Archery What is It?

When Archery is thought of, Thoughts of Mid-Evil times probably come to mind. Back to the days of Kings and Queens and Knights of the round table. To question what Archery truly is we must look at times gone by. Days of Bards signing there songs of folk lore and mysticism through rolling green hills. This would be where most of us would put our imaginations.

But what is Archery to you?

Is it something that we only use in our childhood of memory’s of playing with friends? Or it could be that Archery is something that can still have redeeming value today. While it may still hold water that it is used by many the prime evil hunter. Is it practical to think that Archery can be more than a hobby.Back in the days of horses and cavalry with there guns.

This was the main weapon the American Indians used to protect themselves and there Buffalo. For years and Century’s this has been the weapon that has feed and clothed many the Indian. Without it there people would have surely starved to death and had no clothes to wear.

what is archery

What is archery

If we look to the Motor City Madman himself Ted Nudgent aka The Nudge. The longbow and crossbow are his hunting weapons of choice.For very good reason, He knows when he gets out his trusty bow that the kill is one pull away.

With skill and a keen eye he takes his lucky shot for some of the sweet flesh of the Gods. While it maybe said that this is a very short example of what Archery it. It can also be said that this maybe one of the best examples of Archery at it’s best. If you were hungry and needed to eat, These above mentioned tools maybe what would save your lives. From old times to new Archery is something we should all learn about, Even if we never use the skill. will have learned something old and new in our experiences of this attraction of days gone by. So to make a long story short (Probably to late…), Lets take all these things into account. Let’s learn something new, Wither we hunt or not.

Maybe, Just maybe we might learn somethings new about ourselves and find what history has left us.

William S. Guerrera

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