Spinning and Jigging Rod – Fishing tip

There is a large ammount of fishing equipment suited to spinfishing like there is for any type of fishing. Best suited to the angler will be a rod with a decent length up to 2 meters. This will depend on where you are fishing, for example if you are hiking up a densly bushed river a smaller collapsable spin rod might be more suitable. It should be firm and springy at the tip so as to flick the lure out easily. The reel should be of reasonable quality with a good clean drag and should be spooled with between 2.5 – 4.5 kg line. Stronger line for big deep fast rivers. Lighter line will allow you to cast further and will allow the lure a more natural movement in the water. When hooked up remember to keep consistant pressure on the line so that the fish has less chance of throwing the lure.

The lure can be presented from many angles and can be retrieved from the side, above or below the pool. In lakes casting over drop offs from the shore can give good results. The lure should be allowed to sink to the bottom before retrieving and a bit of split shot on the line will help to keep a bit of depth if so desired. If the fish are not taking a fly like a red setter can be cast and retrieved, with a small sinker further up the line for weight. Once again, a large part of fishing is fishing where the trout are. Easily done when they can be seen in smaller streams or on lake edges, but more difficult when they are hiding in the deep water.

Spinning and Jigging

Spinning and Jigging

Jigging for trout is different in the fact that the fishing is being done while the jig is on the bottom. There is no real retrieve involved. Jigs are designed to sink quickly, they also have extra weight above the hook to ensure they do not tumble on their way down. Often a fish finder will be used on the boat just like sea fishing to locate pockets of fish to increase chances. Spinning rods are too soft for Jigging, a good jigging rod is around 2 meters in length similar to a spinning rod but is stiffer to allow for the jig to lift quickly rather than bend with the weight. The line for jigging should be around 3.5 -4.5 kg.

It is important to read up and learn when starting out or even pick up a bit of extra information if you are somewhat experienced. There are plently of books available of the subjest of fishing and plenty of experienced fisherman willing to discuss and share their knowledge.
Good luck fishing, and be sure to put a few reports and pictures on our forum!

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