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Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow (Camo) Review

A lightweight compound bow is obviously a good concept for people learning to get savvy with bow shooting. It’s always my pleasure to review only the worthwhile archery bows and items to my fellow bow-shooting enthusiasts, both young and old. The Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow (Camo) is a good bow choice that takes account of the beginning and young archers. The lightweight feature is a major lure among other innovative features.

I stumbled on this compound bow recently when I was helping my neighbor to look for a desirable compound bow for his young daughter who seems to be falling in love with bow shooting as the days pass by. Since they’ve known me to be an unstoppable bow shooter, they’ve come to trust my judgment about compound bows and bows generally.

After looking at the features of four compound bows for beginners in details, I decided that this youth version of Barnett compound arrow would definitely be the most sensible choice because of the following reasons/great features;

The Receivables

[imgb trackingid=”hunthacks-20″ asin=”B003RXOOQI” imgid=”910Ft8st0sL” altimg=”Barnett Vortex 45-Pounds Youth Archery Bow (Camo)”]Content goes here[/imgb]

Well-Known Brand of Compound Bow : If you are familiar with compound bows, you probably know that Barnett is one of the popular and trusted manufacturers of compound bows. I currently use the full adult version of this bow. And, when I saw this youth archery bow from Barnett, I had no doubt that the same quality found in the larger bows (both in design and function) will apply. And, I’m happy that my neighbor is pleased at his daughter’s improved bow-shooting performance with this bow.

Here are some of the outstanding features that can draw anyone to this special youth compound bow;

Lightweight – This Makes Bow Shooting Easier and More Fun
: As I watched my neighbor’s 13-year old daughter grasp the bow as one would grasp a feather, I knew that archery would be easier and more fun for her. The light weight feature did not in any way diminish the top-notch design and superb function that charcterize the full-sized Barnett bows. It simply added increased ease to accommodate beginning and young archers.

24Ibs-45Ibs – Delivers Multiple Hours of Shooting Fun: This draw weight range is just perfect for youths and beginner archers. Besides, it makes bow shooting more fun for young people and will enable them shoot for multiple hours without feeling bored and tired.

Adjustable Draw Modules This innovative feature enables the shooter to change weight easily without bow press. So, the young archer does not need assistance in adjusting the draw weight of the bow while in the woods.

Double-Purpose Package:
You won’t have to buy a separate carrier for this Vortex compound bow since the package doubles as a carrying case. Subsequently, you can store the bow and its components with ease, and transport it from one point to another without hassle.

16-49 Pounds Draw Weight – Suitable for Young Archers:
This draw weight range is a sensible concept for a compound bow designed for young kids and young adults who are learning to get savvy with bow shooting. The young shooter can easily adjust the weight to suit his or her strength. My neighbor’s daughter prefers to maintain 30 pounds draw weight. She said that’s her favorite draw weight when she wants to achieve increased balance and proper positioning.

Three Arrows and Bow Arrow Holder: Unlike some brands that do not include arrows or arrow holder, this youth archery bow comes with three arrows and one arrow holder. So, you don’t need to buy these accessories separately. But, you will certainly need more than three arrows, so you can buy extra arrows for the bow.

Obviously, this Barnett youth archery tool comes complete with all that your young enthusiastic archer needs to master bow shooting safely and in a fun manner. It is made in the USA.


Pros : The top-notch features listed above are definitely what any standard bow for youths should come with. The bow truly delivers value for its money worth.

Cons: At first, my neighbor complained that the price is a bit high considering that the bow is for young shooters. But, he’s now full of praise for this compound bow, having seen the great features and her daughter’s performance with the bow.

Final Verdict

This Barnett compound bow for youths is worth investing in.

SAS Siege 55 lb 29” Compound Bow w/ 5-Spot Paper Target Review

Compound bow has become a widely sought-after tool among hunting enthusiasts. Some of the major attractions to this innovative hunting tool include the integration of pulleys that help minimize tension on the string. Consequently, you are able to hold the bow with ease, in a proper shooting position. In addition, shooting with innovative compound bows such as the SAS Siege 55 lb Compound Bow w/ 5-Spot Paper Target requires less strength. As a result, any archer is able to aim at an object with ease and will engage little effort to shoot the arrow on a straight path.

I love to hunt games and would not hesitate to help anyone who is enthusiastic about this fun hobby. I was looking for a good starter compound bow for my 18-year old niece when I stumbled on this innovative compound bow under review. I love my brand of bow and just wanted to get her the same brand, but the starter’s model.

However, it was out of stock as at the time she needed a compound bow badly. I was compelled to look for a different brand but with close scrutiny. After comparing four bows that have been designed with starters in mind, I decided to settle for the SAS Siege compound bow. Indeed, it was a worthwhile decision.

What Makes It a Great Choice?

[imgb trackingid=”hunthacks-20″ asin=”B00DSUAVWQ” imgid=”51RSt9E79LL” altimg=”SAS Siege 55 lb 29” Compound Bow w/ 5-Spot Paper Target”]Content goes here[/imgb]

As I said earlier, my focus was on a bow that has been designed with starters in mind. And, the SAS Siege’s compound bow emerged as my best choice because of the following outstanding features;

Great Bow to Help New Shooters Develop Their Archery Talent: Indeed, as I watch my niece shoot with this special archery weapon, I concluded there is no better way to help her hone up her archery talents than with this compound bow set that provides her with the proper gear of high quality as well as durability.

Compressed ABS Limb: What I love most about this ABS limb is its ability to span balance, weight as well as strength, which in turn promises an extended life for the bow. So, with the look of things, this compound bow is likely to serve my niece for a longer time.

41.5” Axle to Axle – Good Match for Starters: The 41.5 inches axle to axle integration is obviously a good match for a compound bow targeted at starters. Also, the 29 inches draw length is suitable for someone who is trying to get savvier with bow shooting.

Ability to Increase or Decrease the Draw Weight: You don’t have to manage a higher or lower weight. The compound bow comes with a strong piece layered limb that you can tweak to draw up to 55 Ibs weight or reduce the weight accordingly. When my niece complained that the weight was much, I simply loosened the bolt to decrease the weight by 5 Ibs. And, to increase the weight again, all you need to do is tighten the bolt.

Back Pivoting Limb Pockets – Firmly Holds and Protect the Limbs: The back pivoting limb pockets are great concept, particularly because they firmly hold and protect the innovative limbs of this special bow. Besides, the limb pockets offer strong connection alongside firm tolerances to boost accuracy.

A Riser – Offers a Curb Appeal:
Anyone will surely love the curb appeal of this compound bow, which is made possible with the riser feature. The riser itself has multiple cut-outs that make the bow appear waffled.

Outstanding Speed – 206Ft Per Second!: When you pull back the string, the bow uses 55 pounds of force – this takes place before the activation of the twin cam idlers. And, once you release the string the arrow is launched at 206ft per second – a speed that you can rarely find with most starters’ compound bows.
Other features of this archery tool include adjustable bow sight and right-hand use. And, as the name suggests, it also comes with paper target.


Pros: Obviously, with all the innovative features above, this compound bow is worth every dime invested into it.

Cons: The only complain I have about this compound bow is the right-hand concept. This limits the item to only right-handed people.

Final Verdict

I highly recommend this compound bow to starters and just any adult archer.

Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr Compound Youth Archery Set Review

Compound bows have evolved to become the in-thing. They simulate a recurve bow or the traditional longbow. But, a compound bow’s design as well as the material used in fabricating it offers huge advantages such as accuracy and increased power. When your kid is ready to start learning how to shoot bows, the Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set is one of the best choices.

Since I use the adult Barnet compound bow, I figured out that their set for kids will be just as excellent. And truly, I wasn’t disappointed a bit when I purchased this archery set for my 11-year old son.

How Does This Compound Bow Work?

[imgb trackingid=”hunthacks-20″ asin=”B000BTJUPQ” imgid=”71cuDIRpyXL” altimg=”Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set”]Content goes here[/imgb]

This youth archery set from Barnett is just what every kid and youth needs to properly get started with bow shooting. In addition to its exceptional features that have been integrated with kids and youths in mind, the bow is also very affordable.

I was really glad that I didn’t have to bore a hole in my pocket just to get the right compound bow for my young son who is becoming obsessed with archery. “Daddy, this sport is exciting!” Those were the exact words of my son when I asked why he’s so fanatical about bow shooting. Well, can I really blame him, my own obsession for shooting bows had probably robbed off on him. The excitement he expressed was simply unbelievable when I handed over the Barnett compound bows for kids to him.

Okay, back to how this compound bow set works; I confirmed that the bow comes with 18-22 inch draw length, and 18-pound draw weight. One of the bow’s features that really captured my attention is the soft touch grip (which is not exactly the feel of the adult set). And, as I watched my son handle the bow, there was no incident of slip, which confirms what I read earlier that the newly designed soft-touch grip will also promote non-slip use. In addition, the ambidextrous and flexible handle makes it a great bow for both left-handed and right-handed kids. There are even more innovative features than you think.

The Receivables

Notable Features at a Glance: Since this Barnett compound bow for kids is a set, one will expect complete components that a youth or young child needs to start shooting immediately. It’s really commendable that the essential components that make up a proper compound bow set are included in the package.
The notable features of this special bow include;

18-Pound Draw Suitable for Young Bow Shooters: This pound draw capacity is a suitable concept considering the fact that the bow is designed for kids. It makes bow drawing easier and more fun for kids and just every youth.

Soft, Flexible and Ambidextrous Handle: Unlike some of the compound bows in the market that are only suitable for right-handed kids, this children archery bow set comes with a grip handle that enables both right-handed and left-handed kids to use it equally. Besides, it is a soft-touch bow that helps minimize issues of bruises on the hand.

18-22 Inch Draw Length: Again, this draw length is an ideal concept for kids learning to shoot a compound bow. As a result, shooting bow will be more fun as the kid draws the bow with ease.

Suitable Compound Bow for Beginning Kids: Indeed, the entire features of this compound bow have been integrated with young kid in mind. Teaching my young son how to shoot a bow has been simplified with this special bow.

Snazzy Color Options: One of the kids-friendly features of the bow is snazzy color options that include real-tree camouflage and classic black. My son loves the camouflage option that I bought for him.

What is in the Package?: When I received the package. And, just as indicated on the product description, this children Barnett archery set includes finger rollers, 2 arrows, and adjustable pin sight. The pack itself is desirable and serves as a carrying case for the bow.


Pros: All the innovative features of this compound bow outlined above are great votes for this special kids’ compound bow. Any parent will love to buy the product for their kids who are enthusiastic about archery.

Cons: To be honest, I have no complaint about this bow. However, I heard someone saying that you need to be careful how your kid takes out the arrow so that it can last longer and perform better.

Final Verdict

The bow is indeed great value for the money invested into it.

Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow Review

The Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow has been built to look and feel like a full adult’s bow. This stylish bow is suitable for young archers who are just getting started with compound bows. All the features of this innovative hunting tool have been integrated to ultimately offer the young archer a fulfilling arching experience. However, I strictly followed the instruction to supervise the young chap using this hunting gear. I bought it for my son who is only 12.

The Receivables

[imgb trackingid=”hunthacks06-20″ asin=”B001PO5QW2″ imgid=”61EXwbjc%2BTL” altimg=”Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound Bow”]Content goes here[/imgb]

Durable Composite Limbs for a Rewarding Arching Experience: The compound bow by Elkhorn Jr. has been equipped with tons of desirable features for a rewarding arching experience. One of such features is durable composite limbs. In addition to being durable, these limbs are also heavy weighted, which helps to promote proper balance while using the bow. The limbs have been integrated with composite center shot riser. The shot riser has large sight window.

Composite Cam System for Superior Shooting Performance: I simply love how the manufacturer integrated heavy-duty all-weather cables and strings to the composite cam system. This has helped in providing superior shooting performance. It wasn’t difficult for my 12 year old boy to progress rapidly with the bow. The wheel design also promotes excellent performance with this bow.

33 Inches Axle – Perfect & 17-21 Ibs Draw Weight Suitable for Young Archers: A 33-inch axle makes a lot of sense for a bow designed to be handled by newbie and young compound bow shooters. Well, this is also the size of axle featured in full-adult bows. It is probably just the ideal axle size in overall.

This range of draw weight is exactly what I expected of a compound bow built for young beginners (between ages 8 and up). It’s always delightful each time I watch my 12-year old son draw the bow with ease, and with accurate precision. This draw weight also promotes availability of the right kinetic energy required for a bow that young archers should use.

26 Inches Max Draw to Promote Extended Use: The maximum draw for this innovative young archers’ bow is 26 inches. This draw limit helps to promote additional years of use (extended use). So, I hope there wouldn’t be a need to replace this bow sooner.

8 Inches Brace Height for Ultimate Forgiveness During Arching: As rightly indicated, the bow comes with 8 inches brace height, which in turn helps to promote complete forgiveness while shooting. The brace height has also been designed exceptionally, making it unique from some other brands out there.

1Ib. 120z Mass Weight Promotes Proper Balance and Feel: Again, this mass weight is suitable for the young archers who are just starting to use compound bow. The weight is quite adaptable, thereby promoting proper balance and feel with the bow.

What Is in the Package?:
The bow definitely offers good value. In my opinion, it is perhaps the best beginner’s level compound bow. I’ve come across so far, especially when you consider the increased affordability. It also comes with 90-Day Limited Warranty.

When the package arrived, I found 2 composite arrows, youth compound bow, finger tab, 2-piece quiver, and sights & arrow rest. In essence, nothing listed as accessories for the compound bow was missing.

Pros & Cons

Pros:Obviously, with all the innovative features listed above, this compound bow is definitely good value for the money invested into it. It is durable, offers superior shooting performance, comes with a draw weight that best suits a young archer, and comes with suitable mass weight for proper balance and feel. The price is also desirable. And, the package has everything your young archer needs to start shooting right away.

Cons: To be honest, I’m just satisfied with this compound bow and its features. It’s just exactly what a young kid needs to start shooting properly. If at all I have any concern, it’s on behalf of left handed-kids who may struggle with the right grip feature of the bow. My kid is right-handed, so we have no issue with the hand placement and grip.
Perhaps, another thing is that people who want a fatter string may need to add a nock and a bit of thread to the string in order to increase the size. This could help to enhance the secure positioning of arrow before shooting.

Final Thought

This Crosman compound bow is the best I’ve seen so far for young archers.

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow Review

Those seeking to provide their shooters with the best opportunity to build their archery talent will definitely fall in love with the SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow. This special bow provides a suitable, durable and high quality gear that shooters need to function optimally.

SAS Rage Compound Bow Features

The bow has been integrated with a 35 inch axle to axle. The draw length is 270 FPA. In order to extend the life of the bow, the compressed ABS limb spans strength, weight, and balance.
The sturdy piece layered limb of this bow can draw weights as much as 70Ibs. When you let the bolt loose, the draw weight will go down by 5 pounds. On the other hand, when you tighten the bolt, the draw weight will gain extra 5 pounds. The back pivoting limb pockets help to hold the limbs in place, resulting in unyielding tolerances for improved accuracy.

[imgb trackingid=”hunthacks06-20″ asin=”B00FATVSUM” imgid=”61%2BuJiXTgwL” altimg=”SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow”]Content goes here[/imgb]

The riser provides a restrain appeal to the bow. The riser has a number of cut-outs that offers a waffle appearance to the compound bow. Pulling back the sting will cause the bow to take 70 Ibs of force. This occurs before the activation of the twin cam idlers. When you release the string, an arrow launches at an exceptional speed of 270ft/sec.

Desirable Price: The amazing price of this superior compound bow really amazed and attracted me. The 70Ibs shooting power is simply overpowering.

Adjustable Draw Weight: And, if you feel burdened by this heavy draw weight, you can reduce it. For instance, I had to drop the weight to 55Ibs because I was beginning to experience pain on my shoulder.

Modifiable Bow: Also, you can add some modifications to this special bow as you wish. For instance, you can engage the shock stop stabilizer, trophy ridge, limb case, or a whisker bisquit to modify the bow as you deem fit.

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow

Controllable Noise Levels and Vibration: I must be honest to say that you cannot rate this bow as one of the quietest, albeit not quite noisy. The good thing is that you can bring the noise level and vibration under control by integrating a vibration absorbing stabilizer and string dampeners. Thereafter, you can have a noiseless hunting with the bow.

Smooth Draw Cycle: The moderate design of the bow’s dual cams promotes smooth draw cycle with this special hunting tool. As a result, even novice archers will experience a great shooting session with the bow. Another desirable feature of the cams is a moveable stop pin, which in turn produces a fixed wall for newbie archers to build a steady anchor point.

Sufficient Kinetic Energy: The 70 Ibs draw weight helps the bow to create sufficient kinetic energy, making it well-suited for hunting. Consequently, the bow will provide you with as much as 56.8ft-Ibs KE (Kinetic Energy) at 70 Ibs draw weight.

Sufficient Hunting Energy: The energy produced by this arching tool is sufficient to hunt small to medium sized animals using lighter arrows. You will need heavier arrows when hunting larger animals.

I confirmed the following specifications when I received the bow;
• 55-70 Ibs Draw Weight
• 26 – 30 Inches Draw Length
• 270 FPS Max Speed
• 35 Inches Axle to Axle
• 4.4 Ibs Net Weight

Value for Money

With the good features of this bow surpassing the few not-so-desirable features, this arching tool is definitely a good value for its price. Virtually all the features are what you should expect of a modern compound bow – the cams, parallel limb design, machined aluminum riser and more.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Undeniably, the bow itself is sturdy. It is well made and comes all aluminum, with split limbs. The grip offers super comfort. The accompanying rest and sight can serve as spare screws.
In addition, my expectation of the let off poundage was exceeded, making it easier for me to shoot as many arrows as possible. I tried firing 2-inch at 30 yards, and the outcome really excited and satisfied me. I really never expected that at its amazingly affordable price the bow could perform quite optimally.

Cons: What I particularly don’t like about this bow is the fact that you will need to change the string often, well not too often, at least yearly. And, compared to my previous bow, this one is quite heavy (4.4 Ibs).
In essence, the absence of light-weight feature is not particularly nice in the eyes of many archers. But undeniably, the bow has a good foundation that will keep it shooting desirably for many years.

Closing Thought

Anyone (both savvy and novice hunting enthusiasts) who desires good hunting experience with a bow at an affordable price will not hesitate to purchase this bow. It simply offers great value for money, especially when you consider its increased affordability.

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