Adjustable Draw Lengths and Weights: Since this compound bow targets different levels of users (old, young, novice, and savvy archers), it has been designed to allow users adjust both the lengths and weights to their own shooting capability. So, you are not regimented to a fixed draw length or weight.

#6: Great for Both Young and Old
As mentioned earlier, just anyone can leverage this shooting weapon to hone up their archery sport skills. It has been designed to suit both young and old, armature and savvy shooters.
Other features that are worth highlighting include the following;
• Offset spring suppressors
Peep sight
• Dart stabilizer
• D-lop
Whisker Biscuit arrow-rest
• Trophy Ridge sight
• MV-Cam system
• Very smooth draw cycle

What is in the Package?
It’s a complete package, meaning you can start shooting immediately without waiting to buy additional accessories. The components of the package include the following accessories;
• 1 Bear Archery Curzer Compound Bow
• High quality whisker biscuit arrow rest
• Fiber optic sights
• A quiver
• A stabilizer
• Wrist strap

Pros & Cons

No doubts, this compound shooting bow comes loaded with desirable shooting features and accessories. These include adaptability to all levels of bow shooters (young and old, novice and professional), draw length and weight that can be adjusted to suit each user’s capability.

Also, any archer will love the fiber optic sights feature, which enables you to shoot at various ranges. And, the accessories listed above help to increase savings on your archery weapon investment, plus you can start shooting immediately you receive the package. The bow is typically customizable to suit each shooter’s need. In all, the bow is truly an all-new design that has included lots of things lacking in previous designs.

The truth is, this bow is desirable in its entirety. The only challenge is that you will need the tool set up for you. Well, this would be for new archers or young shooters. Professional archers like us will require few minutes to have the bow all set up accurately without any assistance.

Final Thought

This compound bow is worth acquiring, whether you want to buy it for adult users in your home or for young users. I highly recommend it and will vote 4.9 stars/5.00 stars to the bow.

William S. Guerrera

I simply love hunting with passion. With my eight years experience in hunting, you can be absolutely sure of finding valuable hunting information on this website dedicated solely to hunting. So, whether you are looking for tips on how to hunt different games, or insightful guide on how to choose suitable hunting tools and accessories, Hunt Hacks is definitely the right webpage for you.

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