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Best Compound Bow for Beginners – Reviews and Buying Guide

Learning to shoot a compound bow can be an exciting adventure for new archers. As veteran archers know, not every bow is suitable for the newest hunters. Rookie hunters can quickly be overwhelmed with all of the beginner compound bow options available for them.

Fortunately, finding the best beginner compound bow is not as difficult when the beginners know what to look for. The key to finding the best bow for beginners is knowing what features are essential to successful shooting, and what features are unnecessary.

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Best Crossbow Reviews – Top Rated For The Money

Shopping for the top rated crossbow for the money is not as difficult as it might seem. Yes, there are more options that you could ever want, but they can easily be sorted based on price, features, and power. To make the best choice from the plethora of crossbows for sale, all you need to do is decide what you want and how much you are willing to pay for it.

One of the biggest benefits of buying a new crossbow is that so many come in packages, so you get necessary crossbow accessories with your new bow. These packages come at affordable prices that are often less expensive than buying used crossbows for sale. We have built a collection of crossbows that are good for all different needs, from the most powerful option for hunting to appropriately sized crossbows for kids.

What To Look For When Buying A Crossbow ?

Like the automotive industry, crossbow manufacturers update their models on an annual basis. Each year, new models are loaded with better, updated features - just like new cars.

But, before you purchase a new crossbow, it is always good to take a look at what is available so you do not regret buying one that has more features or has a better price point.

For example, you might be looking for a kids crossbow, but a mini crossbow might have a better price. Even though a mini bow looks like something a kid could handle, the mini crossbow might have too much power for a child or the draw might be too difficult to manage. If you failed to look at the features and just bought a crossbow because of the way it looks, you might have buyer’s remorse.

Instead of buying the wrong bow, it is a good idea to understand the features of crossbows and how they can help you achieve your archery goals. Take a look at a few:




What are your archery goals? Are you going to use your crossbow for hunting? What type of hunting - small game or large game? Are you looking to enter archery competitions? You might even want to give crossbow fishing a try. Why you want to purchase a crossbow will help determine the crossbow that will meet your needs.



Crossbows are not very heavy, but it is a good idea to find one that will fit your frame or your child’s frame. If a bow is too heavy, it won’t be fun to shoot and if it is too light, it will not give you much power. Draw weights can be anywhere between 75 and 200 pounds, with 150 pounds of draw being the average that most adults choose.

When it comes to crossbows, the higher the draw weight, the more power the bow will deliver. If you need to kill a large animals at a far distance, then you will want a draw weight that is at least 150 pounds. If your draw is too light, then there is very little chance that you will achieve your hunting goal.



Crossbows are not overly noisy weapons, but they can be loud enough to chase away animals that are sensitive to sound. If you are simply going to use your crossbow for target practice, then a noisy crossbow will not be an issue.

However, if your plan is to hunt animals in the wild, you should know that your prey will notice if your crossbow is noisy. They will run and hide if they hear you coming. But, if there is a crossbow that you love and it makes a bit too much noise, there are noise dampeners that can added to any crossbow.



Your crossbow will have a speed, this is called FPS (feet per second). If you are planning on hitting targets, and FPS of 250 will be sufficient. However, if your targets are animals, like deer or other large game, you will want a crossbow that fires at 350 FPS or more.

If a crossbow is rated at a specific speed, that speed is dependent on perfect conditions. The weather, the environment, your heartbeat and respiration can all affect the FPS and the outcome of the shot. You might even find that the fastest crossbow is too fast for you, especially if you are new to the sport.



The crossbow market is immense and most crossbows require the addition of accessories. Since they often require serious strength to draw the bolt back, most people add cocking aids. If you plan to shoot your bow, you will want special broadheads for crossbows. Scopes can be useful if you plan to shoot from long distance and cases can help prevent damage to your investment.



Crossbows can be as inexpensive as $100 and they can cost over $1000. Prior to shopping for your new crossbow, decide on a budget. Many crossbow shoppers often spend more than they originally planned to because they see so many great choices.

Should Choose Different Recurve Vs Compound Crossbow

There are two different types of crossbows, recurve and compound. They both offer benefits. The recurve crossbow is rather simple, like the recurve bow. The compound crossbow has several moving parts. When you are ready to decide what bow to buy, it is helpful to understand the differences. Both types of crossbows have equally fast FPS and both are accurate in their shots.

One of the benefits of the recurve crossbow is the simplicity of it. There are two limbs and they never get out of tune with each other because there are no working parts involved with it. Recurve bows are very durable.

Even though the compound crossbow has several working parts, those parts create a powerful tool. The compound crossbow is actually quieter than the recurve bow because of those moving parts.

Best Rated Crossbows On The Market

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

If you are looking for a bargain priced crossbow with top-notch features, the CenterPoint Sniper 370 is a steal. This quick bow fires at speeds up to 370 feet per second with its 185 pound draw weight. This is a serious tool that is fully adjustable and includes a tactical stock and forearm. This affordable crossbow looks like it costs a fortune due to the precise CNC Machined aluminum rail that provides a lightweight, yet durable foundation. The quad-limbs are also precisely machined with a CNC cam system.

If you choose to use the CenterPoint Sniper out in the wild, you will be happy with the quiet shot that will not leave you in pain. The crossbow shoots without any vibration making it one amazing crossbow to use. With the accuracy and power of this crossbow, you are certain to take down a few unsuspecting deer or other game that are unlucky enough to appear in your scope.

The manufacturer stands behind the product and includes a five-year warranty that shows its quality. Once you try this crossbow, you will see why it is such a popular choice - the affordable price is just the icing on the cake - the bow is loaded with everything any hunter would want.

CenterPoint Sniper 370- Crossbow Package



  • Good price
  • Powerful speed
  • Quality five-year warranty
  • Accurate shot
  • Quiet, vibration-free


  • Heavy draw weight
  • Needs to be assembled

If you are looking for the ideal crossbow package, then the Barnett Ghost 410 should be the only bow to consider. This is one of the fastest and therefore, most powerful crossbows on the market today. It has a draw of 185 and a top FPS of 410. When the bow is cocked, it is reaches 20 inches between the axles.

Since this is an extremely powerful tool, it does require maintenance in the form of strings that need to be waxed after every ten shots. Barnett recommends that all users read the owner’s manual prior to shooting the bow so every shot can be fired safely.

This bow weighs in at 7.3 pounds and with Barnett’s Carbonlite Riser Technology (CRT), it is one of the lightest bows around. The CRT affects the balance of the bow so it does not fatigue the shooter after a day of hunting or target shooting. Because this crossbow is so powerful, it does come with all the necessary safety features and then some. The bow has a finger guard and pass-through foregrip as well as a cocking device. It has several CNC Machines parts to make it a precise machine ready for hunting.

Barnett Ghost 410 CRT Crossbow Package



  • Powerful 410 FPS
  • Lightweight
  • Accurate shot
  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • Intense machine


  • Expensive
  • Strings need waxing every 10 shots

If you are looking for pure power in a crossbow, then look no further than the TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX. This crossbow not only looks great in Mossy Oak Country Camo but it fires like no other. It is seriously one of the fastest and most potent crossbow you can find today.

The bow fires up to speed of 385 FPS. While there are crossbows that have faster FPS speeds, there are not many that have the same thrust that the TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX has. When the bolt leaves the bow, it does so at 112 foot pounds of energy. This is where the power comes, along with the speed.

If you are a serious hunter, this is the crossbow to get. The price is substantial, but the manufacturing is second to none. This crossbow is perfectly balanced and includes a carbon stock with an ultra-light carbon fiber barrel.

When the bow is cocked, it is only 10 inches from axle to axle. The bow requires 165 pounds to draw it and a cocking device simplifies that process. It weighs 7.8 pounds prior to adding accessories and it measure 34 ¼ inches in length. The bow comes with a lifetime operational warranty and the whole thing is made in the USA.

TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow



  • Made in the USA
  • Quick FPS
  • 112 foot pounds kinetic energy
  • 165 draw weight
  • Attractive Mossy Oak camo finish


  • Expensive price
  • Difficult to re-oil

When you want to tout the fact that your crossbow was proudly made in the USA, the SAS 150 lbs In-Line Mini Vertical Crossbow fits that description. Not only is this one made in the USA, but it also comes loaded with several features that make it a top choice for experienced hunters. Its 150 lb draw weight and 13” power stroke complement in the 325 FPS.

The bow has an adjustable bow handle grip so any adult can enjoy shooting this powerful tool. Its unique vertical design allows it to shoot full size bolts even though it looks way too small to do so.

The fully adjustable crossbow includes a safety that blocks the trigger and it has an anti-dry fire lever for adding safety. Its string loop allows for precise nocking and the dual cams make the draw even. It can be converted to fit a right-handed or left-handed shooter and the foot stirrup makes the bow easy for both to cock it. When you are finished with your expedition, the bow is easily uncocked and it can be taken down for convenient storage and travel. The bow is also designed to sit on a tripod for those who prefer or need more stability while shooting.

SAS 150 lbs In-Line Mini Vertical Crossbow



  • Fully adjustable
  • Ambidextrous
  • Small, but powerful
  • Accurate shot
  • Quiet, vibration-free


  • Expensive

5. Barnett Ghost 375 Crossbow

Best crossbow for deer hunting

If your goal is to hunt deer with a crossbow, the Barnett Ghost 375 Crossbow is the one to use. This ultra-light crossbow weighs only 7.1 pounds and measures 20 ¼ inches from axle to axle. Its precise design has anti-vibration limbs that make it extremely quiet while out in the wilderness. And, the power is serious - the bow has 165 pounds of kinetic energy that delivers 125 foot pounds at 385 feet per second. Since the bow is covered in Realtree Max-1 Camo, it is difficult to spot in the wild, too. It truly lives up to its Ghost name, due to its quiet features and camo disguise.

A powerful weapon like this needs to have all of the necessary safety features. The Barnett Ghost has an anti-dry fire trigger system and a finger safety reminder as well as a nock sensor. It also has a pass through fore grip. The bow is precisely crafted with a light CRT riser and a bristle brush retainer.

The metal injected molded trigger is easy to use and the Picatinny rails are perfect for adding on a crank cocking device. The components are made of maintenance-free stainless steel. But the strings should be waxed after ever 10 shots. Deer do not stand a chance against this frightening weapon!

Barnett Ghost 375 Crossbow



  • Affordably priced
  • Attractive Realtree Camo finish
  • Quiet shot
  • Anti-vibration limbs


  • Strings need to be waxed regularly

If you prefer the simplicity of a recurve crossbow, the Excalibur Matrix is a top choice. This bow is powerful and well-made. The 380 references the speed that the bolt leaves the bow - which is 380 FPS in perfect conditions. The 260 references the draw weight - which is rather high, but can be made manageable with a cocking device.

The attractive bow is covered in Realtree camo, making it a great option for using while hiding out in the forest looking for deer. The bow has a 13.1 inch power stroke and it has an extremely comfortable grip that makes hunters truly enjoy their hunting trips without any issues with fatigue.

With the Matrix lineup, hunters get reliability, durability, and functionality in a compact and impressive product. This machine is not only powerful, but it does all of its work quietly. The scope is dead on, so it is easy to strike the target with full-on accuracy. Hunters and shooters have been able to accurately hit targets more than 50 yards away. It may not be the fast of all crossbows, but is certainly not the slowest. This is a recurve crossbow, so it has a slightly different shape than most other bows. It does require maintenance, but the jobs are easy enough for the owner to do.

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Package



  • Simple recurve design
  • Accurate at 50 yards
  • Accurate shot
  • Quiet, vibration-free


  • Regular maintenance required

Hunting with a Fang is pure joy. This budget priced crossbow comes with pre-installed features that often add big dollars to the price. The bow is fast, lightweight, and ready to go. Weighing in at only 6 ¼ pounds it is easy for hunters to use this bow all day without any issues with fatigue. The draw weight is 165 pounds and a cocking rope makes that much easier to manage. The speed ranges between 340 and 350 FPS and the power stroke is 14 ⅛”. The axle measure 19 ⅛” from axle to axle.

The PSE Fang blends in nicely with its surroundings due to the Mossy Country camo cover. The trigger grip is coated with a soft covering to add to the joy of shooting it. The foot stirrup is also coated for protective purposes.

The installed features like the scope and quiver makes it a crossbow that is ready to use once it is taken from the box. The crossbow comes with safety features and the low price makes it a good option for newer archers who want a good bow that fires like an expensive bow.

New PSE Fang 350 XT Mossy Country Crossbow



  • Affordably priced
  • Attractive Mossy Camo finish
  • Lightweight at 6 ¼ pounds
  • Comfortable trigger grip
  • Arrives assembled


  • Rail system can be troublesome for some archers

Barnett crossbows are some of the best bows on the market today, so their affordably priced bow is a great choice for new hunters. The Jackal is designed with military-grade features but with the comfort of the hunter in mind. Barnett knows that hunters want to hunt, so the grip is designed for comfort for all day use. It comes with several accessories like a foot stirrup, bolt retainer, trigger mechanism, and high-energy wheels. It has a 315 fps paired with a 150-pound draw weight.

The crossbow weighs 7.7 pounds, so it is not ideal for a young hunter who is just learning the ins and outs of crossbow shooting because they can get fatigued holding onto a tool that weighs that much. This crossbow is best used with medium to large game, like deer. It is an accurate bow that many buy as a starter weapon, but end up using much longer than they anticipated.

It may not look like a crossbow for children to use, but teens have had success with it. Like any weapon, young users need to be fully trained. The strings do need to be waxed on a regular basis, usually after 5 to 10 shots, depending on the weather. Users who pair it with a shoulder strap do not complain about the weight of the item, since the shoulder strap helps take pressure off of the arms and upper back.

Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package



  • Military-grade features
  • High-energy wheels
  • Loaded with features


  • Strings require regular waxing
  • Heavy for smaller hunters
  • Slower FPS

This attractive bow is designed for any hunter - from the veteran to the rookie. This bow is lightweight and easy to use. The 175-pound recurve bow is easy to cock - especially with the included sling and rope cocker. It is also fun to shoot with the three-dot multi-range scope.

The bow is extremely safe to use and includes an anti-dry fire mechanism as well as a thumb guard. This bow is popular with veterans because it is lightweight and it comes with so many crossbow accessories as well as assembly tools and an ambidextrous rear stock. It even comes with broadheads for crossbows to create a truly complete outfit.

The bow is fully dipped in camo to make it easy to cover when you are on the trail of an elusive deer. The limbs are made of compression fiberglass and the rail and barrel are made of light aluminum. The bow measures 34 ½” before attaching the stirrup. It is 26 ½” wide and has a 10 ½” power stroke. Despite the fact that it does need to be assembled, it is well crafted and durable. If you drop it from your tree stand, it will live to see another day.

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit



  • Manageable for rookies and veterans
  • Very low price
  • Attractive dipped camo finish
  • Durable


  • Heavy draw weight
  • Needs to be assembled

The Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader is a best selling crossbow. The lightweight bow weighs only 6.6 pounds and shoots up to 330 fps. The riser is made of machined aluminum. It also comes with an energy wheel loaded with DynaFlight 97 string and cables. The configuration on the Wicked Ridge is customizable. The draw weight is 165 and has a 19-inch axle-to-axle cocking. This smaller hunting crossbow has safety wings above the grip. It also has other safety features that users appreciate.

Users have complemented several features of the Wicked Ridge Invader G3. They appreciate the simple instructions that made it easy to assemble the crossbow. Most users only needed a handful of shots before they tuned the scope. Shooting from 30 yards is accurate and deadly for small, medium, and large game.

The bow does have noise, so some hunters have added dampening accessories to quiet it down. The price is right and the product is high quality, so users definitely have recommended this crossbow over and over again. Many hunters have used this bow for over four years without any problems. The name is appropriate for the damage the bow does when the bolts leave it to strike the target.

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow Package



  • Durable
  • Scope is easy to tune
  • Customizable
  • Accurate at 30 yards


  • Needs to be assembled
  • A little loud

Women like to hunt, too, but many crossbows are simply too big for women with small frames. This is where the Carbon Express X-Force has an advantage. This is a lightweight bow with good balance. At 6.9 pounds, women can easily manage the bow and the best part is that the forearm can be customized for any size and shooting style.

The bow has a compression-molded split limb design that is geared for performance. Specifically, a performance that clocks in at 315 FPS with 91 foot pounds of kinetic energy. The compact design of this bow measures all of 12 ½” when cocked. It is easy one easy bow to manage.

Along with being easy to manage, it is a bow that is designed for hunting. The bow has a rifle-like stock which makes it a joy to shoot. It also has a silencer that makes it a true weapon in the wild - deer will not see you or hear you coming. The bow has all of the necessary safety features like the popular anti-dry fire mechanism. The bow comes in a neutral tan color and the accessories are slightly darker. It is a great looking crossbow with plenty of power at an affordable price.

Carbon Express X-Force Advantex Crossbow Kit



  • Good for women and smaller hunters
  • Rifle-like silencer
  • Compact design
  • Great price


  • Check bow for flaws when box arrives

12. Bear X Crossbows Archery Bruzer FFL Crossbow Package

The Bruzer is one good looking crossbow. It is affordably priced and has numbers that are designed to please. It has a draw weight of 180 pounds and fires bolts at 350 FPS with 90.6 foot pound of kinetic energy. That is plenty of power to take out a deer at a reasonable range. The axle-to-axle measurement is 21 ½” and the draw measurement is 17.625”. When you order this bow, it arrives at your home fully assembled and strung - all you have to do is take it out of the box and get busy hunting.

Even though the bow is half the price of many comparable ones, it is not half the quality. The bow is durable and it has accuracy and speed. It is a great choice for hunting and for target practice. Because the bow is priced affordably, hunters have money left over for hunting trips and accessories.

The stock has plenty of places for grabs so you can maneuver the bow in whatever way you prefer. It has safety features like anti-dry fire and the exclusive 3XS trigger system. Hunters love this bow for the speed, the price, and the quietness of it. When it comes to shooting, this bow has little to no vibration. Once you use it, you will see what the buzz is all about.

Bear X Crossbows Archery Bruzer FFL Crossbow Package



  • Affordably price
  • Exclusive trigger system
  • Quiet
  • Lots of energy


  • Needs to be assembled
  • Heavy and awkward for some usersIv

What Is A Crossbow

What is crossbow


A crossbow is a the modern alternative to a traditional set of bow and arrows. The crossbow is a weapon of war, but it can be used for hunting, for target practice, and for competitive archery. Each crossbow has a stock where the bow sits. The stock allows the arrow or bolt to sit in place until it is time to shoot. Many hunters like that they can load a bolt and keep it in place for as long as they want. The arrows/bolts for a crossbow are much shorter than those used for a traditional recurve bow and today’s bolts are precisely manufactured to provide specific speed and power when fired from a crossbow.

What separates crossbows from traditional bows are the ways that crossbows can be modified. There are recurve crossbows, which use precisely tooled limbs. There are also compound crossbows that have pulleys and gears to get the bolt loaded. Crossbows can fire bullets, rocks, and other projectiles. Many crossbows use a trigger to fire, so they behave much like rifles. Hunters appreciate the accuracy of t crossbow, especially when compared to traditional bows. Today’s crossbows can shoot at significantly longer distances than a traditional bow, which is what made them desirable as war weapons and now as hunting weapons.

Types Of Crossbows

Recurve Crossbow


There are two types of crossbows, recurve and compound. The recurve crossbow is not like the traditional bow because it still has a stock, but the limbs are designed with a recurve bow in mind. This type of bow still has the big draw weight that crossbows are known for, but the recurve bow has the precisely tuned limbs that do not require gears and pulleys. Because there are fewer moving parts, the recurve crossbow is easier to maintain.

But, because of the lack of moving parts, the recurve crossbow is much louder - which makes it a better option for target practice and competitive archery than the quiet compound crossbow.

Compound crossbow


The compound crossbow has a very modern design and these have become popular with hunters because they often do not have any vibration when the bolt is shot. They are also extremely quiet - which make them the choice for hunters, too. These are more expensive to maintain because of the moving parts. Compound crossbows usually weigh less than recurve crossbows, too. When women want to shoot, they benefit from the lightweight compound options. Another benefit to the compound bow is that the strings are larger than recurve bows, so they are able to fire with more power.

Because both the recurve and the compound crossbows are great choices, it can be difficult to make a good choice. There are two good ways to decide: your goals and your budget.

If you are planning on hunting, then a quiet compound crossbow is a better choice. If you are not planning on hunting, then the recurve crossbow has more style to it. Budget-wise, the compound crossbow can cost a bit more because there are so many moving parts to it. If you are unsure of your goals and you just want a cool looking crossbow, then you can choose the one that aesthetically pleases you - they are both awesome to shoot and they can both do serious damage to a target.

Crossbow Parts

Crossbow Parts

Unlike a traditional recurve bow, crossbows are complicated machines with several parts. The compound crossbow is more complicated than the recurve crossbow, but they both have some parts in common. The barrel is the part of the crossbow that holds the limbs - and it will be the part that most hunters hold on to from the bottom of the bow. It is similar to the barrel of a gun. The stock is at the end of the barrel and it usually fits under the armpit - much like the stock of a rifle. For flexibility, the stock is usually made of a metal like aluminum or a composite polymer. The stock can also be made of composite materials, but they are also made of wood.

At the end of the barrel are the limbs. Recurve bows have long limbs as well as a longer barrel, while compound bows have shorter limbs and barrels. These are also made of composite materials that are flexible, because the move when the bow is cocked. The limbs are attached to a piece called the riser. This piece runs perpendicular to the barrel.

The cocking stirrup is an accessory that is usually placed at the front of the barrel. This is a spot where you place your foot, so you can easily cock the bolt into place. The stirrup give you some leverage, which is important, since many crossbows have draw weights that exceed 100 pounds.

The arrow retention spring/brush is the place that holds the bolt in its track until the trigger is pulled in the latch is released. The latch is an important part that holds onto the string of the bow and lets go when the trigger is pulled. To keep the arrow in its desired trajectory, the crossbow has a flight groove on the barrel. The arrows lies in alignment when placed in the groove so each arrow can shoot with accuracy every single time. The trajectory of the arrow is selected by the sight bridge, which is where the sight is placed. The archer looks through the sight bridge to choose where to aim the bow. When the arrow is put into place, a safety holds it there. Some safeties engage automatically, but there are others that need the archer to engage it.

How To Use Crossbow

How To Use Crossbow


When it comes to shooting a crossbow, all you have to do is cock the string, load the bolt, aim, and fire. But, as easy as this sounds, there are a few complications. Crossbows come with heavy draw weights, which can make it difficult to cock the arrow.

1. Cock The String

If you are going to do it manually, then it is helpful to have a stirrup to help. Put your foot in the stirrup and pull back on the string. This will cock the barrel.

But, if you have a rope cocking device, you will have an easier time because it functions like a pulley. Put the rope in place, put your foot in the stirrup, and use the rope to pull on the string. Put the rope away for next time. With a rope cocking device, you can shoot all day without getting too tired but this is not the case if you cock the string manually.

3. Aim The Crossbow

Using whatever scope system you have, sight in and aim. But, before you pull the trigger, look for obstacles and obstructions - especially human ones.

It is also a good idea to be sure that tree limbs and other natural obstacles are out of the way so the arrow does not cause damage to you or your environment.

Lastly, be sure your limbs and fingers are out of the way.

2. Load The Arrow

The next step is to load the arrow into the barrel. This is rather easy, but it can also be dangerous if not done properly. Be sure the arrow is nocked into place and that it is placed in the flight groove.

At this time, the safety should be in place and the anti-dry fire mechanism should be activated.

4. Shoot The Crossbow

When you have aimed and the target is in sight, squeeze the trigger. The trigger will release with a pop (hopefully, not a loud one) and the bolt will fly.

Hopefully, it will hit what you wanted it to hit.

Help Selection The Right Crossbow

Selection The Right Crossbow


Selecting the perfect crossbow is a relatively easy task. Most crossbows are about the same size with the biggest differences coming in subtle total weight, the pounds used for draw, and the feet per second (FPS) that the arrow travels upon release. Of course there are small crossbows, but the adult sized ones are close in size.

When it comes to making the decision, most hunters prefer a faster FPS. This means the arrow will travel quickly, giving it more force to strike the target. The majority of adult-sized crossbows will take out any animals from small birds to large elk or bears. But, with more FPS, you can usually shoot from farther away, which is safer to do when hunting the larger game. A common white-tail deer can usually be shot with 30 pounds of draw and 240 fps. Most crossbows come with much more draw, some have over 200 pounds.

It is invaluable to try out the crossbow you are considering. You will need to cock it and then hold it in a ready position to see if the bow is right for your body type. A bow that is too heavy or has too much draw weight will cause fatigue and it could cause uncomfortable compression in the back. Anyone with physical limitations might want to avoid a crossbow with too much weight in the front end.

It is also important to consider what you are going to use your crossbow for before you make your purpose. If you are simply going to shoot targets with it, then smaller crossbows with 250 fps should be acceptable. However, if you are planning on shooting big game, you will want to have serious fps, like 300 or more because that speed will have enough kinetic energy to take down an elk at 50 yards. A good outfitter will be able to help you with the ideal fps for your desired use.


Tips Review


  • Hunting with a crossbow is not something that people do on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important that hunters and shooters pay close attention to the crossbow they buy. It needs to be safe and reliable so it will work in situations like hunting for wild boar. It is important to have the right broadhead for the goal of your shooting.
  • Hunting with a crossbow is not something that people do on a daily basis. Therefore, it is important that hunters and shooters pay close attention to the crossbow they buy. It needs to be safe and reliable so it will work in situations like hunting for wild boar. It is important to have the right broadhead for the goal of your shooting.
  • Some people will choose a broadhead for moose because it will take out any large game. There are others who look for broadhead for hogs or smaller animals. It is vital to make a tactical decision about the crossbow before you buy it, so you can decide what model will work for you budget, hunting frequency, and ability.
  • The speed of the crossbow will make a difference in the type of game you are allowed to shoot. In some states, there are laws that regulate the size of the crossbow and the game hunters can use one on. The weight of the crossbow and the draw weight also factor into those regulations. The faster the FPS, the heavier the draw weight tends to be. Small game do not need large numbers and fast FPS.
  • Some crossbows are extremely noisy, while others are absolutely silent. It is important to remember that woodland creatures have outstanding hearing, so any little noise that the cocking and release mechanism makes will startle animals that are farther away than you think. Fortunately, most crossbows come with dampening tools and if they do not, there are plenty of accessories that can be purchased for a low price. It is extremely important to be invisible and silent when out in the wilderness hunting for game.
  • The track of the arrow should also be a significant factor in your purchase. Some crossbows come with sights that take several shots to be set. The best options come with sights that are dead on and arrow tracks that maintain that accuracy. If you have to use half of your arrows to set the sight and the arrow track, you have overpaid for the product.
  • The manufacturer is another important consideration. There are plenty of manufacturers who make their crossbows in the USA, others simply assemble them in the US. Some come with limited warranties that last for a few years, other some with lifetime warranties. If this is an important factor to you, check out what is offered before committing to a purchase. There are also plenty of manufacturers that are well known for their top quality products – even at the lower price points.

Which Leading Crossbow Brand

There are several crossbow brands that consistently deliver a high end product, even at low-end prices. After looking at reviews, it becomes easy to see what manufacturers and brands are the favorites with hunters of all levels.

​The Excalibur
​The Excalibur

The Excalibur frequently tops best brand lists. This brand is known for its dead on accuracy at all levels. This comes from the fact that the brand is small and managed by bow hunters who love what they do.

They test their own products and make it to their dreams and specifications. When a hunter designs and manufactures a product for hunters, you can see why it is a favorite.

Parker Bows
Parker Bows

Parker Bows is a company that prides itself on innovation. They were one of the first companies to recognize the unique needs of the female hunter.

They have the best warranty in the business and their quickly growing company is located in the US. They are one of the fastest growing companies in Virginia and proud to be a manufacture of a product that hunters take great pride in using.

Barnett Crossbows
Barnett Crossbows

Barnett Crossbows has been manufacturing the popular weapon since the 1962. They continue to have patents awarded to them for their ideas and innovation.

The full-service archery company produces everything from powerful crossbows to slingshots and accessories. The company is all about hitting a target, whether it be with their products or on the range.

​Wicked Ridge
​Wicked Ridge

Wicked Ridge which is the crossbow company with the best name. The company leads the industry in affordable products designed for the outdoorsman. The company prides itself on making accurate, reliable, and durable products that last. Their customer service is one of the best in the industry.

Carbon Express
Carbon Express

Carbon Express is the last of the top brands in crossbow manufacturing. They offer a full selection of crossbows at several price points so every hunter can afford a quality bow. The company is located in Flint, Michigan and has won several awards for their archery products. They are accurate and reliable, which is what every hunter and shooter wants.


Choose Crossbow Or Compound Bow

Shooting with a crossbow or a compound bow is an exciting way to hunt or enjoy target practice. Hunters and competitive shooters are fortunate that they have so many options in the types of bows they want to use. There are several pros and cons to both the crossbow and the compound bow.



When it comes to the pros of the crossbow, there are many. First, the crossbow bolt can be locked into place and held there until the target comes into view. This is convenient for hunters who do not have body strength to hold onto a cocked bow for an extended amount of time.

Many crossbows are easy to cock because they come with a rope and mechanism that reduces the amount of draw the hunter needs to use. Because the hunter does not have to hold the bolt back, the crossbow is relatively easy to aim and then fire. Today’s crossbows come with plenty of safety features, too.

The cons to using a crossbow are few. Most hunters complain that crossbows are not exciting to use. Since they can be cocked for a long time, there is not much excitement factor in getting ready for the shot. If a hunter wants to enjoy the experiences of aiming and firing under pressure, then a crossbow is not a good choice.

However, if the hunter wants an easy shot to take out as many targets as possible, the crossbow will do the trick. One other con is that crossbows can be rather loud and need to have dampeners added to them.

Compound bow

Compound bow

On the opposite end, the compound bow has several pros. The first is the enjoyment of using the product. It does offer the excitement of drawing and shooting in real time. The draw is easy because the compound bow uses a pulley mechanism to make it easier for the user.

They usually come with accurate sights, but since most users experience the joy of the hunt, they are experiencing a thumping heart and nervous hands. These, too, have many safety features added to them. They are quiet weapons because the pulley system does not make noise upon release.

The cons of the compound bow are the opposite of the crossbow. The compound bow can create fatigue quickly due to the fact that the hunter need to hold the arrow back before the shot. This can be exhausting for hunters with physical limitations.

Since the bow needs to held by the hunter, the adrenaline rush of making the shot can fool with the accuracy of the shot. This is a common problem for hunters, even though they love the moment they aim and shoot.

Crossbow Question And Answer

Short Answer

1. How To Assemble A Crossbow ?

Some crossbows need to be assembled prior to use and some are ready to right out of the box. In most cases, the crossbows that need to be assembled come with thorough written instructions as well as the necessary tools. Many of the manufacturers also offer video instructions and online customers service, too.

2. How Much Is A Crossbow ?

Crossbows come in a wide variety of price points. They can be in the $100 price range and some can also reach prices over $2000. While you usually get what you want for the price, an expensive bow is not always better than the least expensive options.

3. How Many Lbs Crossbow To Kill A Deer?

All of the crossbows we have listed above have a sufficient draw weight to kill a deer. A draw weight of 150 is usually suffient to kill a deer and an FPS of 200 is fast enough, too. Nearly all of the crossbows we have listed have FPS speeds over 300 and they have draw weights of 150 or more.

4. How To Adjust Crossbow Draw Weight?

Some crossbows do not have adjustable draw weights. But, the ones that are adjustable can be changed with a hex tool. If your crossbow has an adjustable draw weight, there will be instructions included with the bow. If the bow is adjustable, the limbs can be tightened or loosened.

5. How To Change Crossbow Bolt Nocks?

If the crossbow nocks are glued in, then you will not be able to adjust them. However, those that can be adjusted simply require the use of a small screw driver. A slight twist will get the nock to move. It is best to avoid using plier because they can damage the nock.

6. How To Increase Crossbow Draw Weight?

The crossbows that we have featured above all have rather high draw weights that are sufficient for most hunting situations. But, if you need to increase the draw weight, it is a good idea to investigate how to do it on your specific bow because every crossbow is manufacturered differently.

You might end up negating the warranty if you alter the bow too much. It is also a good idea to check your state’s laws about draw weights and crossbow hunting before you modify your bow.




Shooting a crossbow is one of the most exciting weapons to fire. Shopping for them is equally exciting…and a bit more challenging than firing one. When you begin your quest to add the perfect crossbow to your collection, you will have many options to keep you on the hunt. Some of the options are best for competitive shooting and some are designed for hunting. Whether you buy one for $100 or $1000, there are several features, brands, and sizes to explore. It is in your best interest to give several crossbows a test drive, because a bow priced under $200 will feel differently than one that is priced under $700.

It is also a good idea to check into the features that come with the bow. Some will have dead-on accurate sights, comfortable shoulder straps, and a quality quiver. These features can also impact the price. There are beginner crossbows that are priced under $300 that come with all of the necessary features and there are bows that are priced over $900 that do not come with any extras.

Despite any negative comments you may have heard, today’s crossbows are safe hunting tools for beginners and veterans. It is always important to read the safety manuals and abide by the standards that the manufacturers set. Bows at all price ranges will include safety manuals and most have video tutorials available online. It should not matter if the bow is priced under $400 or above $600, they should all come with similar standard safety features. Most come with manufacturer’s warranties on the safety features, too.

Since crossbows can cost upwards of $800, it is a good idea to learn as much as you can about the features and models. A $400 model might have the perfect draw, but it might not have the adjustability that you need. Just because a bow has a high price doesn’t mean it is perfect for you and your hunting needs. Many rookie crossbow hunters benefit from learning from the veterans. And, in the same vein, veterans who want to update their crossbow selection can learn from their fellow hunters who have recently updated their collection, too.

We welcome your experiences about purchasing your newest crossbow. Please include the price you paid, too.

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If you love spending time in the woods, there are several activities available to you. Hiking and camping are two of them, but many people who enjoy being out in nature also enjoy reaping the benefits of it.

Nature provides so much to us and one of the ways to enjoy it is to hunt for food. There are a few ways to hunt for food, one is with a gun and the other is with a bow. The quieter of the two, bow hunting is a skill that is worth learning and people who do it on a regular basis find it very rewarding both physically and mentally.

There are four different types of bows that can be used for hunting. They all offer their own sets of challenges and rewards. Some can be made from basic tools and resources. There are also bows that are made with precision engineering to be highly accurate weapons for survival. When it comes to hunting, no one bow is better than the other. But, they provide very different experiences.

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