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Self Defense Material Doubles as a Handy Tool in the Wild: Camping and Survival Knives

You think it’s a bit awkward to bring a knife when you are just planning to go on camping? Unless you are planning to only sleep in a tent in your backyard (you’re childhood camping dream), going on a camping is never safe without survival knives. It’s not like you are about to dethrone Rambo, you silly. It’s just that on going on a camping, survival knives are on the essentials that you should never forget to bring.

Why you may ask. Here are the 2 major reasons to always carry around a camping survival knife with you, especially if it’s in the wilderness that you will go have a camping to — as a handy tool and as a self-defense item.

1. A survival knife could serve as a lighter version of an axe.

If you are a regular viewer of “Survivor” you will surely get the drift. How many times were the survivors asked to create a raft from scratch? How many times did they have to chuck their own trees to fuel their bonfires? How many times did they realize that they need a tool such as an axe to carry out their challenges more successfully? Simply innumerable.

But hey, I’m not telling you that you have to be one ‘em greasy faced, bodacious survivors first before you ever realize that a survival knife is indeed one must-have when you are out in the wild.

2. A survival knife could be used to defend oneself from a wild animal’s attack.

You don’t need to be a martial arts expert to defend yourself, especially when it’s an uncontrollable animal that’s attacking you. You just need to know where to stab the raging animal. And, how else would you stab an animal? Use a simple survival knife!

Now that you know how indispensable a survival knife could get when you on a camping, it’s time learn which is the best kind of survival knife that you can purchase for yourself before you go on another camping trip with your friends or with your family.

Camping and Survival Knives

Camping and Survival Knives

3. What Kind of Knife

When settling for blade lengths, ranges vary from 10-20cm (4-8 inches), depending on how are you planning to use it more often. When you are having second-thoughts, it’s a lot safer to get a smaller blade. If you plan to normally carry a wood axe together with the survival knife, better opt for a smaller blade.
When checking on blade thickness, 3-6mm will do, depending on length.
When knowing what blade style to get, a drop point will be very useful, which is a tad stronger than a clip-point.

When looking for a survival knife sheath, Kydex is a good candidate since it is a plastic material that does not lose its shape without getting worn out easily. A leather sheath will suit a smaller blade too.

4. Who are the Best Makers of Survival Knives

Any of these top survival knives makers will offer you the best when it comes to knives:
Jerry Busse is said to be one of the best makers of knives but they could come with a hefty price tag.
Swamp Rat is the maker to settle for if you would like a Busse knife, but your funds are not enough.
Chris Reeve is famous for the Green Beret model.
Those that are made from Himalaya such as the khukuris are also very viable. This is one special knife that you should know how to use.

5. Folding Knives

These are the most easy to carry anywhere when opting to buy a survival knife for your camping trip. Make sure that you get the sturdiest and yet most flexible of these folders.
When it’s time for you to finally purchase a camping and survival knife, it won’t hurt either to go look for those that with a survival kit in the handle. It’s like one of those multi-purpose Swiss Army knives only they are a lot better because they include matches, a metal wire saw, fishing hooks and line, compass, etc. One great value and a display of the true essence of a survival knife!

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