Different Camping and Survival Gears

Going out in the wilderness is such a joyous feeling especially if you are the type that loves to be one with nature. One of the ways to achieve this is through camping. Before going camping, one should take note of the different camping and survival gear that you should bring before going out. The different camping and survival gear that would be mentioned in this article would help people to survive and enjoy the benefits of being in the wild. These camping and survival gear is also vital to a person’s life in the wild. So, bring out your pen and paper to list the different camping and survival gear needed in your trip in the wild.

Before venturing out, be sure to take note of the following camping and survival gear that you must bring

1. Tent – this camping and survival gear is your make-shift home during the camping trip therefore it must be water resistant as well as easy to assemble. Before leaving, it would be advisable to try and assemble the tent first before the trip so that setting it up in the campsite is no big deal. It is better to have a little knowledge and experience first before taking the plunge outdoors.

2. Insect Repellent/sunscreen – this camping and survival gear is a camper’s protection against the nature in the form of mosquitoes and sunlight. This two camping and survival gear is essential because campers must protect themselves from different insect bites because some of the insect bites are actually harmful and some could cause death. On the other hand, too much exposure from the sun would be harmful to the skin that would also cause sun burn or even sun stroke. Be sure that you have this in your camping and survival gear because it would really help during your stay.
3. Sleeping Bags – sleeping bags are considered as the make-shift bed of people that are camping. This camping and survival gear is very important because sleeping on the ground is not advisable because of the cold surface that would have a bad effect in a person’s health. Picking out a sleeping bag that would help a person be warm during night time is a must. Aside from the cold surface, sleeping in the ground could also pave the way for other dirty entities to access your body. Always remember to bring your own sleeping bag because sharing sleeping bags could be uncomfortable.

4. First aid kit and medicines – this camping and survival gear is important because keeping a first aid kit could actually save lives. The first aid kit must include the following items: sterile gauze, antiseptic wipes, adhesive strips or bandages, adhesive tape, snake-bite kit, disposable gloves, calamine lotion (for stings and rashes), and other essential things needed for camping. In terms of medicines, bring essential medicines like medicine for asthma or fever. This camping and survival gear is needed so that the health of every camper is taken care of. This is also used to treat someone in case of emergencies or to be a temporary kind of treatment if hospitals are not close in the vicinity.

5. Emergency kit – aside from the first aid kit, camping and survival gear checklist also includes emergency kit. This emergency kit should contain materials that are useful during emergency situation. These materials include: flashlight, bottled mineral/clean water, high-carbohydrate snacks like energy bars, waterproof matches, thermal reflective blankets, thermal scope, and pocketknife. The materials included in the emergency kit are considered useful whenever in time of emergencies. For example, a flashlight is beneficial if there is no light within the vicinity and the pocket knife could be used for protection and hunting.

This checklist for the different camping and survival gear is a guide that would help people when camping especially for those people that are trying camping for the first time. Bringing only the necessary things needed for camping should be the key for light yet complete packing for a camping trip. One more thing- one could also carry or bring a cellphone during a camp trip. This could be used in times of emergency. Other than that, no other technological gadgets should be present because this is your chance to communicate and appreciate nature.

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