PSE Stinger 3g Compound Bow RTS Package Review

For the ardent fans of archery, experiencing a PSE Stinger 3G Compound Bow RTS package by PSE Archery can prove to be nothing short of exhilarating. This all in one package has been designed keeping in mind extreme user friendliness. This new age product has been revamped to a great extent featuring a great aluminum riser, a novel limb with enhanced flexibility that also features a superior HP cam. More than that, it has a brace height of 7 ¾” which is an extremely shooter-friendly feature. Those who love investing in brand new bows, the product is available for an incredible price.

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Apparently, there is no dearth of compound bows models in the market, but somehow when I read the compound bow reviews, I found that the majority of the users have tagged PSE Stinger 3g Compound Bow as the best compound bow. When I read the specifications and features of this product, I felt that this compound bow is indeed worth taking a shot at. This product is available in 50 to 70 lbs. draw weight, featuring a maximum arrow speed of 314 f.p.s; draw setting of a comfortable 29″, backed by an adjusting capacity to fit people with draw length that ranges from 25 to 30″ and 75% let-off. Bow hunting may seem challenging, but after reading about the specifications, features and compound bow reviews, I quickly realized that time has come to put an end to my quest. For the choosy compound bow users like me, this product proves to be an apt choice for numerous reasons. Most recent technology has been integrated in designing this product that promises to deliver its user consistent performance. Another major appeal lies in its affordable price tag. Simplicity is yet another major attraction that has drawn the attention of those users, who lay more emphasis on performance instead of appearance. I would really recommend this product to those compound bow users who want to experience latest technology and better accuracy when it comes to compound bows. I would give 4 out of 5 stars to this product.

Overall features of the product, successfully grabs the attention of the target users. However, there are a few salient features of this compound bow, which I would love to mention. Those appealing features include:
Shock and noise suppressing Vibracheck Backstop.

Finely tuned asymmetrical idle wheel that facilitates smooth feel and performance.
User-friendly tuning alignment marks.

Raptor grip teams, featuring an ultra-rigid riser design for enhancing user comfort and for absorbing shock.
Moreover, I fell in love with its simple yet elegant design. Due to the same reason, it doesn’t take much time for a user to get accustomed to this bow.

Cons: I strongly feel that the maker of this product could have integrated a few more dynamic user-friendly features. But considering the market price, the overall features are quite satisfactory.

Conclusion: If you are in pursuit of a great compound bow, featuring innovative technology, invest in PSE Stinger 3g Compound Bow RTS because it is a truly competent offering. For me, it has really turned out to be best compound bow.


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