PSE Bow Madness XL Compound Bow Review

For archers and bow hunters that like being able to adjust various features of their bows, the PSE Bow Madness is worth a good look. This single cam bow comes with the ability of easily setting the draw length as well as the let off the way you like it.

Do take note that there are a few versions of the Bow Madness but the differences are really in the ATA (axle-to-axle) length, bow speed, weight and brace height.

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– Bow Madness XS
– Bow Madness
– Bow Madness 3G
– Bow Madness XL

You have the XS which features the shortest ATA measurement, the (regular) Bow Madness, the 3G, and the XL. With the weight, ATA length and speed moving in that direction – smallest and lightest is the XS, the longest and fastest being the XL.

For those who want a compact bow the XS fits the bill (29.25 inches axle-to-axle). Hunters often choose between the XL and 3G, but since you have a much shorter bow with the 3G it works better if you do more hunting and less 3-D. If you do a larger percentage of 3-D or target shooting where bow length doesn’t matter as much as when you hunt, or if you don’t mind the longer length then the XL gives you most performance.

In the end, choosing between the versions really boils down to feel, how comfortable is it in your hand and preference since the cam systems installed are the same.

Now on to our PSE Bow Madness review. For this review we went with the XL.

Summary of the Pros and Cons of the PSE Bow Madness

Phenomenal accuracy.
High shooting speed.
Smooth draw cycle and feel.
Quality built and first grade paint job!
Lasts long, very durable.


Weak factory string that will last not more than a year.

What You’ll Find in the Package

It comes as bare and in the Ready-to-Shoot Package which consists of:

– Aeries Sight
– Flexxtech stabilizer
– PSE neoprene sling
– peep sight
– nock loop
arrow rest

You are good to go after to making the final adjustments by tuning and attaching the stabilizer and sight.

Why buy the PSE Bow Madness XL?

The PSE Bow Madness XL has constantly improved its design over the years. This is a bow that has stayed in demand, and newer versions have set new benchmarks in the top-end compound bow category.

PSE’s BM XL that came out for 2010 was an exceptional compound bow but its shooting speed was lower compared to similar bows in the category. This prompted PSE to make some changes such that the Madness XL 2012 comes improved in terms of shooting speed and let-off compared to its predecessors.

PSE Bow Madness XL

PSE Bow Madness XL

The new camo finish is excellent, and the Ready-to-Shoot package contains a tidy collection of necessary and top compound bow accessories. This is a compound bow that hunters, and tournament archers can fall upon without buying pricey third party customizations.

The maximum draw weight and draw length of PSE Bow Madness XL is 70 lbs. and 30” respectively. With a shooting speed of more than 335 fps, it can smash through wood, steel and flesh that stand at a 40 yards target range.

The finishing is great, so this bow will last a decade of daily archery with proper maintenance. PSE’s Bow Madness XL is a complete compound bow for any archery enthusiast and this is one of the most sold bows online.

Unique Mechanics of PSE Bow Madness XL

1. Grip: It has the patented PSE Biomechanically Ergonomic Slim Throat Grip. It is very comfortable to hold, and the rubber padding is accommodates large and small hands easily. It is hardly felt while using the compound bow for long periods, so the shape or placing of the grip will not come between your concentration and aiming the compound bow.

2. The Bow Madness XL 2012 is a quieter bow compared to others in the category. There is some noise when you shoot, which cannot be eliminated, but it is not enough to be of any disturbance whatsoever. The vibration is also low, and whatever gets through the dampeners, can be reduced by wearing an archer’s glove.

3. This compound bow has an enviable accuracy. Even at long range (over 60 yards) it has pin-point precision. The Aeries Sight is a great aid and doesn’t come in the way like 3-pin sights or other savvy compound bow sights.

4. The best arrows to use in the PSE Bow Madness XL are low grain arrows. High-grain arrows result in lower speeds, so these are not preferred in long range shots. In short to medium range distances – any arrow would do, but to use the compound bow to its best, use the grain sizes between 300 – 325 carbon fiber arrows.

5. This bow will last a lifetime! PSE has always produced compound bow that will be your hunting partner through thick and thin and Madness XL is no different. Maybe the factory string will come-off within a year, but it can be replaced with better and more expensive strings from Fast Flight, Hoyt or Zebra.

PSE Bow Madness Compound Bow Review Summary

The PSE Bow Madness XL is a quality compound bow that has an amazing build quality, performance and accuracy. The Ready-to-Shoot package is a steal with all the instruction manuals, warranty on the accessories and the collection in the package.

This is a bow preferred by professional archers and elite hunters. Getting the Madness XL 2012 will be a great decision to make compared to the alternatives in this price range. PSE’s customer support is also good, as our query on replacement of the string in 2014 was handled really fast! All-in-all.

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