Tips to improve your Beach Fishing

When surf casting/fishing from the beach the angler must understand that fish are scattered in small numbers. The issue is finding the fish. Finding the areas where the fish congregate will produce consistant success. These areas are generally an area of the sea bed that has an abnormal feature. This will in turn change the waves on the surface; enabling the angler to spot the area. Some good signs to look for are:
– Independent white water breaking off shore that may indicate a shallow reef or bar.
– Strong currents and rips, these are easily identified by a calm section along the surf beach and foam and debris floating out to sea.
– A piece of wave that is not breaking may indicate an area of deeper water.

beach fishing

beach fishing

On beaches where it is calm and there is no surf, it becomes more difficult to read the water. Look for darker coloured water that may indicate depth. Also any rocks etc that are sticking up out of the water may indicate an area worth fishing.

As far as tackle goes you need equipment capable of casting long distances. Rods of between 3 – 5 meters capable of casting sinkers anywhere from 60 – 200 grams. Depending on how far you will need to cast. Line weight also effects casting distance, too light and it may snap – to heavy and your range will be limited. Around 8kg line is appropriate for most situations. A large fixed spool spinning rod is ideal for beach fishing.
Good luck fishing!


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April Cook - July 7, 2016

One of the things my boyfriend wants to do on our vacation this year is go fishing. We’ve never been shore fishing, so I really appreciate these tips you have. Are there certain areas that you are not allowed to fish? I think we might hire a guide to help us since we don’t know the area too well. Thanks for the help!


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