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What to bring Survival Camping – The Ultimate Survival Gear List

It’s mid-October, the sun is beaming just right, the morning breeze feels good on your skin and the scenery outside- just breathtaking. So you decided to pack your backs, give your legs a good stretch and trek outside. You wouldn’t let this good weather condition to pass without doing the most logical thing to do on a good day – head outside and go camping!

Here’s the camping survival 101 checklist. Things you need to bring with you to keep you on the go all through out the camp:

Plenty of food and water – bring about half a galloon per person on a per day basis. You can also bring along water filter just in case you ran out of water and try fresh natural water resources.

Extra clothes – bring at least two sets of underwear, pants/ overall, shirt and socks for a day at camp.

Camp stove – for cooking or heating water.

Emergency/ first-aid kit – keep the basic medical supplies in there, like antiseptics, cottons, sunscreen, bug repellant, bandage, aspirins, pocket tissues and a week supply of any medication you might be on.

Fire starter – it’s always more convenient to light a match or click on a lighter than rub two stones to make a fire. Keep the matches in a water proof container or better yet buy water proof matches.

Deyhydrated food / canned goods – better known as survival food. No need to cook or heat, bringing everything that needs less preparation is the best stuff to bring on camps.

Flashlight – to cope with the dark and to find stuff inside your bag at night. Don’t forget to bring along the batteries.

Survival kit – this includes your utility tool, pocket knife, binoculars, military watch, etc.

Map/ Compass – even if you know the place where you are exploring, it doesn’t hurt to bring a handy map or compass just in case you’ll get lost.

Communication device – GPRS or cell phones can be very helpful and would come in handy during emergencies.

Back packs – there is a new camping bag that doubles as a sleeping gear too. You might want to try that! Also try to bring a backpack with more external pockets so you can stuff more things.

Tents – when it comes to tents, size always matters. Choose among 2-man, 4-man, 6-man or a 10-man tent for a big family. You would need tarp (rain fly) and a ground cloth to cover the earth. Don’t forget to bring along the tent stakes, support holes and a camp axe to pound them firmly on the ground.

Personal stuff – for sanitation always bring your bar soap, hand sanitizer washcloth, toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, feminine supplies, laundry soaps

Sun protectors – sunscreen, bandanna or hat, sunglasses

Bow for huntingSurvival compound bow, compound bow, recurve bow, crossbow,…

camping survival

camping survival

The above list is far from being 100 percent complete. But at least we have the basic essentials covered. Camping survival equipments may very and are tailor made to whoever and wherever the camp will be done. For instance, there would be additional things to bring of your child or your pet will tag along.

Here are some quick trivia and tips on camp survival:

– Always dress light. Be sure to slip on your extra light waterproof boots.
Humans can last approximately 2 and half days without water in 49C environment as long as you are not under direct sunlight.

– You could even last around 10 days more if ever the temperature is kept at below 21C.
Poison Ivy is everywhere. Be sure you would know one if you see one. Poison Ivy’s are three leaf plants usually found on the ground and growing up on trees and rocks. If you get in contact with it, immediately wash off with soap and cool water.

– You might think of doing your tents sometime before the nightfall. This should conserve your energy and fluids.
In case of a very humid temperature try not do lie directly on the ground. Create a makeshift bed that is slightly raised above the ground so the air could circulate well beneath you.

– It’s best to start camp during dusk or dawn to lessen your exposure to sunlight.
And finally, have fun, fun, fun! When you’re at camp, make a stronger bond with your family or friends stronger by bonding thru a discussion over bonfire or play card games, board games or even active activities.

Camping is the best activity to appreciate Mother Nature. And it is a plus if you get to share it with family and friends. Most find it very interesting that nature is challenging their camping survival skills whenever they go out to trek, it may be in the mountains, woods or down the river. So they just go ahead and look nature straight in the eye and enjoy the splendor of the great outdoor.

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