Bear Archery Brave 3 Right Hand Bow Set Review

A compound bow has significant advantages over the traditional bow. The unique advantages come from the innovative design of the bow, plus the special materials used in fashioning it. Accuracy and increased power are the major advantages of using compound bow such as the Bear Archery Brave 3 Right Hand Bow Set. This compound bow is one of my best picks for young archers. Just like other well-structured youth archery bows, this compound bow has been designed with features and components to help young kids master bow shooting.

Why is the Bow a Smart Choice for Young Archers?

Recently, I recommended this archery bow to a colleague who is looking for not-so-pricey compound bow that delivers good result. Just like other parents, he wanted an archery bow for his young son who is fanatical about shooting bow. And, this innovative bow suits his description.

This young starters’ bow from Bear is an ideal start for any young archer. In fact, it is flaunted as “America’s No. 1 brand in youth and institutional archery” Besides, the manufacturer, Bear, has for eight decades offered more archery bows than any other manufacturer. In essence, more people have come to embrace this fun sport and hobby known as archery through Bear. So, the manufacturer’s track record in archery tool production is one of the major highlights and lure to this special bow.

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Here are the highlights of the features that placed this bow in my list of highly recommended bows for young shooters;

Built Specifically with Young Archers in Mind

One of my major focuses when trying to choose and recommend a compound bow is its age appropriateness. Just like other young shooters’ compound bows in my list, this archery bow has been built with components that highly promote young kids’ ability to develop their bow shooting skills optimally, safely and with much fun. Such features and components are particularly seen in aspects such as the axle and draw length.

Age Appropriate Axle to Axle Length and Draw Weight
The 26 inches axle to axle feature is appropriate for a bow designed for young folks. Young bow shooters do not need longer axle-to-axle length, so that they can shoot conveniently. Also, the 20Ib draw weight is just perfect and suitable for a young kid learning to shoot compound bow.

Cordura Nylon to Proect the Bow from the Element
Cordura nylon feature of this bow helps to protect the bow from the element. This nylon fabric has water-repellent coating. This may not be the best protective feature for a bow, but it is highly helpful in masking and shielding the compound bow.

Durable Composite Limbs and Riser
The composite limbs of the bow are durable since they’ve been fashioned with study materials. This is also the case with the riser feature of the young archers’ bow under review.

Right Handed Bow
While this feature may not be favorable to left-handed bow shooters, it is a plus since most bow shooters (young folks inclusive) are right-handed. Using an archery bow designed to target right-handed kids promotes a worthwhile experience.
Other features include the following;
• 6 inches brace height
• 65% let off
• …and more

Pros & Cons

Pros: The features above are obviously good evidence that the bow will deliver value for the money invested into it. Also, I forgot to mention that the draw-length can be suitably adjusted. Overall, it’s definitely a good choice of bow for young bow shooters.

This compound bow is also easy to maintain like most compound bows. This is because of the laminate material used in designing this kind of archery bow. Just ensure that the bow stays away from water.

Cons: It’s a right handed-bow – is this really a bad feature? Definitely no, particularly for right-handed shooters. But, for the left-handed young kids, the bow may not be a good pick. So, if your young archer is left-handed, you may have to look for Bear youth bow that suits his disposition. If you don’t find one among the Bear bows, you can seek out other brands.

Final Verdict

I highly recommend this Bear kids’ archery bow if you want good functioning and inexpensive bow for your young folk. The bow delivers desirable value for its money worth.

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