Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX Review

If you are looking for a powerful and accurate crossbow, the Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX package is certainly worth a look. This crossbow is certainly special and a real investment for hunters who know a good crossbow.

Loaded with Powerful Features

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The Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX is loaded with features that are unusual, but extremely effective. First, the bow is backwards, which is by design. The initials RDX refer to the backwards limbs and riser. As a Reverse Draw Crossbow, the limbs send the arrow on a real power trip. The box is narrower and easier to shoot because it weighs less, too. Due to the reversed limbs and riser, the bow has a center of gravity near the backend, which only adds to the joy of shooting it.

Adjustability for Personalized Shooting

The bow is also extremely adjustable. For comfort and power, the butt plate can be adjusted into three different positions and the cheek place has seven positions. It is rare to find a crossbow with this must adjustability. The bow offers one of the smoothest shots on the market today. This is due to the cams and limbs that send the bolt out with little to no recoil at all.

Powerful and Durable: The Numbers

It’s no secret that the Horton Innovations Storm RDX is an expensive crossbow. Therefore, it is expected that it delivers on all of the promises of power and durability. Even though the crossbow has a narrow frame, it delivers 370 feet per second out of the 165 pound limbs. This power comes from that odd reverse draw that also delivers 122 foot pounds of kinetic energy. With this power and energy, it is easy to take down a buck, bear, or water buffalo.

Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX

My Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX

When you take the Storm hunting, you will see why we love this crossbow so much. The bow is so narrow that it can be used in nearly any blind. In fact, the bow measure 10 inches from axle to axle. Most measure at least double that! The reverse draw allows the bow to be so narrow and effective in tight quarters. Despite the narrow axle-to-axle measurement, the bow is long – measuring in at 35 ¼ inches. It weighs only 8.2 pounds before any accessories are added to it.

Quiet and Effective

Along with being narrow and lightweight, the Storm RDX is quiet – which is also rare in a crossbow. This is an important feature because no one wants to startle their targets when the arrow is fired. The reverse style draw is quieter than the traditional draw and we credit that to the shifted center of gravity. Horton added dual string stops and we have discovered that those reduce vibration and the sound that comes from it.

Lightweight Cocking and Easy Firing

Of course, every crossbow needs to be cocked before it can be fired. Instead of requiring hundreds of pounds of draw, the reverse draw needed only five pounds. There is no need for a cocking device and it is difficult to become tired cocking and firing this bow. There is no need for a cocking device; instead, the crossbow uses a Horton ACUdraw system that makes the entire process smooth and easy.

crossbow cocking devices

Crossbow cocking devices

Details on the Scope

When you have a crossbow that can fire with so much power and silence, it is important that you can see the target you want to hit. Fortunately, the crossbow does come with a 4×32 scope that has optics for 20 to 50 yards with 10 yard intervals. Unfortunately, the scope is not illuminated, but it works fine during the daylight hours.

In Conclusion

The Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX package is one of the best crossbows we have ever fired. The unique design with the reverse draw and split limb looks great and is amazing to fire. It is impressive in every single way. The immense power that comes from this bow does not disappoint. It is easy to cock and fire and it delivers the arrow exactly where it is aimed. The quiet fire makes it effective during a hunting expedition, too. If you have not tried the Horton Storm RDX, you are truly missing out. The fact that it is priced at the higher end of the range, it is worth every penny.

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