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Martin Archery Lithium Bow Review

Martin Archery has been actively making bows for hunters for over 60 years. The company is located in Washington state where they hire people who are dedicated to quality and affordable gear. This is evident in the quality of the Martin Archery Lithium Bow.

The Lithium bow has a one-piece bridge riser made with a CNC machine. The 4X twin limbs are durable and add to the force of the arrow. The one-piece riser is designed to be shock-free due to the anti-vibration system that Martin Archery adds. A shot arrow should be able to reach 335 feet per second, but smoothly and silently. The quality design and added features make this bow an ideal hunting tool, especially with the Martin Nitro 3 Cams and the carbon STS.

The Martin Archery Lithium comes in three different draw weights, 50, 60 and 70 pounds. These draw weight options make it a difficult bow for rookie bow hunters to work with, but after a some experience with a bow with a lighter draw, the Lithium does become accessible. Along with the different draw weights, the bow comes in two color options, Mossy Oak and Black. They are both attractively designed and are easy to hide in a quality blind.

Martin Archery Lithium Bow
The bow does register speeds of 335 feet per second and it measures 33.25 inches from axle to axle. That is a fast speed for any compound bow; the speed makes it easier to take out larger game at a longer distance. The brace height – the distance from the string to the riser is the perfect distance of seven inches, making it comfortable for archers of all experiences. The draw length can be adjusted to measurements between 31 inches to 38 inches. This makes it easy for archers with different arm lengths to have a positive experience with this powerful bow. The Nitro 3 Cams create a smooth draw and release, too.

Hunters who have used the bow have nothing but good things to say about it. They love the smooth draw and the drop-dead release if they choose not to fire the arrow. Those who have shot the bow also comment on silence of the bow, which is what all hunters want so they do not startle any deer or other forest creatures. The silence is not only appreciate by the hunters who are using the Lithium, but those who travel into the woods with them.

The bow is also easy to prepare for use. Most bows require some tuning and this one is so easy to tune that the first shots can be dead-on accurate. As usual, the Martin Archery products surpass any and all expectations. The bow has been lovingly referred to as the dream bow, because of the silence and accuracy it delivers. It is easy to draw and shoot game at 30 yards or more.

This bow is a menace to animals during their hunting seasons. It is obvious by the structural quality of the bow that Martin Archery means business. Their drive to make a quality product is evident in the styling, durability, and accuracy of the bow. Many bowhunters love this company and what it stands for in the realm of hunting. They highly recommend the bow without any reservations.

Even avid archers who are not interested in hunting enjoy the quality of the Martin Archery Lithium bow. Archers who have used different brands have found the Martin Archery Lithium to be one of the best they’ve ever shot. The difference draw weights make it accessible for archers of all shapes and sizes. It is easy to adjust, so archers have success shooting into tight groupings at distances up to 20 yards with very little practice.

If you are in the market for one of the best bows available, check out the Martin Archery Lithium bow. Not only does it quickly pass the eye-ball test for a tough, durable bow, but it also passes the shooting test for accuracy and fun. Like the archers and hunters who have shot the Lithium before, you will certainly not be disappointed.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow Review

The Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow is a relatively inexpensive bow that is quite easy to set up and use whether you are an experienced archer or a newcomer to the sport. It is the perfect bow for any beginner who wants to learn and enjoy the pleasures of traditional archery. However, because of its beauty and durability, the Sage is also a favorite of seasoned shooters. Samick Sports designed this bow to help archers improve their shooting stance and accuracy with a durable bow that makes it easy to quickly learn proper shooting positions.

The Recurve Bow is 62 inches in length and can be oriented for either the right hand or the left. If you are new to archery, a right hand orientation means the bow is designed to be held with the left hand when pulling the string with the right hand (for right-handed people). Left hand orientation is for individuals who will be pulling with their left hand while holding the bow with their right hand. The recommended brace height is 7.25 to 8.25 inches which can easily be achieved in a standing position.

The limbs of the Samick Sage Bow are made out of extremely durable hard maple wood with black fiberglass fittings. The chance of these limbs twisting is very rare, so no limb straightening is necessary with normal usage by both novices and pros. It is designed as a takedown bow meaning it can be re-configured as your needs (and abilities) change. As a takedown bow, heavier or lighter limbs can be purchased separately and swapped when needed or desired in order to create a heavier or lighter bow. As an archer improves his or her skill level and pulling strength, different limbs can increase the difficulty level thus improving skill levels as training progresses.

Samick sage takedown recurve bow

The Sage Bow has a maximum draw length of 29 inches which is an ideal draw length for those attempting to develop and improve shooting form. It comes with a B-50 string, but a variety a different weight strings are available for separate purchase. In general, strings of higher drawing weights (40 pounds and above) make for a straighter arrow flight and more lethal results when hunting. As such, the B-50 string that comes with the Sage Bow is excellent for hunting purposes and can take down a deer from around 30 yards or so with accurate shooting. Unusual for takedown bows in this price range, the Sage Recurve also has reinforced bow tips for strength and is compatible with heavy weight, professional strings from a variety of manufacturers.

The draw is both smooth and easy with a quiet release free of noticeable vibrations which makes it an ideal hunting bow. The 62-inch length helps compensate for stance and form mistakes commonly made by those new to sport of archery. Because the bow is specifically a takedown bow, the limbs are easily removed with screws that can be turned by hand. No special tools or hex keys are necessary. While there are smaller bows, the Sage Recurve Bow is easy to maneuver in the field and easy to carry making it a versatile choice for pleasure shooting and competition as well as hunting purposes.

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

It is intentionally designed to be very simple without complicated accessories, so it is virtually impossible to break. The bow has an arrow rest and comes with a pre-installed brass bushings in order to add other accessories not included such as a bow sight, arrow quiver, or stabilizer. The Samick Sage Hunting Kit can be purchased separately if desired. With the holes already drilled, these accessories can be added in just a matter of minutes. You can easily customize your Sage Recurve to your own preferences because of its simple design.

Customer reviews for the Samick Sage are overwhelmingly positive. A common perspective is one of surprise for how well this bow performs considering its low cost in comparison to similarly sized takedown bows. This Samick Bow has a reputation for being durable as well as versatile while offering simplicity and ease of use. It provides high quality workmanship for extremely reasonable rates and will offer years of great shooting.

Bear Archery Brave 3 Right Hand Bow Set Review

A compound bow has significant advantages over the traditional bow. The unique advantages come from the innovative design of the bow, plus the special materials used in fashioning it. Accuracy and increased power are the major advantages of using compound bow such as the Bear Archery Brave 3 Right Hand Bow Set. This compound bow is one of my best picks for young archers. Just like other well-structured youth archery bows, this compound bow has been designed with features and components to help young kids master bow shooting.

Why is the Bow a Smart Choice for Young Archers?

Recently, I recommended this archery bow to a colleague who is looking for not-so-pricey compound bow that delivers good result. Just like other parents, he wanted an archery bow for his young son who is fanatical about shooting bow. And, this innovative bow suits his description.

This young starters’ bow from Bear is an ideal start for any young archer. In fact, it is flaunted as “America’s No. 1 brand in youth and institutional archery” Besides, the manufacturer, Bear, has for eight decades offered more archery bows than any other manufacturer. In essence, more people have come to embrace this fun sport and hobby known as archery through Bear. So, the manufacturer’s track record in archery tool production is one of the major highlights and lure to this special bow.

Bear Archery Brave 3 Right Hand Bow Set

Here are the highlights of the features that placed this bow in my list of highly recommended bows for young shooters;

Built Specifically with Young Archers in Mind

One of my major focuses when trying to choose and recommend a compound bow is its age appropriateness. Just like other young shooters’ compound bows in my list, this archery bow has been built with components that highly promote young kids’ ability to develop their bow shooting skills optimally, safely and with much fun. Such features and components are particularly seen in aspects such as the axle and draw length.

Age Appropriate Axle to Axle Length and Draw Weight
The 26 inches axle to axle feature is appropriate for a bow designed for young folks. Young bow shooters do not need longer axle-to-axle length, so that they can shoot conveniently. Also, the 20Ib draw weight is just perfect and suitable for a young kid learning to shoot compound bow.

Cordura Nylon to Proect the Bow from the Element
Cordura nylon feature of this bow helps to protect the bow from the element. This nylon fabric has water-repellent coating. This may not be the best protective feature for a bow, but it is highly helpful in masking and shielding the compound bow.

Durable Composite Limbs and Riser
The composite limbs of the bow are durable since they’ve been fashioned with study materials. This is also the case with the riser feature of the young archers’ bow under review.

Right Handed Bow
While this feature may not be favorable to left-handed bow shooters, it is a plus since most bow shooters (young folks inclusive) are right-handed. Using an archery bow designed to target right-handed kids promotes a worthwhile experience.
Other features include the following;
• 6 inches brace height
• 65% let off
• …and more

Pros & Cons

Pros: The features above are obviously good evidence that the bow will deliver value for the money invested into it. Also, I forgot to mention that the draw-length can be suitably adjusted. Overall, it’s definitely a good choice of bow for young bow shooters.

This compound bow is also easy to maintain like most compound bows. This is because of the laminate material used in designing this kind of archery bow. Just ensure that the bow stays away from water.

Cons: It’s a right handed-bow – is this really a bad feature? Definitely no, particularly for right-handed shooters. But, for the left-handed young kids, the bow may not be a good pick. So, if your young archer is left-handed, you may have to look for Bear youth bow that suits his disposition. If you don’t find one among the Bear bows, you can seek out other brands.

Final Verdict

I highly recommend this Bear kids’ archery bow if you want good functioning and inexpensive bow for your young folk. The bow delivers desirable value for its money worth.

Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series Review

Since the archery tool popularly known as bow can be an expensive item, it is only logical and sensible to store your bow properly and securely. Also, proper storage of a bow is needful for safety purposes, especially if there are kids around who may want to toy around with it in your absence. Perhaps, the best way to store a bow when not in use is to pack it in a case made specially for it. And, one of such reliable bow cases is the Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series.

About the Plano Bow Case
The major feature I find highly desirable about this bow is the thicker walls compared to a couple of other bow cases I’ve come across. These extra-thick walls help to provide better protection to the bow. And, the additional sturdier dual latches help to enhance security in a greater manner. Two of these latches are lockable, so, you can be sure of properly securing your bow.
The case has also been integrated with patented PillarLock System to help provide further security and increased sturdiness. I also love the thoughtfulness put into the handle design. The handle has ergonomic design that highly promotes comfort.

Plano AW Bow Case Bone Collector Series

Features at a Glance

Rugged + Textured Exterior to Enhance Protection
As mentioned earlier, the bow case under review has been provided with extra-protection features such as rugged, textured exterior. Also, the walls of the case are thicker so that you will enjoy increased protection of your bow.

Ergonomic Design for Increased Comfort
The ergonomic design of the handle of this case is indeed a good concept. The handle simply feels comfortable so that you don’t have to worry about unnecessary inconvenience when you carry the case.

Resistant to Fluid and Dirt
Of course, you wouldn’t deliberately expose your bow to water and dust, since you know how those elements can negatively impact your archery tool. But, if it happens incidentally, as long as your bow is properly packed into this case, you don’t have to worry at all since the case is water-resistant and features dust resistant seal.

Very Roomy
There’s enough space in the case for both your bow and bow accessories. This way, you don’t need to carry extra bag for your other archery tools and accessories. In fact, you won’t have to detach the stabilizer on your bow before putting it into the case, especially if the stabilizer is less than 6 inches long. The roomy feature is obviously another desirable and attractive feature.

Completely Durable and High Quality Case
There is no doubt about the quality and durability of this bow holder. You can be sure that the case will offer extended-period (years) protection to your highly valued archery bow.
Other features include
• Customizable foam interiors
• Integrated arrow storage
• Corrosion protection
• Lots of slots
Also, this special bow storage tool is airline approved and comes with the Bone Collector Logo.

What is in the Package?
The case’s packaging contains details of what you should expect when you receive and open the package. So, ensure you crosscheck what is inside with what has been listed on the item’s package.

The Good & Bad

The Good: Without doubts, this bow case has tons of innovative features and desirable characteristics in stock for every archer. One of my favorite features is the amazing spacious nature of the case. Since I carry just every accessory that I need when going into the woods to hunt, this case is an extremely useful item for me. It is very roomy and comes with tons of slots. So, you can pack your detached quiver, hex wrench set, dozens of arrows, wrist guard and other accessories conveniently inside the case.

I also love its sturdiness. It is simply rugged. And, with the look of things, it will serve its purpose for a longer time. The thicker walls give me confidence about the safety of my bow. Also, the lockable latches help to keep my mind at rest when it comes to the security of my bow.

The case’s resistance to water and dust is really nice. Whether you are out in the snow, rain or exposed to dust, your bow and the accessories in the case will not be affected. These elements will not infiltrate the case to impact your archery bow. I love the way my bow is held perfectly and firmly in place with the velcro straps feature. As a result, even if you toss the case up and down, back and forth, the bow stays firmly in place.

The Bad: In my opinion, the company would have included tons of extra screw-down straps, as well as screws to hold other items firmly in place right inside the case. Also, the case is a heavy-duty item. I know that the heavy-duty concept is intended to provide extra protection, but it adds to the weight of the case.

Final Thought

It is evident that this bow case offers great returns for your money value. All the exceptional features indicated above are undeniable pointers to this fact. I highly recommended the item to any archery enthusiast.