Facing the Cold: Camping and Survival in Antarctica

Antarctica is undoubtedly one of the coldest countries in the world. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most fascinating countries in the world which is the reason why many people are still going in the country to camp there. The issue of camping and survival in Antarctica is a big one because no one virtually lives in that place.

People that usually comes in Antarctica are people conducting research and further studies. They are the ones usually in need of the camping and survival in Antarctica guidelines. Antarctica is home for many animals even if it is not that diverse. The animals living in this place are not that many when it comes to size but these animals are in flocks or herds if their natural habitat is Antarctica. Aside from that, the threat of melting icebergs makes it also dangerous to live there.

Despite of being in an isolated land of snow and virtually man-less, there are many people setting up camp bases in Antarctica and most of these bases are research-related. Camping and Survival in Antarctica turns to a whole new level because of the circumstances surrounding it. Some people find it as an adventure while other people like camping here because for the love of a different experience.

Camping and Survival in Antarctica

Camping and Survival in Antarctica

Here are some camping and survival in Antarctica tips for people that wishes to have a first-hand experience of what it really feels like to be cold.

Clothing – the first tip for camping and survival in Antarctica means that you have to wear the right clothes to begin with. Layering and wrapping it up real good is one way to ensure that you have body heat to withstand the cold of the country. Body parts that should be fully covered are feet, ankles, hands, wrists, and head. Clothes should always be maintained to be dry and clean so that the insulating properties of such clothes would remain.
Camping and survival in Antarctica is dependent on clothes because it protects the body from the cold. People that do not follow these protocols would probably have a low chance of camping and survival in Antarctica.

Survival Kit – in camping and survival in Antarctica, a survival kit is a must. Despite of that, there are bases set up in Antarctica which is basically the home of people that are doing business in the place. The survival kit needed for camping and survival in Antarctica are matches, flashlights, food, water, and sunscreen. The summers in Antarctica are really hot despite of the snow landscape. This is the reason why sunscreen or sun block should always be carried for camping and survival in Antarctica. The bases that are set up in this place are a complete package because there are tents with comfortable sleeping bags. These bases also carry Paraffin stove and lamp, loads of high energy food, synthetic camping mat, and air mattress.

First aid – a first aid is definitely needed for camping and survival in Antarctica because this is a new environment and sometimes, these changes are painful, all the more reason to use the first aid kit. The first aid kit in Antarctica should be able to treat accidents or injuries that could happen in such place. Examples of these are bandages, alcohol, gauze, and treatment for chapped lips as well as sun burn. A first aid kit is definitely an essential for camping and survival in Antarctica.

These things are needed for camping and survival in Antarctica because it would help a person survive the harsh and cold life in this place, not only in terms of sorroundings. These things could also play a large part in protecting one’s self against nature’s cruel ways.

In Antarctica, the environment plays a major factor in the survival of people that are camping in the country. In line with this, this is a kind of camping trip wherein risks should not be taken unless it is a well-calculated one. The best way to ensure that no harm would befall people is not to make them panic and discourage them from going out in order not to get lost in the worst weather. The key for surviving in Antarctica is really simple. Just research about the place, be sure to pack a million of clothes, and look for each other in a group.

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