Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG Review

A trail camera can be an extremely useful item, especially when you are looking to see what animals strolling around your neighborhood. However, too many cameras have features that give them away to the animals that come nearby and to other people in the vicinity. Camera often give themselves away through sounds and lights, but not the Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo. Once you’ve hidden the camera, it will not show itself to anything that comes near it.

1. Design

This camera has a unique design that helps it stay hidden. It is not only rugged and durable, but its camouflage exterior makes it a stealthy piece of technology. The camera is tucked away inside of a weatherproof housing that is covered in camo so no one will find the camera except for you. While it does have a stealthy design, you can still read the LCD panel. Your camera will not be exposed to the elements and it stays locked away to protect the precision instruments inside of it. The camera comes with a locking device.

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But, the camera is so well designed that even if someone does take the time to figure out how to get into the case, the camera is password protected. We’ve tested out the camera in cold, snowy weather and in hot, rainy weather, too. It lasted without damage to the images protected on the inside. The little unit stayed dry and free of damage.

We really appreciate the ease of use that the Stealth Cam G42 features. It has a basic menu with navigation tools and an enter button. There is also a sliding tool that lets users work with preset options. There is also an SD card and a USB port. This allows you to use SD cards that will hold up to 32GB of data. The camera does require 8-AA batteries and they last longer than most people expect them to last. You can use the 12V jack that comes with the camera if you have access to electricity nearby. Unlike most cameras, the Stealth Cam has an eject button that makes the batteries easy to remove and replace.

2. Features

Along with the smart design, this camera also has a plethora of quality features that separate it from the rest of the pack. This package includes a TRIAD 10.0 Megapixel camera that has four settings that let you choose the size of the photos it captures. It also has settings that allow you to adjust the length of the footage that the camera records; videos can be any length between 5 seconds and 180 seconds long. When shooting in daylight, images can be captured in color, but the night images are in black and white.

Stealth Cam G42 Trail Camera

Stealth Cam G42 Trail Camera

The Stealth Cam G42 also gives a time stamp to each image and you can choose to have additional information like the temperature, moon phase, and GPS coordinates to the time stamp. What really separates this camera from the rest is the no-glow IR emitters. The camera can record images up to 100 feet away and it will detect action distances up to 60 feet. But, the no-glow emitters are what keep the camera from being revealed to animals and people – even when the camera is shooting in burst mode. If you prefer to use presets, you can, but we have found that the customizations settings gave us the most freedom to capture what we wanted when we wanted it. The LCD panel is backlit, but it does not shine unless you are actually opening the case and accessing the panel. The camera also comes with features that are compatible with the Python® cable lock and it comes with a one-year warranty. The camera weighs in at a lightweight 11.4 ounces and measures 5.5” x 4.0” x 2.5”

3. Pros and Cons

The GSM Stealth Cam G42 is worth a look. It has all of the necessary features that make it a useful camera for trail hunting. The most desirable feature is that it will not scare away any animals because it does not emit light due to the no-glo technology. You can get images at night and during the day with very little use of power. The camera comes in a case that is covered in sneaky camouflage. It is easy to use and to set up on your favorite trails.

Stealth Cam G42 No Glo Trail Game Camera

Stealth Cam G42 No Glo Trail Game Camera

– Pictures shot in daylight are bold and vivid. They are well-focused.
– The trigger is extremely fast and the detection software works flawlessly. It does not take long to recover from shooting so it is ready to go as soon as another animals wanders in its range.
– The camera is easy to set up and easy to use.
– The durable case has necessary features that will work with the Python cable and they can be mounted with a ¼” -20 socket. The eject button makes the batteries easy to access and change.
– The camera has a secure lock to keep out unauthorized users.
– The battery lasts longer than most people expect.
– The unique TRIAD technology keeps the resolution high so you can easily see everything in the picture.
– The camera is quiet and free of shocking lights.

There are not many problems with the Stealthy Cam G42, especially because the camera lives up to its name. It is stealthy. The camera captures high quality nighttime images, even because it does not give off any light at night. – There is one problem that does happen occasionally, when we shot nearby images, the flash blurred some images.
– The camera does not allow for the use of rechargeable batteries.
– Not all memory cards will work.
– There is a learning curve to using the settings.
– Nearby images can be blurred with the light of the flash.

4. Conclusion

Overall, this camera is a great option for anyone who wants to know what is roaming around your nearby trails. This camera lives up to its name – it is stealthy and shoots high quality images. The quietness of the camera and the no-glo features keep the camera secretive from prying eyes and from animals in the area. We really liked this camera and all it had to offer.

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