How to start a campfire?

Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over a campfire is a fun way to spend an evening, whether camping, hiking, or just in your own backyard. However you have to know how to start a campfire. Before starting a fire make sure that it is allowed where you are at.

1. You must then gather the wood for your fire. To start your campfires gather dry twigs, leaves and small sticks and branches. After you have your wood gathered, if there is no fire ring available; clear the area where you want your fire to be. Make sure it is not near brush or trees. Use some rocks to make a circle to build your fire in and keep it contained.

2. Now put the leaves and twigs you gathered into the center of the fire pit, next use sticks to build a teepee around your pile of leaves and twigs, now use larger pieces of wood to place around the teepee and up to the height of it. Now light a match, or a piece of paper and drop it into the teepee pile to let the twigs and leaves catch fire. As the fire starts continue to add some more twigs and leaves to keep the fire going until it starts to catch the larger pieces of wood on fire.

how to build a campfire

How to build a campfire

3. Now that your fire is going you will continue to add wood as needed to keep the fire going. Be careful and do not let the fire get to large or to fall outside of the fire pit. Green wood is not good to start your fire with, you need to use dry wood to get the fire started, but green wood can be used in small amounts if you want the fire to burn longer once you get it started.

If you are leaving the area make sure that your fire is out before leaving. Use dirt to put the fire out. Putting dirt and/or water on the fire will put it out. You need to make sure that the fire is completely out and not smoking before leaving. While your campfire is something that you need to cook on, and keep warm, or that you enjoy to roast hotdogs, or tell ghost stories around you do not want to burn down the woods around you, so be sure that your fire is completely out when you are done with your campfire.

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