Crossbow tips for beginner hunters

The crossbow can be an intimidating machine for new hunters. The sheer power of this hunting tool means that beginners need to truly understand what they are doing before they start shooting. They need to learn how to load, draw, and shoot as well as understanding the kick, the noise, and the accuracy. All of these things can be overwhelming at first even. Here are several tips that will help new hunters understand how to effectively use a crossbow in the range and out in the field.

Get a Good Crossbow

One of the most useful tips is to buy a good crossbow. Your first crossbow should not be the cheapest one you can find. It should be good quality and will most likely be at the top of your price range. Even if you have spend more money than you were anticipating, you will appreciate the quality. A good crossbow will be more comfortable to shoot and it will be more accurate than the less expensive models. Many new archers buy packages that include the crossbow and the necessary accessories. These packages are often priced well and include quality tools to make your shooting experiences extremely fun and successful.

crossbow hunting

Crossbow hunting

Know the Draw Weights

It is also helpful to use an appropriate draw weight. States do have regulations, so check to see what the minimum and maximums are in your area. If you are planning on hunting, you will need a heavier draw weight so you can kill the deer you shoot. Good crossbows will shoot at a draw weight of 150, which is quite powerful, but most states are good with a range between 75 and 125 pounds.

Buy a Good Scope
It is pretty difficult to shoot at a target without a scope. If you crossbow comes with a scope, use it. There is nothing wrong with using the tools that are designed to make your shooting better. Optical sights are designed to magnify the target, so you can make your shot. The newest ones have different levels of magnification. Just look between the crosshairs and shoot. Or, you can practice with the scope so you can be extremely accurate.

Crossbow scpope

Crossbow scpope

Get Good Arrows and Broadheads

If you are planning shooting and hitting your target, you should use good arrows and broadheads with your good bow. The arrows that are designed specifically for crossbows are called bolts. You cannot use just any arrow or bolt. It needs to be just for a crossbow. It is important that the bolts are the right length for your crossbow, instead of buying arrows for compound bows. They should be appropriately nocked. The best bolts are made of carbon or aluminum. The broadheads you choose to use should be at least 100 grains. Like the arrows, the higher the price of the broadhead, the better quality it will be. Veteran hunters like the mechanical broadheads.

Broadheads Archery Arrowhead

Broadheads Archery Arrowhead

Relax Between Shots

If you are out shooting all day, be sure to rest. Put down the crossbow and relax for a bit. The entire act of shooting can take a toll on the body, so you need to let your body recover before the next shot. It is also helpful to have protective gear on your body so you do not get hurt from the violent release of the arrow.

Get to Know Your Crossbow

Another useful tip is to learn about the trigger. Each crossbow will have a slightly different feel, so you will want to get to know what pressure your crossbow needs. Veterans recommend using gloves to protect your hands, but to take them off occasionally so you really get the feel for the action on the trigger.

Practice, Practice, Practice

If you want to get better at shooting a crossbow, you have to shoot the crossbow. Practicing in a range will help you get to know all of the quirks that your crossbow has. You can learn to understand the sight and how the other accessories work. You can also practice shooting from different postures like kneeling or shooting from a treestand. You can also practice shooting from behind other types of blinds, too. While you are practicing, take note of the arc that your arrow makes when it is released from the crossbow. This will help you time your shots.

Keep the Crossbow Clean

Take good care of your crossbow and the tools you use with it. These machines need to be cleaned and properly stored after use. The manufacturer will have recommendations for maintenance. If you are unable to take care of the crossbow on your own, you can always bring it to your local outfitter who would love to help you care for your new crossbow and help you learn how to do it yourself.

Crossbow Maintenance

Crossbow Maintenance

Learning how to use your crossbow will make your shooting experiences more successful. With a good machine and the best accessories, you will become a veteran shooter in no time at all.

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