Rock Fishing

Great fishing can be found fishing from the rocks. The combination of food, shelter and foamy water all help to attract fish. A good tip for rock or any landbased fishing is the more remote and less fished a spot is the better (providing it has the other attributes of food and shelter). Spots close to the cities and main roads that get hammered by a large number of fisherman seldom produce good catches. The best rock fishing is usually found where strong currents meet the rocky coastline.

When choosing your rockfishing spots their are some general factors to consider that will help you to increase your chances of catching fish. The ideal position is an area where the land drops off steeply into deep water with a good strong current. Rocky foul ground, weed beds and brown kelp also can indicate a good spot. These areas provide food and shelter. The presence of plentiful shellfish and crabs can also indicate a good area. Where waves crash into guts and crevises in the rock food particles are sucked out which attracts fish. The tide can be an important factor too for the rock fisherman as this can alter current flows and can effect the water depth of the area.

Rock Fishing

Rock Fishing

A rod 2 – 3 meters long with a good sized fixed spool spinning reel is a poplular choice for rock fisherman. A trace of good strong 40 to 80 lb line gives protection against abrasion in the rocks and against shellfish such and sharp rock oysters. This can also help prevent breakoffs due to the strong jaws of big snapper.

Berley is also quite helpful to attact fish while rockfishing as well as a long handled gaff or net to help land fish. It is also vitaly important to asses the saftey of a fishing spot and always wear a life jacket!

Good luck fishing!

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