TenPoint Vapor Crossbow Review

When it comes to crossbow technology and quality, the TenPoint Vapor Crossbow sits atop the pinnacle all by itself. This is one of the best crossbows on the market today. TenPoint has managed to continue crafting new technology that makes crossbows lighter, smoother, and more efficient than any other manufacturer. The Vapor is leaps and bounds beyond every other crossbow. This crossbow has garnered the attention of not just archers who are looking for a phenomenal product, but from retailers who are looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Features to Appreciate

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The TenPoint Vapor Crossbow is such a good product that it has created the new mold that all other crossbow manufacturers are striving to build. This crossbow has two technologies that TenPoint has perfected: the Parallel Limb Technology and one they call Hybrid Eccentric Cams. The cams are designed to release more energy than any other style of cams. The Parallel Limb Technology is assisted by a perfectly placed stock that includes both rubber insert and safety wings for protection. The trigger is also flawlessly designed to release the arrow quickly and accurately. TenPoint also includes a dampening system that removes practically all of the vibration that could be make. The carbon fiber barrel also keeps the shot as smooth as possible. Many of the unique technological upgrades included in the Vapor are patented by TenPoint so you will not find them in crossbows made by their competitors.

TenPoint Vapor Crossbow real image

TenPoint Vapor Crossbow real image

After running the crossbow through a battery of tests, the bow has proven to be one of the best I’ve ever shot. There were no structural flaws and it shoots more accurately than any other bow I’ve ever tested. It has a draw weight of 165 pounds with an FPS of 360. The bow weighs in at 6.8 pounds.

Easy to Unpack and Assemble

After the box containing the crossbow arrived at my door, I found that there was very little I had to do to get the bow ready to fire. It was packed tightly with unique inserts to keep it safe on its journey to my address. The stock and scope were mounted and I was able to attach the foot stirrup and riser quickly. I did have to tighten the locking set screws. But, after that, I was ready to shoot. I took a bit more than 10 minutes to get the crossbow assembled and the instructions were easy to read and understand.

The manual does discuss safety features on the Vapor crossbow. There are three recommendations that are featured strongly in the manual. The first is to place the fingers and hands in the proper place. The second is to always avoid dry firing. And the last is to properly oil the rails. These three safety features are easy to follow and necessary to keep the bow working properly for years. For added safety, TenPoint included two safeties. They are located near the trigger and on the grip – this way you must hold the crossbow properly before an arrow will release.

Follow This Sequence Prior to Shooting

When it comes to actually shooting the crossbow, there is a set sequence that makes the process go smoothly. First you draw the arrow. This causes the safety to engage. After putting the arrow in the housing and aiming, you then release the safety on the trigger and the grip, then shoot. It is easy to get one-inch grouping with the accuracy of this bow – even at 40 yards. You do not have to be a professional archer to get this kind of grouping with this bow – it is that smooth and the cams are timed perfectly.

Setting Itself Apart from the Competition

Over the years, I have noticed that crossbows can be loud, especially compared to compound bows. It is common for animals to notice the noise and run away, but the Vapor lives up to its name. It is so quiet and it barely vibrates, making it a perfect crossbow to take out into the field and use on real hunts.

There are several ways that this crossbow sets itself apart from the competition. The lightweight carbon barrel is one such feature. The double safety feature makes it attractive to archers who appreciate those types of features. Even the ease of cocking the bow separates from the rest. It has so much unique technology and features that this bow practically creates a new category of crossbows.

One problem with the TenPoint Vapor is that it is rather expensive. In fact, it is the most expensive crossbow on the market today. But, the cost is due to the quality craftsmanship and the high-tech features that it flaunts. One area that it could improve upon is the weight. Without any accessories, the crossbow weighs just under seven pounds, but it can go over eight pounds with add-ons. If you like a lightweight bow, there are some that are lighter – even with several accessories added to it. At over eight bows, it can become a nuisance to carry into a high-up tree stand.

Overall Conclusion

Overall, this is one impressive crossbow. It goes beyond any previous expectations. The price point is a bit tough to swallow, but after using this bow, you will quickly see why it is so expensive. It’s like the Rolls Royce of crossbows, and the price truly does reflect the quality of the product. There are plenty of people who can afford this bow, or will find a way to afford it simply because it is such a wonderful tool. If you can fit it into your budget, the time to add it to your arsenal is now. There is nothing else like it on the market today.

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