Martin Pantera Compound Bow Review

Archery is a sport that a lot of people also spend time practicing and doing. Some of these people are even consider spending their time for training so as for them to get to Olympics. There are also some who is practicing the sport just as a form of entertainment like for hunting purposes as well as a means to get stronger arms and shoulders. But, whatever the case is, one thing is for sure. It is that the person must have a quality archery gear to be able to practice and the thrill of doing the sports. As for hunting, a hunter must have a strong and quality of bow. That way, the owner will be able to enjoy the activity he is supposed to do. There are several brands of hunter bow that can be found in the market. One of the brands is the Martin Pantera, which is also the most popular and the most trusted hunter bow brand in the market. There are several models of Martin Pantera bows and one of it is the Martin Pantera compound bow.

Who Could Buy / Benefit from the Pantera Bow?

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People who have much interest in archery and have already learned the basic of it can benefit and buy Martin Pantera bow. With enough knowledge in archery, a person can already consider owning a compound bow manufactured by Pantera in taking the hobby into a more thrilling and exciting activity like hunting. The product is also beneficial for those who just want to collect the Martin Pantera bows and other high-quality bows.

Bow Description
The Martin Pantera compound bow can be described as a hunting machine with a lean frame. Due to the improvements made to the bow, its reliability and durability is now more than ensured. The calculated speed of the bow is in between the range of 315 to 320 FPS. Its let-off can be adjusted in up to 80%. Its draw weight is 50#, 60# and 70# while its draw length is between 26 inches to 21 inches. The compound bow made by Martin Pantera has a brace weight of 7.25 inches. One of the things that best describe the bow is it has a lightweight frame, smoking speed and silky draw. Due to that, the bow can be completely labeled as a sleek and very powerful and efficient hunting bow.

Product Features

• Martin Pantera compound bow’s Acu-Trak Cam is smooth and quiet that it does not produce even the lightest vibration after an arrow is released.
• Its HammerHead bowstrings do not stretch and do not peep rotate after use.
• The newly improved Martin Pantera compound bow now has a more accurate and durable PowerTough Limbs.
• The frame of the bow is made with the solid block aluminum.
• The bow is featuring a grip are which is leather-backed with Thermal V.
• It is also featuring a VEM Vibration Vortex and a limb with a Roto Cup Pivoting system.
• The package includes a shelf for its featured silent hunter arrow.

Available Pantera Bow Colors


Pros of the Pantera Bow
Martin Pantera compound bow has a lot of things that customers will like and love, which are also the reasons why a lot of people choose to buy Martin Pantera bow. One of the reasons is the improvement done with the bow’s limb. The newly improved bow is already featuring PowerTough Limbs that provides an added reliability, accuracy and durability. Concerning the speed of the bow, customers will have no reason not to like it since it is 100% fast. Due to its featured VEM Vibration Vortex, any vibration is prevented to happen after the arrow is released. Added to that, once the arrow is released, no sound will be produced and even heard. As for adjustments needed for the bow to perform well, the user does not need to exert much effort in doing so since it can be done easily.]

It is also very user friendly that owners does not need to make adjustments or anything and make them used to using it. Users only have to prepare their stance, stretch the bow and let go of the arrow. This Pantera compound bow is camouflaged all over that it can blend in perfectly in its surroundings, making it easier for users to catch a game.

Martin Pantera Compound Bow

Martin Pantera Compound Bow

Some may notice the some machine mark on the frame of the bow, which can be related to how the design was made. However, even if it has some marks on it, its performance is still the same and is not affected.

Customer Review and Scores
Many of the reviewers of the bow have stated that it does not just have a great value, but it is also great in performance. Thus, it makes the product a good investment that any person can have.

Our Final Thoughts…

Martin Pantera compound bow did not only prove that it is the most accurate and fastest bow that can be found in the world. It also proved that it is as excellent and even more than excellent as any of the bows presented in the market. With its quality and its performance, there is no doubt that it is one great investment for any of its owners.

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