Best times to fish and Bite time

The main reason there is a best time to fish is primarily because of the gravitational pull of the moon on our planet. Smaller creatures have to worK hard against these fluctuations which burns up their energy. Because they are burning up more energy they have to come out to feed. When these smaller creatures come out to feed the larger creatures (fish we are trying to catch) come out and feed on them. This equates to a generalised best fishing or bite time that can be worked out via the moons activity. Apparently this can also work on best hunting times as well fishing times. The Moari fishing calender we use in New Zealand is virtually identical to the Rocky Mountain hunting calender and Austalian aboriginal fishing and hunting lore as well as many varing hunting and gathering cultures around the world.

How to fish by the Moon
The best time to fish is around full and new moons. Fish also bite well but to a lesser extent around last and first quarters of the luner cycle. For the best fishing results fish a day on either side off these lunar times.

Best times to fish and Bite time

Best times to fish and Bite time

Best time of the day to fish
Midmoon is the best time to fish. This is when the Moon is either directly overhead or directly underfoot. After this, the second best time is moonrise and moonset. To find out these times click on our Marine Forecast link on our front page.


Tides are only important where they coincide with Moon positions. For example, in Auckland’s Waitemata harbour, best fishing /bite time begins 4 hours after the high tide (which is midmoon), and second best fishing/bite time starts 4-hrs after low tide (which is moon rise/set). In the Manukau harbour, best fishing/bite time begins 1 hr after high tide (which is midmoon) and the second is 1 hr after low tide (which is moon rise/set). However, down the coast at Gisborne the best fishing/ bite time begins at low tide (which is midmoon) and lasts to one hour later, the second best time starts at high tide ( which is moon rise/set) and finishes one hour later. In the South Island at Nelson the best fishing time begins at 1.5 hours after high tide (which is midmoon) and the second best fishing hour of the day starts 1.5 hours after the low tide.

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