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PSE Prophecy Ready to Shoot Infinity 60-Pound Bow Package Review

If you are looking for a complete bow and the necessary accessories, the PSE Prophecy Ready-to-Shoot is perfect for archers of all abilities. This attractive and powerful compound box has all of the features that get the job done.

It includes the PSE Past-parallel limb technology that allows for a forceful release that sends the arrow quickly to the target at 340 feet per second. The single cam action adds to the power. It also comes with a Planar Flex riser and the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity styling.

The name of the bow fits its design. It is truly a “prophesy” that shows the future of compound bow design. It is an outstanding bow that includes the PSE Backstop 2. The bow includes what PSE calls the Amp Cam (AP) with is a posi-lock inner cam that helps increase the speed of the arrow so you can go in for the kill. The bow is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it one of the lightest on the market today.

The string track is designed for top performance; PSE made it slightly larger than other manufacturers’ designs because they know their design works better with the newest bow shapes. It does need to be ordered for a left-handed or right-handed bow hunter and a single bow is not interchangeable.

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At 340 fps, the Prophecy is one seriously fast bow. It sends the arrow on a smooth and accurate trajectory, just like every archer and hunter wants. The Prophecy has a six-inch brace height. It measures 32-inches from axle to axle. The draw length ranges from 25 inches to 30 inches for the needs of different archers. It weighs a light 4.1 pounds, so it is easy to use on all-day hunting excursions. When adjusting the limb bolt, the maximum turns are ten. The draw weight is 60 pounds, making is manageable for nearly every hunter from rookie to veteran.

While the bow is pleasant to use and incredibly fast, some users find the draw cycle to be a bit defiant. But, once hunters have shot a few rounds, the system does become more familiar and comfortable. The bow does have a 75% let-off, which also takes some getting used to for those who usually shoot a bow with an 80% let-off.

Prophecy owners love the fact that the bow is quiet and performs without vibration. The low kick also makes it easy to shoot the bow over and over. It performs like a bow that is double the price. It is easy to relax while shooting, especially if you get a Prophecy bow that fits your stature and strength.

The other favorite feature of the PSE Prophecy is the grip. Even though many users are uncertain whether they will like the grip the first time they shoot the bow, they do come to love it. Many bows have thicker grips, but this can get in the way of accuracy and stillness. With a thin grip, archers can truly get the feel for the bow and its tension prior to the shot. There is no way to hold the grip improperly because it does provides the best hand placement. Many shooters prefer to hold the grip with a gloved hand because it can get cold due to its proximity to the risers.

PSE Prophecy Ready compound bow

PSE Prophecy Ready compound bow

The size, power, and speed of the PSE Prophecy makes it perfect for shooters who are on the hunt for small, medium, and large game. It can easily take down a whitetail deer that pops up in the sight. The bow is reliable and easy to trust.

PSE has been making bows for over 40 years and the company’s commitment to quality shows. The designers are always looking for ways to add the latest technology to their bows so that hunters and archers can have the best experience in the wilderness. The company holds many patents for their designs which is evident in the cams, hybrid designs, risers, and accessories.

Men and women, rookies and veterans all enjoy the action and power of the PSE Prophecy compound bow. It is an impressive model with all the bells and whistles.

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