Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Starter Package Review

Archers who are on a budget will do well shooting with the Samick Sage Take Down bow. When looking for the best recurve bow that will not break the bank, this is the bow. It offers several features that veteran and beginner archers appreciate. Despite the budget price, this bow is great looking and is designed well.


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Pros: The Samick Sage is an attractive bow. It has a simple and efficient design makes it popular with archers of all levels. The riser is actually made of real wood, Olive Dymonwood and hard maple. This makes the riser look like a legitimate contender in the world of hunting and competitive archery. Despite its glossy finish, the riser does not reflect much, so it is not a distraction while shooting. The cut of the riser is designed to make it easy to tune to the bow for any type of arrow. The riser does come pre-drilled so you can attach accessories like a stabilizer or sight.

Cons: There are a few negatives to the riser. One common complaint about this bow is that there is a small amount of hand-shock that occurs after shooting. The riser is not very long, so there are not many options for hand placement. However, the does not tire out the hand or create any discomfort.


Pros: The Samick Sage is one of the best recurve bows because of the quality and durability of the limbs. Usually, bows at the price range of the Samick Sage have limbs that distort or twist. But, not the Sage. The limbs are made of hard maple that has been laminated and black fiberglass. They are made so well that the laminate does not separate. The tips of the limbs have an added strengthener, Phenolic plastic. This is a necessity when using FF bow strings. Another benefit of the Samick Sage is the fact that the limbs detach easily. The bolts can actually be unscrewed with fingers, so no need for special tools.

Cons: The Samick Sage limbs are so well made that there is nothing that needs to be improved on them. In order to keep them in pristine condition, it is helpful to take good care of them and store the bow in the proper environment. The only complaint that anyone has ever said about the limbs is that they are long – which makes the bow difficult to transport. But, since the limbs detach so easily, the length of the limbs is not an issue.

Hunting with the Samick Sage: Pros and Cons

The Samick Sage is considered one of the best recurve bows because it can be used in so many situations – even hunting. However, there are some considerations to make before taking it out on a hunt. First, the best option for hunting is the 40-pound draw model. This option has the minimum draw weight needed to take down a deer at 30 yards away. If you plan to hunt something bigger than a deer, you will want a bow with a higher draw weight of at least 45-pounds or more.

Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Starter Package

Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow Starter Package

The bow is light and easy to carry while out on a hunt, but in some cases, it might not have the power to take down game at a distance past 30 yards. The draw length makes a difference in what you can shoot and how far you can shoot it. If you have a draw length that is below 26 inches, you will want a bow with at least 45-pounds of draw weight. Shooting a bow at this draw weight can be difficult for rookies.

Another issue with the Samick Sage comes with shooting in a blind. Many hunting blinds are too small for bows that are under 60 inches. The Samick Sage is 62 inches, so it definitely could be too big for several blinds.


Pros: When it comes to simply shooting the Samick Sage, it is easy to see why so many people give this bow a high rating. It shoots better than most bows in its price range. It has a comfortable draw that is smooth and free of vibrations. It is also a quiet bow, which is perfect for hunting trips. It is also an accurate shot, which can be rare for a bow that measure over 60 inches.

Cons: The biggest issue with the Samick Sage is the fact that the lighter draw weight bows are not recommended for hunting deer or larger game. This can make it difficult for smaller people or rookies to get a good shot while hunting. However, when it comes to target practice, the small bows will shoot in tight arrow groups at 30 yards or more.

Overall, the Samick Sage Take Down Recurve Bow is an exceptional choice for an archer who wants an affordable bow that shoots like one that costs significantly more.

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