How To Choose The Right Fishing Rod

Going fishing and not having the perfect fishing equipment can sometimes dissolve all of the fun of the trip. It is really important to have the right equipment with you especially the main item, a fishing rod. Choosing the perfect rod can be difficult if you aren’t previously experienced with fishing. The rods mainly range from high-quality expensive rods to low quality and inexpensive rods.

This article will help you to choose adequate fishing equipment and maintain the balance of price and quality so you can amaze your friends with your fishing skills. I will tell you if you are a beginner how to locate the best rod for your needs.

how to choose the right fishing rod


What To Look For Before Buying A Fishing Rod?




The first thing to determine before buying a rod should be to find the perfect length of the rod. They usually range from 4 to 14 feet long, and are measured from the start of the handle to all the way to the butt, but it doesn’t include the fishing line when it is measured. 

  • The short length rods are usually used when using a boat and fishing in the sea, as the fishes are then nearby, which is usually done for the largest catches. They are additionally helpful when trolling, a kind of angling where the line is appended to a moving pontoon and drawn over the water.
  • The long rods are usually used when fishing very near the shore where water is shallow so they can go longer into the sea. Fly fishing and heavier lures also require lengthier fishing rods. You can now yourself choose your rod by determining your fishing type.

Material Of The Rod

The second thing is the type of material. This is directly proportional to the cost of the rod, and is also related to its functionality and to the kind of fishing you are doing. A fishing rod is usually made up of graphite or fiberglass or both materials are combined to make one fishing rod.

fishing rod graphite


Rods made of graphite are more stiff and light than the fiberglass rods but are more fragile. They are also costlier than rods made up of fiberglass.

On the other hand, rods made of fiberglass are hefty but are more pliable than rods made up of graphite. These are not as fragile as graphite rods as well as being a cheaper option when compared to the graphite rods.

fishing rod fiberglass


The next choice is the mixture of two of the materials, fiberglass plus graphite rods.

These have qualities of both type of rods to an extent, and are best for the person who catches fish in a range of locations, and different types of fishes.

The Suitable Teel Type

Now the question is the best type of reel fit for you. There are two types of reels; a spinning reel and a casting reel.

spinning reel


The reel which spins is just like the automatic gears of a car. Although it allows somewhat less control, beginners tend to use this type of reel because it has a huge chance of success. They are less likely to get intertwisted. They work in a perfect world with lighter draws and snares, and they are normally utilized as generally useful bars.

Casting reel


The second type of reel is the casting reel. It is just like manual gearing of a car. Unlike the spinning reel. It does allow a degree of greater control, as thumbs are used to handle its accuracy. This is what makes it more complicated to operate, and that’s why they are more often used with heavier and artificial lures.

If you are a beginner or doing fishing just for fu,n then the choice is obvious to the spinning reel.

Action Of The Rod

Action of fishing rod


The action of the rod is the end point on the rod on the non-handle side where it bends. The action of the rod ranges from ultra-light to heavy. The lighter action rod curves nearer to the butt of the rod whereas the heavier action means a hardened backbone on the rod, it means that it bends closer to the tip.

The heavy action is recommended to use with bass and larger species of fish, whereas the lighter action is used with tinier species of fishes. Again, for the beginner, we would like to recommend the light action because it is easier to use and handle. Heavy action is used by serious fishers who depend on fishing as their income.

Power And Weight

Obviously, power and weight are also important factors in deciding that what rod to choose. The weight of the rod signifies the weight that it can handle and how strong it is. Deciding on the other factors, such as the weight and type of lures, you will be using, you need to determine the specific strength rod which can handle your needs.

fishing rod action vs power compressor

The weight is measured either by the heaviness of the bait it is intended to cast or the “pound test.” The pound test is the angling line weight it is intended to deal with.

Final Verdict

My final words on selecting the best rod to use would be that the beginner should use a rod that is not much expensive such as the fiberglass rods and should use the long length rods so beginners can easily pull the fish from near shore and don’t have to travel deep into the sea. A somewhat light action is good enough for a beginner combined with a spinning reel if a person is just doing it for fun and as a sometime hobby.

However, if you are a serious fisherman or want to be one, then you have to spend on the equipment, i.e., the fishing rod, so you can yield the best results and catch huge number of fish so you can depend on that for a source of income or take part in a competition or you can adjust according to the situation.

Have a good day fishing!

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