How To Cast A Spinning Reel Farther

Anyone who has spent countless hours fishing is most likely looking for a way to cast a spinning reel farther and with more power, giving them the chance to catch bigger and more elusive fish. Even with a top of the line spinning reel, you might be looking for ways to make it go out farther so you can catch more fish.

This guide will walk you through some things you can do to realize that dream of casting farther and catching more – up to twenty or thirty percent farther castings!


Choose A Longer Fishing Rod

Pairing your spinning reel with a longer fishing rod will help you achieve a longer cast when used. This might seem like common sense, but when you look at it, if you are planning on casting long distances, it might be better to pair with a longer rod.

If you have a six food rod paired with your spinning reel already, you would be surprised by how much farther a seven foot rod can help you cast that same lure.

Fishing rod

Change Up Your Line Size

Fishing line

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If you have a heavier, thicker line size on your spinning reel it isn’t going to go as far in a cast as a thinner, lighter line would fly. In those instances when you are planning on casting farther, you might want to change out your line.

Some spinning reels have interchangeable spools that allow you to just swap out your different line sizes at whim. For a significant change in casting distance, try to stick to a ten pound weight on your fishing line.

​Get Heavier Lures


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If you have a lure that weighs one half ounce and one that weighs one quarter ounce, the one that weighs one half ounce is sure to fly a lot farther than the lighter lure. Weight adds distance – it’s a simple rule to keep in mind when you are selecting which lure to use.

The heavier a lure is, the farther it is sure to fly. Have an assortment of lures in your tackle box, and try to use a heavier one when you want to be able to cast your spinning reel farther than usual.

​Watch Out For Wind

Wind can really put a damper on your fishing, or can it?

Normally, casting against the wind can lead to you not being able to cast very far or with much power. But if you manage to get on the other side of the wind, you might be able to help it work to your advantage.

In this case, the wind can pick up your lure and your line and carry it even farther away from you than if you were just casting normally. This can be very helpful for getting into those difficult areas that you wouldn’t typically be able to get into, hopefully allowing you to catch bigger fish!

​Line Material Affects Distance

Material of Fishing Line

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Did you know that the material that your line is made from can also affect how far it goes when you cast?

A heavier braided line will easily fly a lot faster and farther than a lighter flurocarbon line will. Although this is an interesting rule to keep in mind, you should also keep in mind that the different line materials will also have an effect on the rest of your fishing experience, depending on what you choose.

​Remember To Practice Casting!

Practice Casting

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Practicing casting is the best way to get yourself ready for casting farther than ever before. The more practice that you put behind your casting, the more powerful and longer they will be.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, practicing casting your spinning reel farther should never be overlooked; instead, you should opt for a bit of time each week or month that you can use solely to practice, whether it be newfound tricks that you have learned or just your basic casting technique. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to practice often!


When it comes to fishing, there are many ways to get that line out in the water and catch a fish, although it might seem more difficult to catch the fish of your dreams unless you are able to really cast farther than usual.

From line size to the size of the fishing rod, from the material your line is made of to the weight of your lure, you are sure to find something that will put a little extra power behind your cast next time you head out on the water.

The tips above are sure to help you get on top of your fishing game, and help you really manage to catch that dream fish – all while casting that spinning reel farther than you ever thought possible!

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Ned - July 16, 2018

Great Info,

On top of it what works for me is watching out for wind and whipping my rod in sort of a baseball throw motion and stop it with a jerk once my arm make 45degwith ground or deck.

Anthony Ray - July 29, 2020

I’m going fishing tomorrow and you taught me how to set up the spinning reel and how to cast. Thank you so much. You are the best!


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