How to choose a fishing spinning reel

Fishing spinning reel is widely used by many anglers because it is easy to use and it offers the best performance, because of the great technological innovations incorporated in the spinning reel. However, choosing the best fishing spinning reel that suits your needs is very essential. Getting the best in the market is not an easy task and many people have found it a daunting task to get a high quality fishing spinning reel for their needs and as a result, they end up buying the second best. However, it is possible to get the best spinning reel in the market with the help of a buyers guide.

When buying a fishing spinning reel, take a look at the body type or the housing. It can be made of aluminum, graphite, or a combination of the two. A stronger housing is highly recommendable as it will offer reliable services and aluminum body is the best to settle for. This is because aluminum is very strong unlike a fishing spinning reel made of graphite. Consider the fishing environment because at times the sea water could be salty and graphite is best suited for such areas. The solidity of the body structure is vital and one should always buy a compact and not a loose body structure.

Fishing Spinning Reel

Fishing Spinning Reel

The size of the fishing spinning reel is very crucial when buying it. Choosing the correct size will help you to achieve the best when using the reel. A Lighter line needs a smaller reel while a ten pound test line will require a high strength and a reel with a bigger diameter. To ensure that you are buying a fishing spinning reel for the intended use, look out for the capacity information found on the spool of the fishing spinning reel. This will provide all the information pertaining to the size of the spinning reel. If you are purchasing the reel online, look out for the product chart to settle for the right size fishing spinning reel that suits your needs.

Unlike the casting reels which have a rotating spool, fishing spinning reel is fixed and has bail wraps that wraps it onto the spool as you turn the handle. Therefore, look out for the gear ratio which refers to the number of times that a bail rotates around the spool with a single turn of the fishing spinning reel. The ratio determines the speed at which you will carry out the fishing. A high low or medium speed retrieve should be determined by the style of fishing that you intend to do and it is for this reason that you should a good fishing spinning reel with a great gear ratio that will allow faster and easy fishing.

You also have to choose a fishing spinning reel with a good drag system. The drag is responsible for applying pressure to a hooked fish and letting out line during the fight. Without a smooth and high quality drag on a fishing spinning reel, there are many risks of broken lines that one could encounter and the possibilities of losing the fish are very high. Therefore, always ensure that the fishing spinning reel has a smooth drag and with a non constrictive system.

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